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Autumn (flwurautumn) So here be the link to all of my writing:

And this is some of my recent stuff:
Happy Valentine's Day -

Schizophrenia Play -

Death by Airplane -

Only those three are pretty here's an almost-happy one, though not so recent :D
Birthday Hug -

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Autumn (flwurautumn) This is my novel-in-progress called When It Rains. I'd love some feedback; I'm particularly interested to see Sam's score of femininity on a scale of 1-10

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Autumn (flwurautumn) I posted a lot more to When It Rains. It's nearly everything I have now. The link is in the above post, and I'm still looking for Sam opinions. :) Except I kind of know in the California chapters he sounds a lot like *headdesk*

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Autumn (flwurautumn) This is the summary my friend wrote of When It Rains that I'm posting in hopes of interesting anyone :)

What goes up must come down.

Rain Weaver didn’t consider this when she was having the time of her short, fifteen year life. And that’s exactly what May was. But May was just thirty-one days of many and when those days were over, Rain was in for a lot of trouble. Her Aunt Aria’s alcoholic habits have grown increasingly worse and since school is out for the summer, Rain has no shoulder to cry on. Kept away from her friends and her boyfriend, Sam Carter, Rain falls into a pit of despair with each visit from The Creature of alcohol.

By the time school is ready to come back, Rain has already significantly changed. But with Sam at a different school, friends seeming to be more and more ignorant, and increasingly frequent jaunts of The Creature, Rain doesn’t know how to adjust to this change. All Rain knows is that she feels painstakingly alone in the world and her metamorphosis has left her pessimistic, clingy, and desperate for love, everything she promised herself she would never be.

At the same time, Sam life isn't exactly going great either. His parents always argued but since his older sister Riley was forced to move back into the house, intent on destructing every life in the Carter family, his parents have been fighting more and more. Sam's sick of everything about his family. He is dying for an escape, but Rain is no longer much of an option.

The happy couple has fallen apart, much to their dismay. What will happen to their relationship when Sam and Rain are forced apart by circumstances beyond their control? How can it survive when it seems to universe is working against them to tear the two apart?

When It Rains is a novel about losing yourself to depression and actions' deadly consequences.

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Autumn (flwurautumn) When It Rains has a lot of chapters now. You should read some of them ;)

[*coughcough* or all of them *coughcough* XD]

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Autumn (flwurautumn) I made it to number six on most popular this week (and month for that matter!)

To should read it xD

(clickey on When It Rains :D)


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Autumn (flwurautumn) My school is having a poetry contest but you can only enter three poems. Could you pretty pretty please click the linkie and like your favorites? I'll be you best friiieeennndddd. :)

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