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Kate yawned and woke up. She blinked in the bright morning. She smiled as she heard the birds wake up. Kate checked her food supply and water supply. Both were good. She yawned and looked around

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Creek had been up for a while now and was starving. She ran out of food yesterday.

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille flew around.

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) She was in her leopard form.

((Where are we, like what part of the world))

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Abby (Tangledforever) ((No clue.))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((We should be in africa))

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Abby (Tangledforever) ((Ok))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Creek turned human. She was going to go mooch off the village near by.

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((never heared of a bear in africa))

TestSubject16 sat up, breathing heavy. she had climbed a tree to escape a rhino, then feel asleep. she had ecapsed a week ago and she had no idea where she was, slowly climbing down the tree, she changed in a human, and took in her surrondings

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((ok any other place))

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((...Meh lets make it africa))

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille landed next to TestSubject16.

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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Creek came to the near by village. The people new her well, nick-named her begger. So when they saw her coming they greeted her with smiles. This was a nice peaceful village. They never turned her away.

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Jerry ((but my charrie lives in the forest...))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((ok wheres a place where all kinds can meet in the middle and not be in a zoo))

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Jerry ((that's impossible...))

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Dovewing | 362 comments ((there are forests in Africa.))

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Jerry ((i was thinking more of pine trees, snow, etc))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((we could be in south amarica))

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Dovewing | 362 comments ((like on mountains?))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((thare are mts.))

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Dovewing | 362 comments ((Africa is a very diverse continent.))

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Jerry ((fine. my charrie is in a forest with snow and pine trees. idc what continent it's on))

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Dovewing | 362 comments ((we could be on an entirely fictional continent.))

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Jerry ((that would probably be best...))

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) ((ok, now rp))

Creek sat down and started eating.

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Jerry Slash dashed down the slope, paws kicking up snow as he pursued the deer. He gained on it steadily, until he hurled himself at it, closing his teeth on its throat. He pulled it down, thrashing and kicking, and held his grip until the deer died. He then tore into the meat with his fangs, starving after days without food.

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((Just a forest))

Kate jumped down and turned into a cheetah

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Jerry ((is slash in the same area at all??))

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Jerry Slash looked up and saw Kate. He growled, hackles raised, ready to defend his meal.

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Kate bared her teeth and let her claws slide out

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille glided down between them. "There's no need for a fight you two."

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Jerry "This is my prey," Slash snarled. "Go find your own, if you're not too fat and lazy to do it, you stupid cat."

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille rolled her eyes as her feet touched the ground.

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Kate glared "I've lived here my whole life! Get off my territory!"she hissed

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Jerry "Cheetahs don't live in the snow," Slash snorted. "You don't need this space."

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille sighed. "I exist!" She said.

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Jerry "Not in my world, you don't," Slash growled.

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"Too bad now beat it!"Kate snappd

Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) Creek layed on her side, full.

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Jerry Slash snarled and leaped, gripping Kate's neck in his jaws.

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille smirked and banged her fist hard on Slash's head.

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Kate screeched and swung her back legs around, scratching him

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Abby (Tangledforever) Vanille gave up and flew back in a tree.

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Jerry Slash rolled Kate onto her stomach so she couldn't scratch him, and slammed her head against the ground.

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Kate screamed in annoyance and bit him

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Jerry Slash fastened his jaws around Kate's neck, pinning her to the ground. "I could snap your neck easily," he growled.

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