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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
You may have "heard" about me from a varieties of sources for a variety of reasons, but the only reliable information you can receive is from me. I'm open to questions and comments, and I assure you...I am quite different than some people expect.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 10 comments Do you have any tips for authors (I guess you'd call us writers) on how to get published?

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
I would say, the most basic thing is writing well, using the solid fundamentals of spelling and grammar, and making sure your work is edited properly.

Next would be making sure you research the publisher to which you've considered submitting your completed work. Depending on your genre, if it is a particular niché, many publishers are looking for specific types of work. I would make sure to submit to those who are really looking for your type of writing.

Publishers are really detailed in what they require for submissions these days, everything from formatting to topics. "Attention to detail" would probably be my overall suggestion.

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
Welcome new members, feel free to speak up or ask a question whenever you wish to. Unless I am indisposed or offline, I usually try to reply as soon as possible.

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KB Love is our weapon (kaitybugs) | 10 comments I know this has very little (not quite nothing but still) to do with your writing, your books or being an author but how should someone come out to their parents about being bi or maybe even pansexual?

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
I couldn't begin to say how someone should come out to their parents as it is a very individual thing, and could be based on a variety of factors such as religious beliefs, background, ethnicity, relationship with parents, etc.

 ♥Lynn ♥ I want to know if Red Haircrow is your real name. I love it! If it isn't your real name, how did you come up with it?

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
Red Haircrow is one of my real names. As a Native American, we generally have a few over our life time. I had a child's name before, then this was one chosen by me after I reached adulthood.

Haircrow is a family name, Red is my addition to it because my hair tends toward the ruddy (contribution from a Welsh great-grandfather). I've a secret tribal name given to me by elders, then an English one as well. So I've three.

 ♥Lynn ♥ I guessed at the Native American part, I thought that Haircrow would mean, you had hair the color of a crow. I was just wondering how the Red came to be. My oldest two children have heavy Native American features. They have the beautiful copper skin tone, that my pasty white feature are in envy of. Red Haircrow is easy to remember and make readers question what you are all about. I love the name.

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
Most people have assumed its a pen name, something made up, when it's not and has a long history. Depending on the tribal background, a lot of us, even pure bloods, rather have a rusty hued black. Mine is just more extreme, and though tan I get sunburn rather quickly in climes nearer the equator...and a good deal of freckles.

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Nancy Have you been to Wales, Red?

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Red Haircrow (redhaircrow) | 183 comments Mod
Actually, I've a good friend in Wales, in the north, who had invited me to move there. And in considering options for further university studies and locations where my grant extends, found one nearby them.

As it's always been a dream of mine anyway, to immerse myself into its darkness and beauty, I'm sure I'll visit in the future. My friend can help me with my Welsh language studies as well. I've gotten very rusty.

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