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As Commander Allen sat on his large horse his chainmail glistening in the morning sun as he and his men prepaired a cavilry charge against the Syrians. he drew his claymore and yelled "today not all of you shall survive that is for certain but another thing is certain for every one of you that falls ten of them shall join you of that I am sure and by the time the day is over they will know WHO TO FEAR!!" and with that all of the cavilry colected there charged into battle knowing not what was in store for them.

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
just then the cavilry smashed into the line of spearmen sending a few of them flying Allen was nocked off his horse but for sume reasone was not hurt then he quickly got to his feet and swung his claymore in a circle around him loping off three heads and nearly sevoring another he then grabed a spear that was being thrust at him kicked the man to the ground and stabed him with his claymore he then threw the spear at a nearby infantryman about to stab on of his units it went through the mans torso lodging into the ground behind him he then slahed two more mens throughts taking them down.

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seeing the oncoming danger Allen quickly finished off three more men with his claymore grabed two of the throwing axes off of his belt and threw them at Samrah they hit there marks one in his left leg the other in his right shoulder.

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
cringing Allen then picked up a spear lying next to a dead soilder one of the ones he had recently decapitated ran next to Samrah thrust the spear at the side of his left leg it then went through both his legs and into the ground on the other side he then took out another throwing ax and lodged it into his left shoulder.

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
Allen then proceded to rip the arrow from his body and jab it into Samrah's neck just so he would not have to hear his voice anymore.

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((Hiw to jump in....))

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Carla nodded, slicing away those who neared her.

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((Wow, it's gotten dead...))

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"Lead the way!" She shouted back. Carla stabbed a guy in the shoulder.

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((Woo!! Assassinating FTW!!! :D))

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((So are we following the commander?? Sorry but when I jump into things I get lost easily...))

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((Nah... It's fine... 'least we came back.))

Carla made her way to Commander Allen.

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"is there some way I can help you?" Commander Allen said as he stabed a saracen soilder in the gut with a short sword.

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"And who would this be?" Asked commander Allen stepping closer to the group of assassins.

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((from time to time))

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"And I expected this to be easy" laughed Allen over the sounds of battle while snaping a saracens neck

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"I sould have expected that from an assasin" yelled Allen while crushing a saracens head

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
while smiling Allen took a horn off of his belt and blew it and within twelve minutes a group of thirty soilders had assembled and were waiting for orders while others were keeping the enamy at bay

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
"CHARGE break down the gate!" yeld Allen as he and his men began the attack

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
"You four go for the balista, you five stick with the assasins the rest of you with me we are going to burst strait through their lines" yelled Allen noding at Jamoro

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
with the four men going after the balista Allen and his men formed an arrow around the assasins and charged into the defenders Allen at the point of the arrow

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
then as Allen was charging a large group of defenders an archer noticed his advance and drew an arrow

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
the arrow the archer fired went straight into the head of the saracen and Allen grabed the saracens short sword and threw it at the archer and it hit him in the gut going deep into him "thanks I owe you one assasin " yelled Allen

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
then running up the stairs on the wall Allen turned the wheel to open the gate that would normally take five men he then yelled "there is your opening get in there I will be right behind you"

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
"you five keep the gate secure" Allen yelled to some of his men he then jumped off the wall and landed on a saracen he then ran after the assasins

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Charles | 20 comments Mod
"That is exactlly why I should come assasin" said Allen as he began to walk into the gate

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