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message 1: by megamarie (new)

megamarie So what really is death? Is it just the departure from life? Is it death when you stopped breathing? Is it death when something ends? Is it death after you kill someone? What is death for you?

message 2: by Nyghtmare (new)

Nyghtmare | 5 comments It's just the beggining of something. It's a second chance.

message 3: by Cj (new)

Cj Death is death, probably the end of our selves and therefore existence, but it could be worse.
I don't care that much about death since you really can't do much about it.
People get tortured every day so much that they forget they're human beings and lose themselves in madness, that's WAAAY scarrier if you asked me.

Tuklas Pahina (TP) Death is the most promising gift of life. it's a new dimension for giving birth and rejuvenation.

message 5: by Cj (new)

Cj Let me ask you something directly, what would death be to you if you're wrong?
What if, all of this in theory, of course, death is the end, if afterall we humans are no more than bones and flesh? Would you be able to see life as a promising gift? Would any of you be able to?

Tuklas Pahina (TP) hi cj if u believe in God that wud be ur faith ok. if u r saying its theory den its Bullshit! ok look wat happen to japan? thats the worse thing dat God will do to those people who doesn't believe HIM. if ders a disaster like dat hu wil u call? the scientist? dats very bullshit! so u shud call GOD ok. tnx teker

message 7: by Cj (last edited Mar 12, 2011 01:22PM) (new)

Cj I am soooo gonna enjoy answering to it.
First of all, any kind of belief is a theory sadly, but true. Let me continue saying that I do fanatically believe in the existence of some kind of god. It would really go waaaay to far off to try explaning that part, but IF you have to add god into this game, I'll have to play too. Right?
I did not quite understood your connection between good and life after death. Are you trying to say that you believe in god and therefore afterlife is a given? Dude, I do think that's just hilariously naive and slightly delusional, but hey, I might be the one being crazy, so I'll try not to start calling names :D

Finally for what you just said about japan:
(I friendly ask only Po and those who are willing to read some harsher words to open the next spoiler. Thank you.)
(view spoiler)

What the hell did that have to to with my question?
I asked you direct and simple questions in a theoretical manner. = I asked you taking in consideration that you most likely believe in the afterlife and yet you manage to completely ignore that.

message 8: by Neon i (last edited Mar 12, 2011 01:34PM) (new)

Neon i | 2 comments That was enjoyable :D

message 9: by Cj (new)

Cj Glad to hear that.
I'm just worried that some fundamentalists out there could get the best part of younger people's minds.

Tuklas Pahina (TP) hi cj tnx for ur clarification. I noticed ur ideas i supposed u don't believe in God? ryt? u see life after death was explained in the bible but if u hev theories regarding dat maybe based from ur theories well I respect ideas. I guess ur not reading a bible? becoz if u do u will understand dat Life after Death is a gift based from my understanding I maybe wrong as u say bcoz Christians believe dat our real world is in Heaven and not on Earth. CJ sorry for the harsh words. And i also respect other religions bcoz we based our beliefs on books or certain standards dat we trully believe in. Thank you Cj. Peace bro!...Tnx for ur ideas...

message 11: by Cj (last edited Mar 12, 2011 02:46PM) (new)

Cj Glad to hear that reasoning did happen to work this time. I'm sorry for having used so many harsh words.
I just really didn't think it's right to say that people, anyone for that matter, deserve tragedies as the ones happening right now.

As for the matter of the bible. I happen to have worked quite a lot with the bible and it's origins during past studies. I don't say catholicism is bullshit or anything, but many things we might see as main elements of catholicism were added up over the centuries rather than at the beginning of it.

I used to be a very religious catholic and I still do believe that the god of my childhood is still the same I believe in right now. None the less, I wish to warn you not to believe in everything the bible says without questioning it's origins and values.

I might be pulling the wrong rope right now, but still... would you mind answering my question?

What if, in a completely theoretical manner, there was no life after death? What if, after death, there's nothing left for us? would you still be able to see death as an opportunity and a new beginning?

"I tell you the truth, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven." - Mathiew 18:18

Does that sound like heaven is the one reality?
At the very least, they seem to be óf equal worth for us humans, since we are held responsible in both of them.

message 12: by Neon i (new)

Neon i | 2 comments I don't see life as a promising gift or an opportunity, I simply see it as death.

message 13: by Cj (new)

Cj So... if it is what is is, you seem to be quite uninterested in taking time to find out what it is.
I get that. I don't either.
Life is way too short too lose time in trying to grasp one of the ungraspable things for us.

Tuklas Pahina (TP) wow! cj ur a deep person very smart where you get ur ideas? i admire ur ideas! r u studying philosophy? u hev ur point, if ders no life after death i guess there will be opportunity bcoz of SCIENCE. derived from Big bang Theory.

yes i do believe Heaven is one reality. but i don't know if I'm one of the lucky ones who will get there i hope so..CJ tnx for being so calm and friendly sorry for my idiotness hehehe! i hope we can be friends, or best of friends...i really like ur ideas! Do u mind u like writing a book in ur dreams? bcoz u create or shud i say open some new ideas for discussions..

message 15: by Cj (last edited Mar 13, 2011 10:05AM) (new)

Cj Thanks, Po.
I'm really not that smart.
I just happen to have an absurd amount on knowledge on theology, psychology and one or two other things. In everything else I'm an ignorant retard... trust me.

As for being friends, gladly. I'm always glad to show new ideas to talk about.
I am no fan of science myself, since they appear to think that everything they aren't able to see or analyse is non-existent.

Example: In economics (my major) there are very few ways to analyse human values such as responsibility and trustworthiness. We already know what happens when people who work on our money do not take in count such elements.

Death might sound without a heaven harsh for some, but I know enough people, I count myself as one of them, who would gladly prefer not to exist rather than to have to keep up existence, pain and ultimately madness for eternity.

I say this of course under the thought of man moreover his self-aware mind as not evolving subjects.

Tuklas Pahina (TP) wow! cj amazing ideas you hev. tell me if u want to write a book someday probably it wil be a best seller i tell you

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