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What are your genres?

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My writing ranges from fantasy to contemporary, horror/speculative to the occasional work of erotica, as well as non-fiction such as psychology and daily life. I am also working on my memoir at the moment, The Boys Who Died.

My work usually includes gay characters which transcend the "label" of gay fiction. They happen to be gay, but that is not the sole focus. I believe a good romance is a good romance, whether it involves a male and female or two men. The same with every other genre out there.

I write utilizing gay characters because it reflects my own life and experiences.

 ♥Lynn ♥ I recently started writing again. I love to write male to male romances and male to female paranormals. I am currently writing a July piece for the M/M group project. I am also working on a story entitled Bell Jar Memories. My current TIP (thought in progress) is a M/M paranormal story with a deaf wolf. I love writing contemporary pieces.

My favorite sub genres would be the military or law enforcement pieces. I recently discovered D.J. Manly and loved this Melting Ice series. The Special Forces series by Aleksandr Voinov is one series that can not be missed. It is a free read, from Aleks website. There are 4 books in the series, all around 500 pages each. This series is priceless. I wish I could write this genre as well as these authors.

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