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I was recently inspired by the work of Tad Adler. He is an israeli artist. I saw two weeks ago his exhibition "The Missing Link", this project explores the complex and often pathological relationship of man to the natural world, especially to animals. His work, pictures and sculptures have given a lot of thought to very important question of ownership of animals. His work was inspired by ancient stories, and anthropomorphism, philosophy and toys. "Our relationship to animals, which manifests itself as love and care on the one hand, and discipline, withdrawn from their natural environment, shrinking their habitat , hunting and killing the other."

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Carol (goodreadscomcarolann) | 1140 comments I think you are referring to Tal (not Tad) Adler. Here are some images from the exhibition The Missing Link at Art salon Celje.

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Yes, it's true, and thank you for the photos :)

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