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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
Ok this is our first Writing Competition.
Just a reminder of some rules and some conditions that have to be adhered to.
These are Short Stories only.

You DO NOT need to start a different topic for your story. Just add yours on after the last one.

A reminder that Stories that are not in this topic (Posted as a topic themselves in the writing competitions discussion folder to be counted by the author as an entry).
Will find their story deleted. And therefore that entry disqualified from the competition

Also you will only be allowed ONE entry per member (any more will deleted and that extra story will therefore be disqualified)

So Deletion=Disqualification…. Got it?

Each story has a 1500-2000 word count... (Goodreads allows for approximately 2300 words, but it also depends on if you use big words etc.)this is a Maximum, it can be no longer than that though.
Also each story must have at the start:


a note on the use of Foul Language: It is allowed but no use of words that can be offensive to race or religion please. Also material can be as dirty as you like but nothing that would be an illegal activity, ie necrophila, beastiality, incest etc

You have from the 1st of March 9am (+10GMT)
To the 31st of March 9pm (+10GMT)(topic will close at that time)
(Click on the link to see a countdown timer)

Fairy Tales have it wrong! Are you tired of this happily ever after stuff they keep feeding you? Well now it’s time for you to tell it the way you think it should be told, Using an Existing Myth, Fairytale or even characters.
You may use 1st or 3rd person POV (point of view).
You could also try to make it as modern as possible
but it has to contain at least 2 Paranormal/Fantasy Creatures.

message 2: by Riley (new)

Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments could i just add that any material can be as dirty as u like but nothing that would cause offense or be an illegal activity, ie necrophila, beastiality, incest etc, when group first started someone posted a really offensive story in the members area that i had to delete.
hope u dont mind me posting this adele :D

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
Nicola wrote: "could i just add that any material can be as dirty as u like but nothing that would cause offense or be an illegal activity, ie necrophila, beastiality, incest etc, when group first started someone..."

not at all I've added it! Thanks for the input..I just didn't think of illegal things.. but that is a very good point.

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P.Q. Glisson | 8 comments So do we post our short story inside the comment box like I'm doing now or do we post the link to the short story and post it on our profile?

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
P.Q. wrote: "So do we post our short story inside the comment box like I'm doing now or do we post the link to the short story and post it on our profile?"

in the comment box like you were doing to type the message.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Lovew it adele! Can't wait to see all of out lovley members writings :D

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
where is everyones writings/ entries?
click the Link to see EXACTLY how much time you have left!

message 8: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) i know! I would have thought people would have jumped to get in.... :(

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
Title: Snow Not so White and Pure
Author: Adele

Snow white…what a survivor that one. Surviving several attempts on her life until that fateful apple.
Little do people know that the poison that her stepmother put on her apple was actually meant to kill her not put her in this sleep! But because she wasn’t pure and innocent as the books made her out to be (You try living in a house full of seven men who hadn’t seen a woman in more than a decade... well you try to see how innocent you turn out)
I suppose that was the very thing that saved her. Had she not had a bit on the side with Dopey and Doc (and if I recall rightly I think sleepy was in on the action too) that night, she would be one Dead lady.
Oh and Kiss By a truelove to wake her up. That also was a way to make things a bit more PC. You see, Yes she was asleep, and yes it was a kiss by a Prince that woke her up. Little do people know that when she woke up, the prince was expecting to marry her. Well she still had memories of Dopey Doc and whoever else the night before she Bit into the Apple. So she made a Condition of marriage. That the Dwarves be made available to her whenever she wanted. They ended up being her Personal Guard. She married the impotent prince. And He Killed himself some years later after walking in on Snow white “with” all of her seven dwarves.

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April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments Loved it :)!

message 11: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) So now you guys have an idea get your creative ideas on paper and WRITE! :D

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H.K. Savage | 57 comments I have something I've been playing around with but all I have is maybe 700 words. Is that okay or do I need to crank out another thousand?

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
Books4life wrote: "I have something I've been playing around with but all I have is maybe 700 words. Is that okay or do I need to crank out another thousand?"

it's finei should have mentioned that the word count is a Maximum.

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
I've aslo changed the date and the link for the counter!

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H.K. Savage | 57 comments Okay, here it is:


The alarm buzzed and John reached out to slap the snooze, a familiar motion as natural as breathing. The clack of metal on plastic was not. Eyes drawn to the source of the sound, John raised his lids noting the blurring of his vision. Had he drank last night? He searched his memory and found no recollection of alcohol, or of anything really.

Frowning, John noticed a pair of glasses beside the clock and reached out to try them on thinking they might help. Instantly the blurring of the red digits against the black background disappeared.

6:45. When had he reset the clock? Maybe he’d hit it by accident last night when he set it. In the faint glow of early morning sunlight coming around the edge of the curtain metal glinted on his left hand and John froze.

He wasn’t married he didn’t even have a girlfriend. Not since Evie had called it quits last month at Christmas. Something nagged at his periphery at that only to be forgotten in his blinking assessment of his room.

Or the room he found himself in that is. Where the hell was he? John lived in a crappy apartment off campus to be close to the lab where he was finishing up his research for his thesis. The walls were non-descript white with dark carpet and the water spot in the corner was missing. As was the carpet. These floors were wooden, his walls light blue.

Struggling out of the floral print comforter foreign in feel and design, John wondered how he had ended up in a woman’s room with a wedding ring. His mind desperately tried to find the thread leading him here. Smacking his forehead with the heel of his hand John stumbled to the bathroom barely noticing how stiff his knee felt.

At least he seemed to be familiar with where the light switch was and slapped the toggle up mashing his knee into the doorjamb in the process. Twisting he caught himself on the edge of the sink and glanced up to stare horror struck in the mirror.

John Barbour, age twenty-six looked upon an impossibility. The man in the mirror with salt and pepper horns, wire rimmed glasses and lines surrounding his mouth and eyes earned by hours in the sun and life’s trials blinked back. The only problem was John didn’t remember any of those hours or trials. The last thing he could recall was collecting soil samples from the bluffs and meeting for dinner with friends. When had he aged twenty years?

“Honey, are you okay?”

John froze. The female voice was completely foreign to him. Another confused study of the ring told him she was talking to him. “Um, I’m fine.” He called out.

“I heard a bang.” She let it hang, open for him to respond.

He didn’t. Instead, his memory coming up blank on a name or even a face other than Evie’s John opened the medicine cabinet hoping to find a prescription or something to give him a name.

There was one for him, Wellbutrin, and another one for Lipitor. He’d heard of those but he wasn’t depressed, never had been. And Lipitor, his father had been on that for cholesterol. Letting his eyes stray down John gaped at the extra thirty or so pounds that had fleshed out his bony frame. No wonder he needed a prescription, he’d gotten fat.

Hand rubbing over his newly protruding stomach John continued to search finding no signs of the life he knew. There was whitening toothpaste, women’s face cream, Tums and antacids, all evidence of another world. One that wasn’t his.

The mystery would have been easily played off as a drunk and maybe a prank with the ring but the aging was real, the weight gain was real. Closing the cabinet door and leaning in close, John poked and pulled on his skin. The wrinkles under his eyes stayed in place for a few seconds, no snap like they should have if he was twenty-three like he was supposed to be.

The female voice called out again, “honey you’d better get moving or you’re going to be late.”

He shut the door and turned on the shower to placate her, meanwhile he continued in his search. Finally John gave an excited “hah” and stood up, again noting the stiffness in his joints that had to be the beginnings of arthritis. The realization dampened his enthusiasm at finding an old pill bottle behind the hair dryer under the sink with the name Amy Barbour on it. Antibiotics, it gave no clues as to the identity or possible ailments of Mrs. Barbour.

Not wanting to incite suspicion, John stripped off his Jockey shorts and stepped into the shower. The heavier face was unfamiliar to shave as well and he ended up nicking himself twice. Cursing he got out and stuck pieces of toilet paper to his chin and lip while he toweled off.

The sound of the door’s mechanism accompanied by the twisting lock stopped him mid swipe. John was stuck with a towel wrapped around his calf while hopping precariously on the other, his stability relying on the damp foot making occasional contact with the tile.

"Shit." He muttered. He wasn't ready.

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
lol MJ!
Thanks for your entry.

message 18: by girlpower12121 (new)

girlpower12121 (caanna) :P I know im the person y'all gotta LOL at :P

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Nunu108 | 2 comments Title: Lady of the Lake
Author: nunu108

I walked in through the silver door ahead of me, with Johnny's head in one hand and the Excalibur in the other. Johnny's severed head was worth five grand. Whoever paid the Boss to send me, did something apeshit crazy to make our client wanting his severed head so badly. Maybe it was his competition since Johnny was a master vampire in the first place -though he was a master vampire, he was easy to kill. He didn't think I would succeed. For centuries my nickname has been 'Lady of the Lake.' Well known to humans and non-humans but most of them thought I was a myth. The nickname didn’t sound threatening but doesn’t my reputation for trapping Merlin in a freakin’ cave count for anything? I even forged the Excalibur itself –no matter what the rumours was. Just because I don’t have fangs or change into an animal means I’m like a petty defenceless human! It doesn’t matter if I have a shitload of power and the Excalibur to prove I’m a force to be reckoned with, I just need to be undead or go crazy when the full moon is up.
I blame the damn vampires for this. If they didn’t start the trend of going out in public to only say ‘the story books you’ve read at night are true!’ none of this would’ve happened. It was for a damn publicity stunt. Now the government has gone and changed the laws to suit the human race yada yada. Now you have kids wearing fake fangs and get accidently killed by a John Lawrence occult group member. And now you have some ridiculous weirdo who volunteers to be the vampire’s live donor –no matter if they accidently kill you because of ‘sharing’ you with his friend. Vampires and werewolves are supernatural creatures alright and are usually rich and famous but for us? For those who can wield magic and bend it to however you please gets stuck into working for a living. You don’t see us getting rich, do you? No one wants to be us. Noooo, they want to go and suck on people blood or each the flesh of human people. I mean, where’s the humanity in this city?
It was unlucky for me since my boss was a werewolf who profited 60% of an assassin’s wages. From my wages. My Boss’s office had only a filing cabinet, three chairs (including him) and a desk with a laptop on it. I knew my Boss had tons of cash and when I asked him about getting something nice for this place he replied ‘Why waste money on unnecessary items when I can get a nice new mansion in the Bahamas?’ My Boss takes the piss he does.
Like a stereotypical werewolf, my Boss had long brown hair tied back tightly, amber eyes and had a strong angular face. He had a straight nose, sharp cheekbones that radiated off his masculinity and sensual lips. His skin was nicely brown and he was wearing an expensive suit –no doubt Armani.
I didn’t wait for him to ask me to sit down so I went ahead and got on with it. Once I was nicely seated, I dumped Johnny’s head on the table, crossed my leg over the other like a lady and crossed my arms –all while not breaking the gaze from my Boss.
My Boss looked at the head, and then swung his gaze to me. I smiled reassuringly and said ‘Here’s what our clients want. Instead of his hand as proof, I thought his face would be a better souvenir. ‘
‘Jesus, Viviane!’ he muttered. ‘You always take things a little bit too melodramatic, don’t you?’
‘What can I say? Assassins are dramatic.’ I said causally.
‘I don’t know why I even put up with you.’ Boss said.
‘Because I’m the best.’
‘Not the best.’ He said. By that he meant that he was the beast.
‘Oh my, Grandma, what big teeth you have!’ I mocked. Since I dug a little into my Boss’s history, it turns out he was the inspiration of the author who wrote this fairytale. My Boss was the big bad wolf in Little Red Riding Hood. Though my Boss didn’t pretend to be a grandma so he can eat Riding Hood. In fact, it was a tragic love story really. He was one of the villagers that was a werewolf already and there was a girl who was the only one that owned a long velvet red hood. They fell in love. The girl didn’t know about what he was and long story short; she was out wondering in the woods on the day of the full moon and my Boss simple ate her. Tragic right?
‘It was a children’s book to not talk to strangers. I’m nothing but generous to the youngsters who do that and a got a good sum of money from that.’
‘Goodie for you!’ I said sarcastically.
The Boss decided to ignore that and went down to business. ‘There’s another assignment for you if you’re game.’
‘Of course. I like taking Excalibur for a ride.’ I said, while stroking the golden hilt of the sword. Since I forged the sword by my magic itself, I could change its form. I made the blade long but thin, that was made by pure silver and my hilt were full of design patterns. I also made the weight of the sword light.
The Boss tossed me a black file containing my next target.
‘The girls name is Whitney Snow –ring any bell?’ he asked.
‘Snow White?’ I asked in complete shock. Snow White, the Fey who wrote a children’s book about her and her so called ‘Prince Charming’ and her ‘Evil Step-Mother.’ The ‘Prince Charming’ was bullshit but her ‘Evil Ste-Mother’ was sadly true. And I’m guessing our client was the Step-Monster. The dwarfs? Well, she had a thing for midgets and bearded look-a-like of a gnome –but hey, who am I to judge, right?
Snow White was as fair as snow with blood red lips. Her body and face literally screams sex-god. Her hair was in the shade of blue-black. I don’t know what her recent trend in fashion is now but I was guessing they were dressing and such, not that I care. All I needed to know was that she’s a Fey.
‘Yes. Snow White or should I rather say, Whitney Snow –since that is her name now.’ He said.
‘How much?’ I asked.
‘twenty grand.’ He said.
Now that was an offer, I simply can’t and won’t refuse. I mean, I’ve got bills to pay and food to eat –even spell books to read.
‘Consider her dead.’ I simply said.
Killing Snow White wasn’t that difficult actually. I enchanted a simple chain necklace with a shape-shift spell and bam! I looked like one of her several maids. I was dressed in a simple black over-the-knew long-sleeved dress, a duster (which was really Excalibur) in my hand and I was wearing tights and some black shoes. My brown-black hair was tied up into a tight bun and I slowly made my way up her room. None of her staff of gaurds took no notice of me –even the Snwo White herself. By the time I was cleaning and dusting her room, she was admiring herself on the mirror.
‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall –who’s the prettiest of them all?’ she asked softly. I guess some of the stuff in story book were true but the book didn’t mention was that she was as vain as her Step-mother.
‘The Lady of the Lake is the fairest of them all. Not you. Not you. Not you.’ The Mirror replied.
That was when I made my move. I tore the necklace around my neck, changing me and Excalibur into our original form and with Excalibur, I aimed true. With one quick slash, Snow White’s severed head was tumbling on the floor –before she could scream ‘Oh, Dear!’
While Snow White was there lifeless and headless, I looked at the magical mirror.
‘You are. You are the most prettiest of them all.’ It repeated like and Ipod on replay.
‘And you are annoying me.’ and with a high kick on the Mirror, it shattered into a million pieces.
I heard noises coming nearer to the doors so I acted quickly. I murmured a quick transport spell and slammed Excalibur hard on the floor. By the time they opened the door, I already dematerialized and materialized again in my Boss’s office. Apparently, I had grabbed Snow Whites head on the way out. I gave a smile to my Boss and gingerly place Snow White’s head next to Johnny’s head.
The only thing my Boss said was ‘Shit Viviane!’

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Karen Gammons (karengammons) This was good.

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girlpower12121 (caanna) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay ANOTHER ONE!

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
woohoo Thanks for your entry!

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April Inman (illustratergirl) | 64 comments :)

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Riley Steel (rileysteel) | 225 comments wootini, ive created a free reads page on vamptasy website if u want i can post winner on there

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Adele (turtil) | 1767 comments Mod
will do

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