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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
Well I wrote a play and I want you to read it.

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
The Curse of Anubis.
The sad tale of a little girl
with no parents Writer
Nina Martin(Fake name.)

Pharoh's Minion
Lucy-Hello and welcome to our play.
Richard-We hope you find it amazing.
Pharoh-All the 5th graders from Mrs.Hoezee's class are so happy that we can share this story with you.
Lucy-And now it begins.
Act 1
Scene 1
Lucy-My name is Lucy. I am 7 years old. The time has come. My story shall be told. I live only sorrow. Like a bird without wings. My parents are leaving. For the valley of the kings.
(Mother and Father enter.)
Mother-Lucy we have to leave in a few minutes so we don't miss our boat.
Lucy-But mother why do you have to go and why can't I come with you?
Father-Lucy you know how we have to travel for our work. It's very important, and Egypt is no place for a little english girl.
Mother-Well we best be going. Can't miss our boat.
(Veronica enters carring bags.)
Veronica-Here you go Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Good-Bye! Hope you have a safe trip! Enjoy yourself in Eygpt!
Mother-GoodBye Veronica! Take good care of Lucy!
Father-Yes please do!
Veronica-Of course! I always do don't I?!
(Mother. Father, and Veronica laugh.)
Mother-GoodBye Lucy! I love you!
(Kisses forehead.)
Father-GoodBye Lucy! Be good for Veronica! I love you darling!
(Kisses forehead.)
(Mother and Father exit. Lucy runs toward exit.)
Lucy-GoodBye! GoodBye! I love you!
(Lucy runs back over to Veronica looking sad.)
Veronica-(looks at watch.) It's almost bedtime! I'll go pick out a story!
(Veronica exits off same exit she came on.)
(Richard comes out.)
Richard-Well, well, well. Lookie here. A little girl all alone without mommy or daddy!
(Starts laughing evily.)
Lucy-I'm not scared of you!
(lucy look scared.)
Richard-(stops laughing and takes out old watch.)It's 10o clock! Go to your room!
Lucy-Yes Richard!
(Lucy runs off stage cryng.)
Richard-And I want to hear a pin drop!(Exits off laughing evily.)
Scene 2
(Mother and Father enter. Mother is riding camel.)
Father-We're finally here my love!
Mother-Oh Jack! My bottom hurts so from riding that camel.
(Mother startes talking to Helper/Lady and Merchant enters.)
Merchant-Hello!(Says it in arabic Uh-da-ha-ba =Udahaba)Would you like to buy a lovly neaklece for your lovly lady over there?
(Points at mother.)
Father-Um.... How much?
Merchant-In English money this one(picks up certain necklace.) is only £33.35.
Father-I'll take it!
(Merchant goes away mother comes over.)
Mother-I found a nice young lady that can show us the temple.
Father- That's great! Mary, darling?
Father-I got you this neaklece.(gives neaklece to mother.)
Mother-Oh Jack! It's beutiful! Oh I love it so!
Father-I'm so glad! Now let's be going! Here let me help you.(Helps put on neaklece then helps mother get on camel.)
Act 2
Scene 3
Helper/Lady-Let's stop here for some rest. Shall we?
Father-We shall.(Mother, Father, and Helper/Lady start to laugh.)
Mother-(Mother grabs water jug.) Here Jack. Have some water.
Father-Thank you darling.
Helper/Lady- It's time we get back on the road. We've all had our water right?
Mother- Yes.
Father- Yes.
Helper/Lady-I've had mine and the camel just finished his.(or hers. dependeds on person playing the camel.)
Father- Ok let's go.
(Exit off stage. Pharoh and Minion enter.)
Pharoh-The one with my mother's neaklece is almost at my tomb. When they arrive I will bring the curse alive and curse the one who enter my tomb!(laugh evily.)
Minion-Yes master! We will avenge your mother's death once and for all!
(Both laugh evily while exiting.)
Scene 4
Helper/Lady- We're here! Anubis's tomb.
(Thunder and smoke go off. Everyone gasps. Pharoh and Minion enter.)
Pharoh-Robatieb those who have disturbed me in death!
(Father gets gun and points it at Pharoh.)
Pharoh-Disbeliever! No death can kill me! Because I am death! The one who where's my mother's neaklece and enters my tomb shall be cursed! And their children shall be cursed and their children's children and forever more from generation to generation!
Mother- Jack. Save yourself! I am the one wearing the neaklece and I'm the one who entered the tomb! So please save yourself! I must go forward alone!
Father-No! I will not leave you! I'd rather die than live without you! I love you to much to leave! We will face this together!
Mother-Oh Jack! I love you so!
Pharoh- Your family shall be cursed forever!(Laughs evily.)
Minion-Yes your family shall be cursed! (laughs evily.)
Father-Please don't harm Lucy!
(Pharoh points staff Father opens hand and reveals make-up.)
Father-Ah! My hand!(drop gun.)
Mother-We will do anything for you if don't harm our little Lucy!
Pharoh-One more word and you will never ever see little lucy again!
(Mother gets on knees in a begging position)
Mother-No wait please not our little lucy I beg you!
(Pharoh points staff and Mother shows make-up.)
Father-Run save yourself!
(Helper/Lady tries to ride away on camel. Pharoh points staff at Helper/Lady and camel. Helper/Lady falls off camel and dies.camel falls over and dies.)
Scene 5
(Mother and Father enter looking hurt.)
Lucy-Mother! Father! Your home! What has happened on your travels?!
(Mother and Father fall to the ground slowly.)
Lucy-Huh! I'll go fetch a docter!
(Pharoh and Richard enter.)
Pharoh-End them my servant! They deserve to die! You will be richly rewarded.
Mother-I can see the raven. My end is near.(Turns toward Father.)Let me hold in my arms one last time and look in to your eyes the gateway to your soul with a gentle good-bye.
(Mother and father lay down and die.)
Pharoh- The curse of Anubis has come true. This is your reward.
Richard-What is this.
Pharoh-Whoever follows the instructions precisley will recieve the gift of ETERNAL LIFE.
Richard-The electsure of life. Is it really mine?
(Drink from bottle.)
Richard-(Make choking sounds.) I can't breath! What is it?! What have you done?!(Richard starts to fall.)
Pharoh- Your soul belongs to me now!(Laughs evily while exiting. Richard lays down and dies.)
(Lucy runs in and kneels by mother.)
Lucy-Mother! Father!( Looks at Richard.) What have you done?! I know your behind this!
My name is Lucy. I am 7 years old. The truth has been heard. My story has been told. My parents adventure has brought us only strife. The curse of Anubis has forever changed my life.
Everyone comes on stage and bows while crowd is apploading.

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Victini wow.....the entire play...

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod

message 5: by Victini (new)

Victini your welcome!that mustve taken a while!

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
yeah kind of but i just copied it off of where i did write it all and pasted it there.

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Victini cool

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Alyssa | 6 comments So wait r we gonna be in it?

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
um... huh?

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Alyssa | 6 comments Lol nvm

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod

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Alyssa | 6 comments Nothing

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
what do you mean be in it?

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Victini they mean,like,do a little roleplay thing

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
sure. i'll make it.:)

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Victini yay!

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod

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Victini ::) --alien

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Azalea (ruee) | 49 comments Mod
:::)= better alien


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Victini ...

message 21: by Victini (new)

Victini so,ur saying i can only choose 1 anubis group?

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Victini Yes, so u better chose cause like I said before... No one will have respect for u if u have two families...

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Victini sry! i just,i kinda took an oath,and the other group kinda hates me now.I dont want to leave...honestly,i dont!but,hmm...maybe i should just leave them.Ohh....i dont know...this never happened in my pokemon groups!i never should have metioned this group.well,goodbye,nina!*Puts hand over eye*Sibuna.

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*puts hand over eye* Sibuna and wait! ur leaving this group?! Don't leave!

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Christy Daley | 1 comments SIBUNASIBUNASIBUNA!!!!!!!!!

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Shannon Hey guys, I just joined...what is House of Anubis about?

Is it only in America and other countries because I have never heard of it before.....

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