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Florence walked into schoolio, and sat down at her first period class. She was bored, and had no one to talk to. She longed to see a familiar face, but that wouldn't happen since she just transfered to this school.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 5 comments Just then Catherine walked in surrounded by her crew and took one look at bella and florence before deciding that they were losers an thought it was best to make that public. "Look there, it's belloser and floridiot" she said.

Kate*~FlyingOnABroom~* (bookluver2000) | 5 comments (( Except she's not my charrie, just a random character. I'll make mine soon.))

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Florence looked at Bella and said"Hi! I'm Florence. Your name?"

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She ignored Catherine.

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Then, as the taunts kept coming, she stood up and walked over to Catherine. "Hi! How are you, Cassidy, Catherine, whoever you are! It's
verrrrry nice to meet you!" Sarcasm was in her voice. "Now, please, leave me and Bella alone, and go, I don't know, apply your lipgloss or fix your makeup. You look like a fish."

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"And, please, just go away. No one wants to see your ugly mug or your trashy clothes. Your just a mean spiteful person...I'm actually glad that I met I know what not to be."

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 12 comments Yuki and Andrew walked into the school. Yuki's face was burried in a book, but Andrew was making a one sided conversation with her.

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They could hear the showdown going on wig Florence and catherine

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Megamarie Marianne Roberts entered the room, and with a wicked smile asked, "So, what do we have here? Miss Popular versus The Losers."

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"Don't EVEN get me started!" Florence walked up to Marianne and stared at her. "Who the hell do you think you are? You just think that you can walk in here and single out myself and Bella for entertainment purposes? Well, you and miss Priss over there have a whole OTHER thing coming!" Florence was extremely pissed.

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Megamarie "Don't bark at the wrong tree girly," Marianne said shoving Florence aside and taking a seat near the window.

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Florence grimmanced and followed her. She sat directly in back of her, so she could stare and potentaly do something.

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"I know...I just..." Florence calmed down and stared at Bella. "Yeah, you're right..." She gave them the last stare down, and then totally paid attention to the teacher.

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Florence couldnt help but stare at Bella. She envied her, she really did... She was pretty, smart, cunning,...things she thought she lacked in. She smiled, and turned away, keeping, or forcing, her head to stay up towards the teacher.

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Florence watched the clock, anxiously waiting for the bell to ring. She was smart, but didnt apply herself, so her grades suffered. She was determined to make this school year better, but she just couldn't bring herself to learn now.

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Florence got up, and felt herself follow Bella. She caught up with her. "Bella, what's your next class?"

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"Oh." Florence said. "That..." She cupped her forehead with the palm of her forehead, holding her head up. She laughed. "Sucks"

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" my favorite subject ever!" She said giddily.

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Florence turned away, shyly. "So...have you been here, long...."

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Megamarie Marianne passed the two girls almost knocking Bella over. She didn't even say sorry.

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Florence stared. She already had her fill of bashing people, and didn't want to have anymore.

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Megamarie Marianne continued walking to her band class. It's as if she did not hear anything.

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Megamarie "What the--?!!" Marianne tried to keep her balance but failed. She stood up, facing Bella. Then, she grabbed her Bella's hair and pull it with her. She dragged Bella to the waste girl's comfort room and pushed her into one of the cubicles. She locked Bella there. She ushered those who followed them out of the room and said. "Don't mess with me!"

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JennyGrace  M. Bethany sat outside, skipping class as usual, just so she could be in the sunshine

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Megamarie Hearing Bella's voice from her back. She swung her sling bag hitting her on the face. "Don't mess with me you, shithead!" She then left the lobby and went to her favorite place in school. It's a place that students seldom visit. It's a peaceful place.

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JennyGrace  M. Bethany pulled her knees up to her chest, leaning her head back against the wall, she stared up at the sky, smiling

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Florence ran to Bellas side. "Asshole...I'm so sorry Bella."

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"Whatever...she's a loser. I wouldn't waste your breath on such a low-life for like her..."

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"Well, I have to go to my class now, stay out of the way from bullies while im gone, okay? Maybe we can meet later." Florence said, and backed away from Bella with each word.

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Florence ran to band. When she got there, she picked up her oboe and clarinet cases and headed in the classroom.

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Florence was assigned a seat in the front row, and together the band went through a theory lesson, then they played.

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Florence amazed everyone with her playing abilities. She lived with a family of musicians, so music was a second nature for her.

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Florence picked up her things and went to her locker, on the other side of the school.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia walked to the lunchroom and bumped into Bella. "Oh, hello!" Thalia said. "I'm Thalia." Thalia held out her hand and Bella shook it.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) ((i just said bella took her hand! sheesh..))

"So, do you wanna eat lunch together?" Thalia asked with a sweet smile.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia sat down with her new friend. She liked Bella and thought she was nice even though they just met. How can I start conversation? Thalia thought.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) "Oh, no. Maybe I haven't seen you around is all. I probably have different classes than you. Im in advanced English, Social Studies, Science, and Math," Thalia said, trying not to brag so she's not disliked.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) ((wait i thought bella and thalia where talking))

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) ((oh you edited. okay))

"Cool!" Thalia said. "I'm going to go up and buy lunch. You coming?"

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia saw a sandwich and grabbed it before anyone else did. She smiled as she found out it was her favorite. She grabbed some water and punched in her lunch code. Then she waited for Bella to come out.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia unwrapped her sandwich. Just then, a bug crawled from in between the bread. "Ew! Ugh, the kitchen is DISGUSTING!" She exclaimed.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia smiled. "I'm a tree hugger. But I was just surprised there," Thalia said, taking the bread off of the sandwich and walking to the window.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) "Me too!" Thalia said. She reopened the window and threw the bread in ripped pieces and fed the ducks.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia followed and just drank her water. "I'm gonna save the rest of the bread for the ducks and leave the meat for raccoons," Thalia said, putting the sandwich to the side.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) The bell rang and Thalia stood up. "Well, I have to go now," Thalia said with a touch of sadness in her voice. She was leaving her new friend and they had so much in common!

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia walked to Advanced Math. It was a longer way from where Bella went and basiacally nobody walked there. Just then, Thalia slipped and fell, flat on her back. She yelped in pain as she heard her wrist crack.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia couldn't move. She didn't know what to do, nobody was there. She was alone. Her books were spilled out onto the floor. She became dizzy. She hit her head when she fell too. She couldn't call for Bella because she was too dizzy.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) ((the heimlich manuver? do you mean cpr?))

Thalia was passed out. She felt or heard or saw nothing. She was limp and in a world of darkness. She was beginning to think nobody will come.

~*Just Slytherin Along w/ The Creatures*~ (Patrick Swayze's lover) (thejsaway) Thalia was drifting in blackness and dark. She couldn't think or feel her broken wrist.

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