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Carla looked at him, her eyes searching his face for an order or something of the sort. Her hand went silently to her side, close to the hilt of her sword.

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She nodded, her dark bangs falling to cover her eyes. "Anymore information?" She pressed.

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"Grazie," She said, saying thanks in her native language since they knew her story well already around here and most did not mind. With that she turned and started for the village gates.

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Carla let a smile slip as she heard that. She started running, free-spirited but still with her mind on the mission at hand. 'Find the traitor. Kill the traitor. Return.' She thought. Soon she was at the stables outside of the village, and was off to Damascus, ready for action.

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"Could you in form me of our mission a bit more thoroughly?" She asked.

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"I see..." She said, nodding.

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((Yea, not during the day, but around like, 4:00))

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Capra nodded, "Alright."

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