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message 1: by Carol (new)

Carol (ckubala) | 559 comments Mod
So many things struck me as I listened to this podcast, the doom sayers that keep trying to tell us books are dead (wrong), the excellent works of Margaret Atwood, her talk at Ann's conference providing much to think about, and as always the passion that both Michael and Ann enthuse when discussing a book they want us to read.

Ann calls this enthusiam gushing. Whatever you call it is what makes Books on the Nightstand the best. I have found many new books and learned some book talking tricks by listening to our hosts. This morning I realized that much of the appeal is just that - listening. I take the time to listen! I hone in, don't interrupt and give them time to tell me a bit about the book that they are describing. Why do I mention this? I work in a public library where many a patron asks for recommendations but are frequently in a hurry and don't give staff more than a snappy minute or two to come up with a title, and to booktalk it. Sometimes, bless you the patron, you allow me to write you an email with further suggestion, but most are in a whirlwind hurry in this busy world.

As always, thanks Michael and Ann for your suggestions, your love of books and a thoughtful podcast for your listeners!

message 2: by Carol (new)

Carol (ckubala) | 559 comments Mod
oops, forgot one more thing. I just had to tell Michael that I appreciate his dilemma over using the term "kick ass". Thank you Michael for considering our ears and mores in the use of profanity. I really wondered what you were struggling not to say. I don't find this term offensive. The lack of heavy duty swearing is just one more reason I love listening to Booksonthenightstand. It is a clean, thoughtful presentation.

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