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What type of animal:
history(be creative!):

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Name: Kate
gender: f
Animal: cheetah
personality: tough and hard at first. But then slowly gets nicer. Wary of strangers. Good leader and fair. Great fighter and hates to be seen as weak. Great at kicking ass!
Appearance: She has light brown hair that hangs at her shoulders. Pale skin and about 5'4. Blue eyes that can be laughing or hard. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
family: she does have a dad but hates his guts
history: Kate was abused as a child. Her father beat her because he was drunk. She finally ran away when she was 8, and had been living in the woods ever since. She makes her own clothing and hunts her own food. Doesn't know what cell phones or ipods are. Been out of contact with civilization for 8 years.
crush: open

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Natasha {Keep calm and date a soccer boy} (heartofthewild) name: Creek
personality:Kind, mean, likes to be alone sometimes, hate took look weak, hates it when she gets sick.
human app: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
animal app: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4068/4...
family:slit up a lone time ago
other:sometimes gets stuck in the middle when she shifts from one for to anothers, When that happens all of her skin had leopard spots, she has her leopard eyes, tail and ears.

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Abby (Tangledforever) Name: Vanille

Age: 14

Race: dove

Appearance: http://s.bebo.com/app-image/859144688... http://www.testriffic.com/resultfiles...

Personality: Fun loving, energetic

crush: open

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Name: TestSubject16


gender: Female

What type of animal: Bear

personality: Angry, mostly. likes to have fun, but gets angry and annoyed esaily. hates strangers

appearance: she changes into a small Sun bear. She has short crew cut hair (brunette) and starts off wereing gray shorts and a gray shirt

family: none

history(be creative!): she was created in a lab, a test tube baby. when she got out she was trained by the people who created her, when she escaped.

crush/bf/gf: Open

other: -

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Jerry Name: Slash
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Animal: Wolf
Personality: He is naturally suspicious and cautious, and is silent unless he knows someone. He tries to establish dominance, but will not fight unnecessary battles. He is very lonely without people to be around. He refuses to show weakness around strangers. He's tough and won't tolerate weakness in others, but deep down he cares about others. Is fond of sarcasm.
Appearance: Dark hair, tall and lean, yellow eyes. As a wolf, he is huge, with black fur.
History: He was genetically engineered, without true parents. He was given to a family who lived in a village. When they found out what he was, they tried to kill him, and he ran away into the forest. He rarely makes contact with humans.
Crush: Open

 [♔] .queen's armor. Name: Amber
age: 16
gender: feamel
What type of animal: jaguar
personality: brve nice,smat,funny,caring,toght,random,hyper,loves to talk,can be shy.
appearance: http://images.quizilla.com/D/DE/DEM/D...
animal app: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/176/37...
history(be creative!): tba
crush/bf/gf: open

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Name: Ivy

age: 16

gender: f

What type of animal: fox

personality: She is very cautious about who she comes across. She's light footed and intelligent like a fox. She knows when danger confronts her, however she won't let it stand in her way. She is friendly and mysterious.
appearance: Human App: here

Animal App: here

family: None

history(be creative!): She was created in a lab by accident. She was supposed to be a clone, but the DNA got mixed up and the clone became a hybrid. When the scientists realised what happened, they made an exhibit out of her. She was tyreated badly so she eventually ran away.
crush/bf/gf: open


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Dovewing | 362 comments Name: Sappheire (pronounced Saf-ear-ee) Silver
Nickname: Saffy
Age: 16
Gender: female
Species: Dragon

Human Appearence:
Body type: She is thin, as her muscles grow close to her bone. This makes her very flexible, like the contortionists at Cirque de Sole. She has a naturally small build, and is about 5'3". Despite that, she is quite strong. 
Posture: She has good posture and keeps her back straight. She tenses up when nervous, scared, or surprised, then visibly relaxes when she calms. 
Head shape: Somewhat oval-shaped, with a rounded chin. She has high cheekbones. 
Eyes: Like high-quality blue sapphires, her eyes are a clear, dark blue. They are bright and exited, as if always looking for an adventure, yet calm and wise, ever logical and calculating. Their shape is round with a slight hint of an almond shape. 
http://www-tc.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/diamo... eye color link 
Nose: She has a normal-sized nose; the bridge is not particularly high or flat. 
Mouth: Her lips are light pink and her teeth are white. She has a silver filling one of her lower back teeth
Hair: Pure white in color, her hair falls to the small of her back. It is slightly wavy, and she always wears it either down or in a tight braid. When in a braid, it can be used as a whip. Her bangs have grown out. 
Skin: Her skin is smooth and porcelain white. She doesn’t tan or sunburn; the darkest she’s been is a slight peach color. When she blushes, a light shade of pink shows on her cheekbones. 
Tattoos/piercings/scars: She has small circular scars on her arm from having blood drawn, little dots that only slightly show against her skin. Another scar she has is on her side, stretching from just above her left hip, around her back, and ending on the right side of her neck. She received this the night her mother was murdered. She has no tattoos, but she often draws on herself or writes on the back of her hands. 
Voice: Her voice reflects her emotions well; it is soft when she is sad or comforting someone, bright and excited when she is happy, when she is mad it sounds like a quiet shout (unless she is furious, then she gets very, very quiet). She is generally calm and her voice has a slightly melodic tone to it. When she sings she is a soprano, and she has an uncanny knack of mimicking singer’s voices. She has a British accent.

Shirt: It is a long-sleeved t-shirt in the colder months and a t-shirt or tank-top in the warmer part of the year. It is fashioned out of a dark blue lightweight material and is decorated with silver flames on the hem and edges of the sleeves. In the light, the flames seem to dance like they were real. 
Pants: She either wears sweatpants (the nice kind, not the baggy kind) made of the same dark blue material or dark jeans. Both have the same silver flames at the hem, and no other decoration. 
Accessories: She has a cross necklace that was given to her by her mother. It has a silver chain and the cross looks like this: http://images.marketplaceadvisor.chan... . She also has a rubellite ring, which looks like this: http://www.wallacegoldsmithing.com/wg... .

Dragon Appearence:
Scales: her scales are a silvery-white, and they sometimes shine from the excess light her photoreceptors collect.
Wings: The outside edges of her wings are the same silvery white as her scales. The membrane, however, is a deep sapphire blue. 
Eyes: Same as when human.
Other: A rubellite (the same one that is on her ring) is deeply wedged in between two scales on her chest.

Family: Her mother was murdered, and she ran away from home after that.

History: Saffy grew up in the outskirts of London, England. She lived with her mum and dad in a smallish house on the edge of a forest. Once, her dad saw her shift between forms and he started to draw blood from her, experimenting on the blood samples. A few days after Saffy's eighth birthday, she was coming down to get a midnight snack. When she reached the bottom of the stairs, her foot touched something wet and sticky: blood. A ray of moonlight shone through a window, illuminating a body lying on the floor. Saffy ran over and realized it was her mother, who was almost dead. She died while Saffy was watching. After that, a man jumped out from behind a door way, slicing his sword across Saffy's back and giving her the scar she has now. He would have killed her, but she ran upstairs and escaped, taking her journal, a pen, and her mother's bible with her. She ran off into the forest, where she lived for a few years before starting to travel.

Crush: Slash?

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Jerry idk...they haven't actually met yet...

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Dovewing | 362 comments Ok.

message 13: by Jerry (new)

Jerry and i'm warning you, i'm REALLY BAD with romance.

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Jerry just ask horsefan...*shudder*

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Dovewing | 362 comments Then we would be evenly matched. :D

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Jerry no, i am WAY WORSE than you. i guarantee it. : P

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Dovewing | 362 comments That is debatable… although why one would argue about who is worse at something, I don't know. Better I can understand, but not worse.

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Jerry Just warning you...

message 20: by Dovewing (new)

Dovewing | 362 comments Would the warning mean you are answering yes to the question, or no?

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Jerry It means what happens will happen.

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Dovewing | 362 comments Ok.

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Name: Snow Angle
age: 16
gender: Female
What type of animal: Horse
personality: Fun, sweet, kind, protective
appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h....
family: Angle (mom) Snow (dad)
history(be creative!): Was born as a human but when she turned 6 her other features started to show, her mother is human and her father is a horse.
crush/bf/gf: open

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Abby (Tangledforever) Saffy's story reminds me alot of Bonnie's story from Oracles of Fire and Dragons in our Midst....

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Abby (Tangledforever) Name: Renee

Age: 16

Animal: Wolf

Personality: Mysterious

Appearance: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/phot...

Family: dead

Crush: open


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Name: Michael
age: 16
gender: Male
What type of animal: Monkey
personality: Flexible, Alert, Protective, Sometimes Aggressive
appearance: http://www.toptenz.net/wp-content/upl...
family: None, Left him alone because he
history(be creative!): TBRP!! ((Dun Dun DunNNNNNNNN))
crush/bf/gf: Open
other: Is looking for a girl who is caring, and understanding of his actions.

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Dovewing | 362 comments Abby wrote: "Saffy's story reminds me alot of Bonnie's story from Oracles of Fire and Dragons in our Midst...."

That's because I pretty much based Saffy's history off of Bonnie's… Bonnie rocks!

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Abby (Tangledforever) Eek! Totally! What happens to Acacia is so sad though, but Ashley and Walter, Bonnie and Billy and Saphira and Elam all got married! Then they got to see Karen and Naamah along with the proffesor!

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Abby (Tangledforever) "Too much information can make your brain choke!!!!" (Especially in math :P)

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Dovewing | 362 comments I agree with all of that. Remember Walter's proposal?

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Abby (Tangledforever) The snowman!!!

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Dovewing | 362 comments Yep! That was so awesome.

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Name: Sparks
age: 17
gender: Female
What type of animal: Phoniex
personality: Fiery, Will Speak Her Mind, Loving, Viscious In Fights
appearance: Black Hair Blue Eyes- http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Phoniex Form- http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Burns All Over Torso
family: NONE
history: She Doesn't Remember Anything Only Waking Up In A Hospital With Her Torso Covered In Burns. Any Family She Might Have Had She Doesn't Remember.
crush/bf/gf: OPEN
other: ...................

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Abby (Tangledforever) Dovewing wrote: "Yep! That was so awesome."

I know!

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Dovewing | 362 comments I made an anthrozil RP. It died.

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Name: Paul
age: 17
gender: M
What type of animal: Dragon
personality: Bold, quiet when needed
appearance: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgur...
family: Dad (Dragon) Was killed, mom (Human) Was kidnapped, never herd from.
history(be creative!): Born in the Bronx and when he was 11 ((1 in dragon years)) he grew his wings, he ran, scared. He ran untill he found the Hybrids.
crush/bf/gf: looking.

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Your welcome!

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ƒσαℓєη | 417 comments That sort of looks like Cloud, with dragon scales and less clothing.

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Dovewing | 362 comments Ah, another anthrozil.

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Abby (Tangledforever) Awsome! Did you hear they have OF and DOM on soundrecording, at least the first books are.

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Name: Seraph
age: 16
gender: Female
What type of animal: Raven
personality: Loyal, fun, doesn't trust anyone at first, brave and quick
appearance: http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgur...
family: Unknown
history(be creative!): Raised in a lab by parents who now disappeared, broke out and now hunted.
crush/bf/gf: Looking!
other: Well, wings that can retract and very quick in the sky

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Dovewing | 362 comments There's a new part of the series coming out. It's called Children of the Bard, and the first book is Song of the Ovulum. It comes out this summer!

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What series?

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Dovewing | 362 comments Dragons in our Midst ad Oracles of Fire.

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Ooooh... is it good?

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Abby (Tangledforever) Dovewing wrote: "There's a new part of the series coming out. It's called Children of the Bard, and the first book is Song of the Ovulum. It comes out this summer!"

Ah! No way are you serious!?

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Dovewing | 362 comments Absolutely serious, and it's amazing!

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