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Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments You rise up from the pre-arena room to feel the bitter chill of the air. You blink against the blinding light and wait for your eyes to adjust. The sky is a clear blue, not a cloud in sight. The sun is shining brightly. Your eyes finish adjusting, and you take a better look around you. You are in a frozen desert. Completely flat… white… the snow is hard. Almost frozen ice. The golden cornucopia is shining brightly in the white plain of snow. There aren’t any trees, caves, anything. Nothing to shield you from the eyes of your enemies. Nothing to protect you, or warm you. You can’t make a fire. How will you keep warm? You look quickly to your left as you see a white form moving in the corner of your eye. It takes you a moment to see it clearer, but you see a white rabbit being chased by an artic fox. You shudder as the rabbit gets caught by the fox. Well… you have food. But competition for it. You force your eyes away from the sight, and look ahead. A brief moment later, and the gong rings. Signaling the start of the arena.

Things to note:
*There are polar bears… be careful.
* There are some pickaxes and diamond edged shovels at the cornucopia. But only a few of those.
*You can NOT have your mentor send you firewood. We will be having feasts for that.
*No source for water, except the frozen ground
*The temperatures are sub-zero. You probably are wearing warm clothes, but you’ll still get cold.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Lemon dodged the other tributes, sprinting for a dagger's sheath and grabbing it. A pack presented itself to her, and she grabbed that too. Spinning around, she watched as the tributes were just stepping off their plates. She grinned, sprinting off.

((Question, are there more than just pickaxes and shovels at the cornucopia? Like weapons, packs, etc?))

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments ((yeah, there are.))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((Oh good. :D I'm changing my post, then.))
Orion grabbed a dagger and a sword, making sure they were in their sheaths, first. She slung a pack over her shoulder, turning around just as another girl slammed into her.

Fallen bashed into the girl, and as she knocked her away she grabbed a sword, unsheathing it and turning to face her.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Ace waited for the gong to ring and as soon as it did he ran for Dahvid. He was sitting there waiting for the others to die off. Next, they had t find Valkirey ((dotn know how to spell taht srry)). Ace and Dahvid ran for the cornucopia. They grabbed a pack of stuff and sprinted away.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Orion hissed at the girl, slashing her arm open.

Fallen cried out in pain as the cold steel ripped through flesh. She slammed her elbow up, impacting with Orion's nose and sending blood spurting.

Orion doubled over, clutching her nose. She stabbed, not really aiming for anywhere, but feeling the sword tip hit.

Fallen backed away, removing the sword tip from her leg.

Lynx ~ 10/1 Never Forgotten | 4553 comments ((If people can please tell me in the character page(now in the Character Archives) when a character dies, that would be VERY helpful. Thanks.))

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Jaime jumped out from behind Fallen and flipped her on her back. Jaime looked at Orion and smile. "What happened to the bow?"

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((Yup!))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Orion shrugged.

Fallen grimaced as she hit the freezing ground. Quickly recovering, she kicked her legs up, standing on her shoulders and bringing her legs down on Jaime's neck.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Jaime coughed, due to the fact that she could no longer breath. "Knife!" Jaime tried to say but she couldn't. She mouthed the word hoping Orion would understand.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Ace and Dahvid ran into a group of girls fighting as they were running. "Dude... chick fight." Dahvid stopped to stair.
"Don't be distracted they will kill you." Ace said.
"True, but if there's a barren land where we will always be seen than we might as well have more friends." Dahvid ran up to the girl who's neck was cut off of air. Dahvid took the dagger that he had in his pack and sliced at the other girl who had the girl in a choke hold and slashed at her legs.
"Cousin?" Jaime asked.
"Jaime? Woah!" Dahvid said.
"Wait you know her?"
"Cousins..." Dahvid said.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Orion nodded, thinking she understood. She smashed her sword down at Fallen's head.

Fallen grinned, seeing the sparkle of the sword rise seconds before it fell, and used Jaime's shoulders as a way to upright herself. She leapt down off of Jaime's shoulders, whipping out a knife and holding it to the girl's throat.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((wait srry... i think we got out of order lolz. Which way do you want to go you want to go for your post or mine?))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((Mine.00

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((kk))
"Kill me if you dare, but we can start another group. Since everyone else in the arena can see us anyway, why dont we start a group. The more people the less chance of dieng..." Jaime said

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Fallen considered. "I guess you could be of use." Fallen said, removing the knife and stepping away. "So who's in the group? The three of us, or are we adding them, too." She asked, indicating Dahvid and Ace.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "IF we are all together then we can all be a better team." Jaime said.
"Plus, I'm not leaving Ace or my cousin behind." Dahvid added.
"I think it would be nice to have you as a friend." Ace said pulling out a first aid kit from the backpack. He took out a few bandages and wrapped them around the wounds. "We need to keep you strong if we're going to be a team."

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((Wait, is he bandaging Fallen or Jaime?))

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((Fallen))

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "So are we a team?" Dahvid asked.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Nayeli growled softly as the arena was revealed. So much for her cloak. Dashing toward the Cornicopia, her small build inabled her to go faster than the ones built sturdier. She grabbed a pack with a blanket sticking out and hurried off again. Better to leave while the others were still coming.

Adam took in the forbidding scene with narrowed eyes. As the gong sounded, he rushed out of his hole, istantly struck by the freezing wind. He pushed himself to the Cornicopia and grabbed a large pack. As he turned, Adam saw more people coming up. And they'll probably want my bag, he sighed.

Maira's first sense was cold. A biting, deathly cold. The gong sounded and she didn't have time to think. She struggled forward, feeling the hard ground beneath her feet. Her sixth sense told her it was flat. A body rushed past her, making her arm band vibrate. Obviously off to the cornicopia, she thought weakly.

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Rae shivered as the snow stung her face. She never really did well with cold. She took off toward the Cornucopia and grabbed a medium sized pack. She stood after running for awhile, thinking. She didn't really make an allies, the only person that really showed a slight interest in her was Adam, but she wasn't sure if he wanted to ally with a girl that wasn't good at anything but painting. What should I do? <\i> she thought as her teeth chattered.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Adam swung the pack onto his back and broke into a run, away from the craziness at the Cornicopia. After he was safely in teh distance, he turned to look back. Adam was surprised to find that he wasn't cold! The jog had warmed him up. He smiled grimly at the realization, knowing there had to be a downside to this momentary heat.

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Rae saw Adam is the distance, he was fast, she thought. She decided to chance it and ran up to him. "Adam," she whispered, "Ummm, wanna ally?" she asked weakly, knowing that he could easily kill her. She had no weapon.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments Adam spun around as he heard his name, sword already in his hand. His feirce expression turned to surprise as he noticed that it was Rae, the one from the Training Center. He frowned and sheathed his sword, contemplating the idea. "What's in the pack?" he questioned suddenly.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Aaron-brandon wrote: ""So are we a team?" Dahvid asked." "You know what? Forget it Dahvid I'll go I'll just drag you guys down with me. I know it's hard, but you have a better chance of being with your cousin than with me." Ace said.
"No! Don't go!" Dahvid said.
"I don't want you guys to die!" Ace replied.
"Your not going anywhere Ace." Jaime stared at Ace.
"Fine." Ace went back to tending Fallen's wounds as Dahvid and Jaime had a chance to talk.
"Why did you want him to come with us?" Dahvid asked Jaime.
"I've seen him in the training center. He can hold a dagger... Besides, He's hot." Jaime laughed.
"Okay then..."
"Hey i have never had a boyfriend and im not going to die without having one! He just has that bright personality."
"Oh gross!"
"Shut up!" Jaime punched Dahvid in the arm and went to go help Ace with the bandages.

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Lightfeather ☼☺♥ wrote: "Adam spun around as he heard his name, sword already in his hand. His feirce expression turned to surprise as he noticed that it was Rae, the one from the Training Center. He frowned and sheathed h..."

"I don't know, are you gonna ally with me?" Rae asked bravely.

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Jessica (je51ka) (( sorry can someone kill me off haha... i wont get time to do much RP :( why too much study on and then if im killed off first it wont matter too much...sorry ))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Aaron-brandon wrote: "Aaron-brandon wrote: ""So are we a team?" Dahvid asked." "You know what? Forget it Dahvid I'll go I'll just drag you guys down with me. I know it's hard, but you have a better chance of being w..."

Fallen winced as Ace finished her bandaging. "Thanks." She said, standing.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "No problem." Ace said. He went to rest on the ground and he lied down on the floor gazing at the floor. Jaime went over to Ace and plopped down right next to him.
"So your from nine right?" Jaime asked.
"Born and raised. You?" Ace replied with a happy smile.
"Nice, hunting."
"And your livestock so then do you want to go grab food for the rest of us?"
"Sure, do you have a bow?" Ace asked.
"No I needed to help Orion before things got serious."
"Well then we have four daggers. Two for them and two for us. Let's go then."
"Yay!" She said with a cute smile. They explained their plan to the group and set off before they even got a chance to have a say in the plan. Jaime jumped into a tree and stuck a hand out to life Ace up. He grasped the hand and he jumped up to the tree with her.
"Okay stay in the trees and watch for prey." They walked through trees for about ten minutes when finally a hare jumped out of no where. The rabbit sniffed it's way towards the tree Ace and Jaime were in. Jaime jumped down on it and tried to stab it, but the rabbit ran for the clearing.
"Akk!" She screamed. "You didn't see that."
Ace made a zipper movement on his mouth and chased after the rabbit. The rabbit was fast, but Ace had won many races and trained hard on his legs. He caught up with the rabbit and just as he was about to drop his dagger into the little hare a giant paw smashed into him. Ace smashed into the ground and felt the cool floor on his back and cheek. He looked down at his chest and there was a nice sized cut across it, not deep, but deep enough to gush blood. Jaime ran up to Ace and dragged him backwards at the last second as the paw of the white beast came down upon him. Ace jumped to his feet and instantly clutched his chest. The pain was bearable, but... Bearable! It's a polar bear! Ace thought.
"Polar bear." Ace said aloud so Jaime understood. Ace tried to ignore the cut and he grabbed the dagger that had scattered across the floor when he was knocked down. "Give me your other one!" Ace said. Jaime threw him the dagger without hesitation and Ace charged. Ace climbed the bear's back and slashed an "X" into the skin. It gushed blood, but the bear just shook him off. Ace slammed to the ground, but recovered into a back-roll. He got back up and when the bear charged Ace jumped under the bear's stomach, slashing the paws on his way down. The bear went down on top of him. Ace slashed at the stomach more and more until finally the bear stopped moving. Jaime rushed to shove the bear off of Ace and looked at his wounds.
Jaime touched the chest cut and showed him that he was still bleeding. "It will stop eventually." Ace replied when he saw the blood. "How are we gonna bring this back to camp?" Ace asked. Suddenly Ace saw the vines crawling around a near-by tree. He grabbed them and tied them around the bear's paws. It was a struggle, but Ace lugged the big guy back to camp eventually. The only problem that they had was that there was no way to cook it. "Looky, looky what papa brought home." Ace threw the bear to the side and sat down.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((sorry i love wrighting storries should i shorten it???))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((Nah. Wait, who's in the group?))

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((well Ace,Orion,Fallen,Jaim,and Dahvid. Dahvid i don't care much about, but i would like to keep the two of Ace and Jaime together to make them a couple. You can do watever u want with him lolz. So how we gonna cook that polar bear or do you wanna wait for the feast?))

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments ((I don't know but we can start by skinning the bear for warmth. ;D))
((BTW, Orion has a sword and dagger.))
"We should skin it." Fallen said.
((Hey, mind if Dahvid and Fallen couple? Just wondering..))

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments ((No problem))
"Totally. we can all get in a nice blanket together." Ace laughed as if that didn't make things awkward. Jaime helped skin the polar bear with her hunting skills. Her and Orion both made a big blanket out of the bear.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments The group piled into the blanket and Dahvid voted to stay up and keep watch as eveyone slept.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Orion nodded, getting in after making sure her sword and dagger were secure.

Fallen agreed, lying down next to Orion, on the very edge of the blanket. A little cold air got in, but the bear pelt was warm enough, even with the occasional gentle wind.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments Dahvid watched as the others slept. He knew that he was their only protection. Dahvid sat after hours out of boredom when eventually something fell from the sky. A gift! He thought. He opened it and out came a bell and a rope. He knew what he needed and he mouthed the words thank you into the sky. He wrapped himself around the rope and he put the attached to the end of the rope next to Orions ear. If anyone took him or even attacked all he had to do was get up and that would wake everyone up.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Finally weariness overcame nervousness, and both Orion and Fallen fell asleep.

Lemon pressed on, through the darkness. It wouldn't have hurt to find an ally but too late. As she stumbled through the dark, a loud roaring sounded from a ways away. A bear being killed.
She tripped, landing hard on the ice. Something soft attacked, mouth opening as a bunch of sharp teeth readied to dig into her leg. Lemon swiftly grabbed her dagger, slashing it across the fox's neck. A low whine died as it's life was snuffed out. Lemon felt around for it's ends. It was a fairly nice sized fox, it's pelt probably big enough to wrap around her shoulders, or maybe cover her if she curled up tightly. She skinned it, opening her pack and drawing out what felt like a plastic bag. She stuffed the meat inside, thinking of the meal she'd have once she'd gotten some wood. She curled up, zipping her backpack closed and draping the pelt over herself.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments After about another hour of boredom he wanted to wake Orion up to talk to her. He wanted to get to know her more. He had to let her sleeep. "Forget about waking anyone up." He said in a whisper.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments Orion nodded. She crawled out from under the pelt, wincing as her hands met ice.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "I'm sorry i didn't mean to wake you up... i just-"

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments "It's fine. I wouldn't have gotten much sleep anyway." Orion said, smiling slightly. "Too cold, plus being in the Games..."

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "True, I got a parachute and this is the idea that they got for us. When everyone sleeps you rap the bell and the rope around you to make a sound if you see anything." Dahvid said.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments "Nice." Orion commented.

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "So, how'd the reaping go?" He asked.

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L (audinosbiitch) | 1999 comments "Ugh. Awful. It was like I was the only person alive in the entire area. Everyone was so silent..." Orion said, messing with a bit of snow on the ground. "How 'bout with you? Not too good, I'm guessing?"

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Aaron-Brandon B. | 207 comments "Mine was fine i guess. All i can think of is of anyone in this arena who would kill me... who would be the first to hunt me down. I'm glad it's not you.

Lightfeather ☼☺♥ (lightfeatherbethany) | 1141 comments LunaBeth wrote: "Lightfeather ☼☺♥ wrote: "Adam spun around as he heard his name, sword already in his hand. His feirce expression turned to surprise as he noticed that it was Rae, the one from the Training Center. ..."

Adam was silent, looking at Rae for a long moment. Finally, he smiled and nodded, the expression lighting up his hansome features. "Fine by me. If you can keep up," he half-teased.

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