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A tradition, or an old charter, or something...

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message 1: by Gomez (new)

Gomez Addams | 7 comments Chewing the fat at Fangio's, what do you think of running gags?

Very funny or a load of old toot?

How many can you remember, and what's your favourite? Mine's in the subject :)

message 2: by Bex (new)

Bex (superbex) | 3 comments Mod
Not to mention [insert unmentionable]. Which no one did.

In many guises!

message 3: by T (new)

T | 1 comments I enjoyed the typeface-based names of guest ales in The Retromancer, and the running comementary on that particular running gag, which became the gag itself. I wouldn't mind a pint of Helvetica Narrow right now.

message 4: by Jay (new)

Jay (weaselpipe) | 7 comments The Transperambulation of pseudo cosmic anti-matter (sometimes via an inter-rossiter), some sort of female in a straw hat, sprouts, and the main one- characters remembering conversations and minor events from other novels whilst never mentioning major life altering events.

Isn't it in Chainstore Massacre when the lady in a straw hat says to the ticket salesman "I am not your mum I am a different lady in a straw hat... and this running joke is from the last book"

message 5: by Gomez (new)

Gomez Addams | 7 comments Och, Jay, I just quoted, very poorly out of weak memory, the transperambulations in another thread...

What was that about great minds thinking alike... ;)

But I had all but forgotten about the inter-rossiter, shame on me! ;)

message 6: by Jay (new)

Jay (weaselpipe) | 7 comments The inter-rossiter appears in the armageddon books then disappears for years

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