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This might also help for anyone to lazy to read it:


Vampires can look like normal humans. They are strict with their rules and any one who disobeys these is shamed. They fight with honor and courage and will rather die fighting than in a nice comfy bed. They sleep in coffins, just like the stereotypical Vampires.

Vampire Laws

There are many laws that a Vampire must stick to. These are:

Do not use projectile weapons. Throwing weapons are OK though. Just not guns, bows etc.

If a Vampire fails the Trials of Initiation, they must be killed if not already so.

Only Vampire Princes can fail and still survive(if they don't die during the trial).

If you are classed as a traitor to the clan, you will be executed in the Hall of Death.

Old Laws

There are also laws that were thrown out by the Princes. Some are:

You can only use weapons that you have crafted yourself.


Half-Vampires are Vampires with only a small amount of Vampire blood,they recive the rest of their Vampire blood when they are fully blooded. They are unable to flit and do not have the power to heal wounds with their saliva. They are able to walk around in the day and not get injured by the sun light.

They are much stronger, faster and durable than regular humans and heal wounds slightly faster. When first transformed they have the temporary ability to hypnotize others.

They age at one fifth the rate of a normal human (or human's).



Like Vampires, Vampaneze have a range of very similar powers:

The ability to flit.

The ability to heal wounds with saliva.

Super strength.

Sharp nails or claws (and sharp teeth or fangs).

Ability to exhale a gas that puts people into a heavily sedated state.


Vampaneze have purple skin and red eyes as a result of drinking lots of blood. They are usually as sane as Vampires and fight with honor, just like them. They hate leadership but will accept it if it means the end of them if they dont although they do it grudgingly. A vampaneze must always tell the truth

Half Vampaneze

Half Vampaneze do not have the same powers as full Vampaneze. They can not flit and can not heal wounds with saliva. They also do not get purple skin and red eyes until they have drunk a lot of blood so new Vampaneze are generally normal colored.

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