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((He did not just call her that! Oh, it's on. ;D))

Carla snuck into the city using scholars((well durrr...)). She walked carefully, keeping head down as to not attract attention.

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Carla looked at him. Marcelan. She'd never liked him much. "Marcelan," She gave a nod, not looking directly in his eyes.

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"Why, all knowing one? Why am I here?" Her tone was bitter and sarcastic.

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"You're Kidding. I do not trust you, you know that." Her hidden blade extended as she pressed down. "You must know what you are doing is even worse then I. The Templar attack and harm innocents. You are aiding the enemy by doing this. Just think of what you're doing."

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She glared, looking around just to see how many. 5, maybe 6 now, and more were coming. Without a word she turned and lunged sending her blade deep into on of the guards neck. she took his sword and sliced at the next one, bringing him to his knees and slicing into his neck as well. She turned, ready for one to attack.

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Carla stood at the ready, waiting for one of them to make the first move.

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Carla raised hers and with a clang the metal clashed. She turned twisting his blade out of his hand and slashing as she turned back toward him. ((Doesn't mean that he can't dodge.))

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"COWARD! One should fight like a man. Using your own men as shields- pathetic!" She spat.

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Carla ducked and elbowed him in the gut with a force to knock away his breath, before pushing him bacdk and slicing at him, just barely grazing his arm. The citizens were going crazy, scattering everywhere. Shouts and screams filled the air.

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Carla slid to the side as he neared her. She grabbed his neck from behind and stabbed him, quite literally, in the back. ((If you don't want him dead, I'm willing to edit and make Carla die, or at least get seriously injured...))

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((Not at all.))

Carla gasped and held her stomach, doubling over in pain and sinking to her knees.

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Carla started crawling, trying to get to somewhere that could help. She didn't want to cry, but a tear fell. She was in so much pain. She felt herself loosing consciousness as blood slowly left her body.

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Carla heard talking- Jaromo and another voices. She ground, her eyes opening a little. "It was Marcelan." She managed to say.

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((OoOoOo I see... :D just kidding.. :DDD))

Carla squinted up at him. "Good..." She gave her biggest smile, which wasn't much.

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Carla nodded. "I will be there as soon as I can." Her voice was quieter now. She was falling back asleep.

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((Swwweett...Alright, lets do this! LEEERRROOOOYYYYYY NNJJJJEEEEENNNNKKKKIIINNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))((Oh, internet memes, how I love thee.))

A few days later, when Carla had healed enough to walk, She went to speak with Al Hoalu.

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She nodded. "Hello, you wished to speak with me?"

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Carla bowed. "Thank you."

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((It must be our awesome levels- They're OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!))((That's two for two now! :D))

"Grazie," She turned and went out to look for Jaromo.

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