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Clothing Styles:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Jewelry worn most often:
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family:
Key Family/Relatives:
Relationship with Friends:
Key Friends:
Key Enemies:
Bad Habits/Vices:
Best Qualities:
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Lissy ~Heart of Glass~ Goode (lissygoode) Name: Dusk
Nickname: None
Age: 16
Residence: Wherever she can find normaly fox dens
Height: 4'3"
Clothing Styles: Easy to move in, earthy colors.
Hair Color: Sandy blonde
Hair Length: Knees
Eye Color: Green
Jewelry worn most often: Rosequort necklace
Tattoos: (#3 on the small of her back)
Birthmarks: A heart on the back of her left ear
General Appearance: Small, cute
Relationship with Family: Never knew them
Key Family/Relatives:
Relationship with Friends:
Key Friends:
Key Enemies:
Skills: Can run fast, good at finding foods
Phobias/Fears: Not knowing where she's from
Bad Habits/Vices: Burns her legs somtimes
Best Qualities: Is nice and sweet
Worst: Untrushing of most people.
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Perro Name: Tarah
Nickname: TarTar
Age: 13
Residence: under ground in self-dug dens; in the Village
Height: 4.11
Clothing Styles: skirts- mini and long gypsie ones. any color tank top
Hair Color: white-blonde with random streaks of color
Hair Length: to the knees. often french braided
Eye Color: purple with slivery flecks
Jewelry worn most often: gold cuffs on the upper arms, ankle bangles, hip-lets
Tattoos: dark swirly lines and dots. everywhere
Birthmarks: skull shaped mark at the nape of the neck in the back
General Appearance: short. magic-ish. small vulerable (eben tho i am not!) very pretty and unique. innocent (ha!)
Relationship with Family: dont know most of them
Key Family/Relatives: um see above
Relationship with Friends: love them to death!
Key Friends: none yet
Key Enemies: none yet
Skills: acrobatic. jumps high. makes guys insantly love her
Phobias/Fears: spiders. being alone
Bad Habits/Vices: biting nails.
Best Qualities: very nice and loyal
Worst: bossy, clingy, chattery
Favorites: Sweets. Small furry animals
Other: ADD
owned by: idk i guess someone come and own meh...

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um they can be in the village too, just say that they are in there. the village looks like this:

some examples of the kariki are these:

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Perro And that's why Avery is called link giver!

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Wingstar Name: Rinzler
Nickname: Rinz
Age: 18
Residence: He lives sometimes in the village, mostly old badger sets.
Height: 5' 2"
Clothing Styles: dark colored clothing, usually long pants and a jacket-like shirt.
Hair Color: black with gold steaks
Hair Length: shaggy, down to his neck blade
Eye Color: gold
Jewelry worn most often: black ankle braclets with red garnet.
Tattoos: ((it looks like this: A wing-like tattoo on the top left of his chest.
Birthmarks: has a birthmark above his left eye
General Appearance: Tall, shaggy black/silver hair with gold eyes, muscular and flexible.
Relationship with Family: He doesnt have any
Key Family/Relatives: ?
Relationship with Friends: Risk his life for them
Key Friends: ?
Key Enemies: ?
Skills: He is a goos sharp-shooter
Phobias/Fears: He is scared of being buried alive.
Bad Habits/Vices: Sometimes he doesnt pull it back right and cuts himself.
Best Qualities: Knows how to cheer people up
Worst: Temper
Favorites: ?
owned by: I have no ideas...

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Mikitara wrote: "And that's why Avery is called link giver!"

ah, yes! I LOVE GIVING LINKS!!! to music, videos, and pics!

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Wingstar lol. Avery, have you seen the asdf movies? watch them with headphones, there isnt anything bad, it just has a small word. but they are just like that, somewhat. only its
I like trains!

TinCanKreations (TCCreationsKable) | 14 comments Name:Dimitri
Residence: a hole
Clothing:Old red gnashed jecket, T-Shirt, old snowpants, and Snowbarding boots
Hair lengTh: Flat head cut
Tattoos:A black flame on his back, and a red star with a fist on his chest
Birthmark/Scar:A lonf scar goes from his eye to his waist
App:His purple eyes are lined with veins and eyebrows thick but sepeate, tanish.
Family relation:
Key relatives
Friend relation: has none
Key friends
Key enemies
Skills: Quite a shot, a nice cavalryman, deadly with a mace
Fears:Fear of never dying, never meeting his own death
Best qualities:Lonf patience, humor, and is very wise
Worst:When angry you cant calm him.

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Kable!?! I havent seen u in ages!!!

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Name: Arisa
Nickname: none
Age: 15
Residence: Kariki village, her "special spot" in the forest
Height: 5 ft 3
Clothing Styles: normal kariki styles
Hair Color: Green
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: Blue
Jewelry worn most often: none
Tattoos: none
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: very close to all of the kariki, but has one special friend that is often left out of kariki events because he is not a native kariki.
Key Family/Relatives: all or kariki
Relationship with Friends: friends with everyone but mostly with her "special friend" (whom i will make later)
Key Friends: "special friend"
Key Enemies: The many monsters that wander termina
Skills: musically inclined, good with most weapons, has special connections with the forest and the forest spirits
Phobias/Fears: none
Bad Habits/Vices: chatty
Best Qualities: kind, a person who can give advise, really caring for her friends, fun loving
Worst: she talks a little too much
Favorites: her flute, her fairy emette
Other: none
owned by: Avery

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Abby (Tangledforever) Name: Sarah

Nickname: none

Residence: village


Family: none

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Name: Lark
Age: 15
Residence: Kariki village
Height:6 feet
Clothing Styles: normal kariki style
Hair Color: brownish blonde
Hair Length: boy length- medium
Eye Color: greenish blue
Jewelry worn most often: none
Tattoos: none
Birthmarks: triangle shaped on his neck
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: Not particularly close with his family, his friends are really his family than his actual relatives
Key Family/Relatives: parents
Relationship with Friends: Very close
Key Friends: Arisa
Key Enemies: Some of the other kariki guys that pick on him for looking different (he only is bothered by them because he's gotten in trouble for picking fights with them)
Skills: Weapons, fist fighting, survival skills
Phobias/Fears: none in particular
Bad Habits/Vices: a bit too quiet
Best Qualities: friendly, smart, kind, funny
Worst: can seem moody at times
Favorites: his boomerang
Other: Best friends with arisa
owned by: Avery

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