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message 1: by Poison Pixie (new)

Poison Pixie  Publishing (poisonpixie) | 3 comments Yes, it's really true! Poison Pixie Publishing are marking World Book Day by giving away - yes, that's right, GIVING AWAY - copies of Danny, the first volume in the controversial DANNY Quadrilogy by Chancery Stone. In paperback, not an e-book!!!!

Any reader can order the first edition of Danny (ISBN 9780954611507 RRP £16.99) completely free - all you pay for is the postage. (£4.99 in the UK or $16 to the USA - what can we say, it's a heavy book!)

This offer is valid only until World Book Day and will expire at midnight on 3rd March 2011.

So hurry along and don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the DANNY Quadrilogy for FREE! Go to now!

(Offer valid in the UK and USA only. Offer valid only while stocks last.)

Suzy Cohen
Head of Publicity
Poison Pixie Publishing

message 2: by Marchel (new)

Marchel | 3 comments It's always in UK n USA only. I'm not happy about that..

message 3: by Poison Pixie (new)

Poison Pixie  Publishing (poisonpixie) | 3 comments Unfortunately, Marchel, DANNY weighs 1.5 kg and is very expensive to post to countries where we don't have distribution. However, if you look up our current give-away you'll find it is being offered worldwide!


message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill (kernos) | 16 comments I'm confused by the editions of Danny 2. What is the difference among DANNY 2 - The Revenant (Personal Jesus Edition), DANNY 2 - The Revenant (I'll Be Your Dog Edition), and DANNY 2.1 - Die Schwarze Enge + DANNY 2.2 - Eilean Mhor?


message 5: by Poison Pixie (new)

Poison Pixie  Publishing (poisonpixie) | 3 comments Hi Kernos,

The DANNY Quadrilogy was rebranded in 2010.

DANNY Volume 1 became DANNY 1.0 - Hope House.

DANNY Volume 2 - The Revenant (both editions) became DANNY 2.1 - Die Schwartze Engel.

The newest part of the saga, provisionally named DANNY 3, became DANNY 2.2 - Eilean Mhor.

The old editions are now out of print and will eventually vanish from booksellers sites making things a little less confusing.

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