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So, what should it be about?

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) i will rp anything so you choose

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Hmm, fantasy, superpowers, romance, highschool... What'd u choose?

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) ummm fantasy works for me

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Ok. Can we both make a boy and girl charrie?

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) sounds good to me

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ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) Name:James
Appearence: has a 6 pack
Personality: very protective over his sister and the ones he cares about. out going fun. but can be harsh and mean when you upset him
Family: only has his little sister left
History: his parents disappeared years ago and him and his sister have been looking for them
Crush/bf or gf:
other: controls water

Personality: doesn't trust easily and unless you have known her and have gotten close to her she apears to be mean and nasty. likes to flirt but rarely does she let it lead anywhere. she likes to be in control.
Family: Only has an other brother
History: same as James'
Crush/bf or gf:
other: controls fire and any other type of heat

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Name: Andrea

Powers: Rapic cell Regeneration (the ability to regenerate cells at an increased rate, resulting in physical injuries healing in a matter of seconds or minutes).

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Usually looked at as a bit trashy because she was born in the Bronx. She still seems a bit short sighted to those who cannot get past her background. She wants things done her way, because her way is best and fastest and won't take no for an answer.

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Weight/Build: slender

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Name: Ian

Powers: Empathic Mimicry (the ability to duplicate the abilities of other evolved humans within proximity and reproduce them at will).

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: messy, disorganized, social, tough, outgoing, rarely worries, self revealing, open, risk taker, likes the unknown, likes large parties, makes friends easily, likes to stand out, likes to make fun of people, reckless, optimistic, positive, strong, does not like to be alone, ambivalent about chaos, abstract, impractical, not good at saving money, fearless, trusting, thrill seeker, not rule conscious, enjoys leadership, strange, loves food, abstract, rarely irritated, anti-authority, attracted to the counter culture.

Eye color: Pale green
Hair color: Black, dyed red
Complexion: Caucasian

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) ok who starts?

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You please :)

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) Lidia sat at a table out side of a small cafe clearly unhappy. James had made her stay there while he went to check on a lead to their parents. usuaily she would be allowed to come as long as she stuck by him but because the gang was known for rapeing girls her age she had to stay out in the open where people could easily see if somethng was happening.

James had been trying to talk to the leader for more then a hour and was getting very little out of him. the leader wanted something in exchange for the information and the 'price' was to much for James to accept

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Andrea fought against the cuff that were holding her to the wall. She let out a small scream as she felt the metal scraping her wrist, but her wrist immediately healed. "Impressive," the doctor that has been watching said, writing something on a paper in front of him. "Let me go!" Andrea yelled. The doctor only chuckled, taking the papers he had filled and leaving the room.

Ian's hand collided with the alarm clock, shutting it up. He rubbed his eyes, rolling out of bed. He squinted his eyes as the morning light streamed through his window. He strolled to the bathroom, taking a cold shower then getting dressed in jeans and a black T-shirt. He stretched out as he walked outside of his appartement, his converse's shoelace unmade. He headed toward the coffee shop, still a little sleepy.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) Lidia was getting sick of waiting she tapped her foot trying to wait

"forget it" James finaily said and tried to leave but the leader ordered his men to take him to the testing rooms

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((James reminds me of Alex Pettyfer lol))

Andrea cursed, trying again to free herself from the cuffs. She only resulted in scratching her wrist, and her healing powers seemed to have slowed a bit, her cuts healing slowlier than before.

Ian sat down in a table in front of the coffee shop. He raised his hand to call for the waiter, then stopped himself. He wasn't in the mood for coffee: it only made him sleepier. So he sat there, looking at everyone who passed in front of him, every car on the street.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (who?)

Lidia glanced at Ian wondering if she had time to do some flirting before her bother got back. she looked at the building and desided to give it a shot. she turned her attention back to Ian.

James was put in a room near andrea. he tried to fight but he didn't have time to collect enough water before they chained him to the wall

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((An actor :P ))

Ian tilted his head toward the sky, the sun didn't hurt his eyes, thanks to a friend of his who had the ability of light that Ian replicated.

Andrea heard them pulling him into the room and chaining him. As soon as she heard the door close and realized they left, she called out a "hello?"

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (oh ok lol)

she watched him waiting for him to notice her. she thought about making the light on his face hotter to speed it up but desided against it

"who's there?" he called back hearing her

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Ian looked down again, looking around. His gaze fell on Lidia and he smiled, noticing how cute she was.

"Did they catch you too? Do you have some kind of ability?" Andrea asked, ignoring his question.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) she smiled and winked at him as she took a sip of her drink

"yes and yes" he said "now tell me who you are"

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"No one special," Andrea said. She didn't want to say her name, afraid he'd recognize her from the news. She was the girl that survived a car explosion, a freak as the students in her highschool liked to call her.

Ian chuckled.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) he tried to break his chains "can you get out of here?" he asked after giving up

she smiled and went over "is this seat taken?"

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"Unless you can break metal, no," Andrea said.

"No," Ian said, smiling.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) he sighed "no it's too dry down here"

she smiled and sat down "nice day isn't it? everywhere you look there is something gorgous" she said looking him over

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"Sure thing," Ian said, giving her a lopesided smile..

Andrea tried again to take the cuffs off. She pulled her hands through the tight metal, ignoring the cuts and the sound of bones snapping and breaking.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) she smiled

he winced at the sound "are you ok?"

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Andrea watched her hands healing, making a face. "Yea, just fine. I just need to find a way to open this freaking door!" She looked at the door, trying to think of a way to open it.

"I'm Ian by the way," he said, still smiling.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) ''well if it is a metal lock and u got somewater on it i might b able to rust it from here''

''im lidia'' she said smiling brightly

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"Nice to meet you, Lidia," Ian said.

Andrea looked around. "Nope. No water."

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) she smiled "like wise"

he sighed "then i'm not help"

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Ian smiled back.

"Is blood any good?" she asked, looking at the splashes of blood on the door.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) "yeah as long as it is fresh" he said "it still has to be wet"

Lidia smiled "so what is some one like you doing at a coffee shop like this...i can tell it's not for the coffee"

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Andrea touched the smeer of blood. "Yup, it's fresh," she said, a little disgusted.

"You want to hear the truth?" Ian asked, crooking an eyebrow.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) "ok...it might take me a few seconds it is easier if i can see it" he said sencing it and he made it all move to the lock. and it quickly started to rust

"yes" she smiled

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Andrea watched in amazement.

"I'm here to kidnap you and take you to a research facility that researches on evolved men," he said, his voice falling to a whisper.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) "if i did it right if you kick it the lock will break" he said

her eyes went wide "please tell me this is a sick joke!" she wispered

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Andrea did so, and the door opened.*

Ian shook his head and leaned back. "They already have your brother. I quit on the last minute."

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) he smiled hearing it "go find my sister Lidia...bring her down here and she can get me out but don't let them catch her."

she quickly stood up and looked at the building "take me to him now" she demanded

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"They won't let me in. As I said, I quit," Ian said.

"I'll get you out. Just do the thing you did before." Andrea bit down her wrist, wincing from the pain. She put it against the door, the blood driping down the metal door.

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) she frowned "but they will let me in" she said

he did the same as the last time but this time it worked faster

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"They would," Ian said matter-of-factly. "But they won't let you out!"

Andrea smiled. "Nice to finally see you."

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) she bit her lip "i can't leave him in there"

he smiled at her and laughed lightly "how about you say we get out of here"

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ wrote: "she bit her lip "i can't leave him in there"

he smiled at her and laughed lightly "how about you say we get out of here""

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ wrote: "ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ wrote: "she bit her lip "i can't leave him in there"

he smiled at her and laughed lightly "how about you say we get out of here"""

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Ian shrugged. "Whatever."

Andrea smiled and nodded. "That would be a good idea," she said, taking his hand and pulling him through dozens of hallways and doors.


ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (it ok)

she bit her lip harder not sure what to do

he went with her

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Andrea finally reached the metal doorway that seperated them from freedom. "Now, we need to figure out how to open this."

Ian was silent.

((Sorry again! I just don't get the notifications!))

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) (it's ok)

he looked at it then looked around "we both need to cut ourselfs i will be able to rust a big enough area for us to get threw"

"do you know anywhere safe i will be able to go?" she asked softly

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Andrea sighed. "Okay," she said. "Find me something to cut myself with. There's no need for you to do that, I can heal so it's no big deal."

Ian bit his lip, thinking, then nodded. "There is, but I'm just going to point it out to you and leave you to yourself." He smirked. "I'm not really welcome in it."

ஐღ♥Stine♥ღஐ (stine0489) he nodded "ok but we have to be quick my sister is just across the street and i can't let them get her"

"but won't they do something if they find out your helping me?"

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Andrea nodded and said, "I just need something sharp."

Ian shrugged. "It won't make a difference," he said, and decided that that was enough information.

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