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Emily (emilygsturt) Mitch Mile put his head in his hands. What was he going to do? Earlier that day, he had left his backpack outside when they ran laps in P.E., and when he went back to get it, some men in black capes and pointy hats picked him up and shoved him in a car. As they drove they asked him questions after question, all about different kids in his school. "Do you know Marla Johnson?" asked one, or "What do you know about the new kids in your school?" Mitch refused to answer them at all. They drove him to an old abandoned parking lt, and then they had blindfolded him. The next half hour felt like a rollar coaster. He felt himself going up ad down, though he knew it probably wasnt possible. Then there had been a thump, he had been un blindfolded and looked around. He was in a place where it seemed just black. "Where are we?" he asked one of his captors. "We're on the planet Mogadore." Mitch didnt ask him where Mogadre was. They led him to a little shack, were they locked him in, saying "We'll be back, and you'd better talk or else." Then the door had been slamed, locked and left him alone. Mitch didnt know what to do. he remembered Marla Johnson asking Matt if she could talk to him. But Matt always said it was "family stuff". Marla had always seemed a bit strange to him, like she was different. And after last year when this "family stuff" had started happening, Matt had seemed quieter. And the ew kids at school? they all seemedat bit different, but not that much. He remembered the kidnappers words "We're on planet Mogadore", did that mean he was on a different planet? That he had been kidnapped by aliens? Then it hit him. Maybe Marla and the other new kids were aliens to! "Oh my gosh what am i gonna do?" Mitch muttered to himself. Where Marla and the others on his side or the captors side? He sighed and fell asleep.

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((there is no recess.))

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Emily (emilygsturt) (( ok umm lemme fix that))

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((it could be awful, but I don't care cuz someone else is here! I think my friend Dovewing went to sleep as soon as she got home from school, which is a shame cuz I was waiting for her on this maximum ride rp...))

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Emily (emilygsturt) Mitch awoke a few hours later to find a girl across the room (which was only about 4 feet away) from him, staring in to space. He sat up form his position on the floor. "Who are you?" he asked questoningly. She looked down at her hands. "My name is Amy. Who are you?" She replied. "My name is Mitch. How did you get here?"
"The Mogadorians captured me and brought me here. They think i know somthing that will lead them to them." Mitch was confused. "I'm confused. Why are we here? Are these people aliens? Who are them?"
Amy sighed. He really didnt know. They had him here for no reason at all, just that they thought he knew something. He probably did know something, just he didn't know it. He didnt know but she did. The one who hung out with people who knew, didnt know and the one who was left alone did know. Should I fill him in or not? Amy wondered. "If I tell you, your life will be in danger" she told him gravely. Mitch sighed. "Arn't I in enough danger already? I think I would rather know why I am here in this danger and be put in more danger, then wonder why and still be in danger." He sighed inwardly, he sounded like a nerd. Sure, he was the one popular guy who actually loved to learn. Sure most of the other boys had to get good grades in order to be allowed to sit at the popular table (school rule, dont have good grades, you dont get as much freedom, like where you sit) but he was the only popular kids who wore contacts (he ditched the glasses in 5th grade), and sometimes, even when he didnt want to, he still sounded like a nerd. But it sounded like this Amy girl was a bit of a nerd to.

Amy smiled. She was pretty sure this boy would be able to handle it. But she had to make sure. "Are you sure" she asked him, in a voice that she almost never used. "Yes, I'm sure." Said Mitch, who had a feeling what he was about to hear would change his life.

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Emily (emilygsturt) "Ok, I'll tell you" said Amy. "We're on planet Mogadore. The Mogadorians have kidnapped us because they want information. Yes, they are aliens. They want to know about the five other aliens in our school." she paused, and Mitch gasped "You means there are aliens in our school?!" "Yes" said Amy. "There is another planet called Lorien. The aliens there all called Loriens. But the Mogadorians invaded there planet and are trying to kill them, so a bunch of them came to earth disguised as humans. There are five of them in our school. They think that sence we go to that same school, we know about them. Think, have you ever thought anything was different about any of our classmates?" Mitch thought "Well, last year, Matt started to seem quiter, like he had a secret, and Marla would need to talk to him. She seemed to be quiter to. But Matt always said it was "family stuff". Amy sighed. "It's not. Marla is one of those aliens who is running from the very people who kidnapped us." Mitch swallowed, hard. "Are the...L...Loriens like bad or something?" "No" said Amy "Nothing like that. The Mogadorians are going to try to ruin earth and the Loriens are hear to protect them selves and to protect earth." Mitch thought for a moment. "I thought you said there were five Loriens at school, who are the other four?" Mitch asked. "Well, Marla is one, that girl, Mara's friend Natalie is one as well. And then the three new kids, Aurdel, Lume and Luc are all Loriens as well." Amy answered."So Matt and like you arnt Loriens either?" Mitch asked again, even though he had millions more questions bouncing aroun din his head. "No, neither of us are loriens." She replied.
"But how do you know all this stuff?" Amy thought for a moment and then said, "Before I told you, did you know I went to your school?" Mitch shook his head. "Most people dont. I'm very quiet and i watch a lot. I sit by myself at lunch and I dont have many friends. But I hear things. Matt knows about Lorien because he was there when Natalie and Marla developed somthing they call Legacies. They dont know it, but I was there also. When I was little, my mother died and my father was so upset he began drinking. Soon he forgot about me. By the time I was seven, I lived on the streets. When I was eight, a women found me and decided to adopt me. But I never fit in anywhere. When i wa on the streets, I had learned how to blend in and almost totaly dissapear. The only people who ever knew I was there were the people who were looking for me." She paused and Mitch asked "So are you magic or somthing?" "No," Amy replied "I just know how to blend in and not be seen. Thats how I know about Lorien." There was silence and then Mitch said "Wow. I'm sorry about all thats happened." "it's ok, I'm over it." said Amy. "So how did the Mogadorians capture you?" Mitch asked, changing the subject. "My class was putside running laps for P.E, when I saw this one girlrun out fo the building, hop in her car, and drive of. I knew she was oe of the Loriens, so I followed her. She drove toher house, which had been attacked by Mogadorians trying to kill her and her guardian, called a cepan. As she went inside the house, I stood outside, examining the dmage, when a Mogadorian snuck up and grabbed me from behind. Thts how I got here." "Wow" said Mitch. "I left my backpack outside when we ran laps and when I went to get it I got kidnapped." There was a nother silence, and then Amy said "Listen, they're going to ask you questions about Lorien and all the stuff I just told you. You need to act like you have no clue what they're talking about, ok?" "OK" mItch replied "but why?" "Because if you dont, it could be the end."

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Emily (emilygsturt) "Are you ready to talk" Flipper said as he barged in the room that held the two captured earthlings. There was no answer. "Are you ready to talk or do i have to hurt you? Because I will enjoy it!" he said, laughing to him self. It was true. He sure would. To bad they wernt Loriens though, if they were he would kill them on the spot.
"Sir" spoke up the girl. "What do you want us to talk about?" Flipper couldnt believe it. She was being smart with him But if she wasnt and she truly didnt know (which he highly doubted) he wasnt going to tell her. So he simply said
"has anything every seemed weird about your fellow classmates?" Surly she would hve noticed somthing. She paused and then said
"Well, Michael has always had this weird little birthmark over his lip, and Harry has always been, well, Harry." Flipper felt like punching her.
"How about anything really weird, or strange, like they were aliens maybe?" He asked her.
"Aliens?! What are you saying! I dont believe in that kind of stuff!" she said, folding her arms accross her chest. Flipper wasnt so sure.
"I think you do know somthing" he said, coming over and grabbing her by the collar. "And I think you should tell me that somthing right away". She swallowed hard and said,
"ok, I'll tell you the biggest secret I know" she paused and Flipper couldnt keep his heart from leaping with joy. He was finally going to get some infromation!
"I used to live in this little town in Africa. There was this one girl who lived there who could do all these amazing thins." Flippers heart leaped.
"What kind of amazing things?" he asked,his grip tightenig. The girl squirmed as she continued.
"She could lift things and throught things and one time she even walked into a burning building without getting bured! Then I asked her how and she said she was an alien, and that I should never tell anyone else, then she said she was moving to a cave in a ghost town in alaska, because her mom had died and she needed to live by herself. I swore I would never tell her, and once evry four years I get a letter from her saying she's still there and safe." The girl stopped and Flipper asked her one more thing before he let her go.
"Where were the letters from, like what town?" She thought for a moment and then said "I think its a town that used to be called Guicho, Alaska. It the very north end of Alaska, I looked on the globe once." She said as he let her down.
"I'll be back" he said as he left, locking the door behind him. Flippers heart leaped with joy. He ad finally found some information. This girl was probably number four, one of the older Loriens they had been looking for for a long time now. The girl said she sent her a letter every four years, so that made sence. Flipper couldnt wait to get back and tell the others.

Amy rubbed where the Mogadorian had grabbed her. "Ouch! He doesnt know his own strength!" She said to Mitch, who sat there staring at her.
"Was that all true? He asked in astonishment.
"Nope" Amy replied. "I made it up. I dont think there are any Loriens in Alaska, and I made up the name Guicho. And I knew sence their still looking for a Lorien, Number Four, I was pretty sure that would through them way of track, and maybe they'll let us go". Mitch looked at her.
"Wow" was all he could say. "Your going to need to come up with a story to" Amy told him "They think both of us know somthing." She was right. He would have to come up with a story.
"Well what can I say?" He asked her. After all, she had come up witha great story.
"I think you should have heard a rumor, like that there are these aliens roaming our planet, and that they all live in Libya because it sounds like their old planet." Boy was she smart. Mitch nodded.
"That sounds great!" Well, that was settled. Now what? His stomach was growling. When was he going to get some food? Were they even going to give him food? Where they evn gong to ever leave htis place? He had no idea, and he had a feeling Amy didnt either.

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Emily (emilygsturt) ((I know, I'm writing alot, but no one else is on Mogadore! I need some help here!

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((because everything is happening on earth...))

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Emily (emilygsturt) Amy looked out the one small window that was bulit into the ceiling. The sky was dark, lie it had been the whole time tey had been on Mogadore. She looked over at Mitch. He was lying on his stomach, his head on his arms, asleep. He looked restless, like he was sleeping and exhausted at the same time. Amy couldnt help the felings that crept inside her. She was scared.

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Emily (emilygsturt) Mitch awoke. He wasnt sure what time it was. He sat up and stretched. He was exhausted. The sleep he had just had had only seemed to make him more tired, not less. He looked around the room. Amy was sitting against the wall, staring up into space, or, the low ceiling. "How long was I asleep" Mitch asked Amy. Amy looked startled, then turned to look at Mitch. Seeing he was awake, she smiled and said, "About, maybe, a couple hours. But I have no way of telling" She said, holding up her empty wrist. "What where you thinkning about?" Mitch asked a couple minutes later. Amy sighed. "I was just thinking about home. About what my friends are doing right now, if people have noticed I'm missing, what those Mogadorians are doing, what the Loriens are doing. I just....I want to get out of here, kill the Mogadorians once and for all and go back to living a normal life with no aliens wandering around on our planet. I want to get out." She said those last two words with such athority that Mitch couldnt help asking her "How".
"I was thinkning about that window. The ceiling is low except for that window, so they obviosly dont want us out, or they think we wont be able to get out. I was thinking maybe we can."
"How?" Mitch asked again.
"That window".
"But its atleast two times taller than me, and I'm taller than you!" Mitch exclaimed.
"I could stand on your shoulders" Amy rpelied, clear that she had already thought about this. Mitch considered the idea. "How much do you way-if you dont mind my asking," Mitch said, wondering if he could hold her on his shoulders. "I dont mind at all" Amy replied "I weigh 68 pounds." At mItchs shocked look she said, "I know, I'm way underweight, but I eat just as much as you do!" Well there was no doubt he could hold her, so he sytood up and said "Lets try it!"
A couple minutes later, Mitch was walking towards the window, Amy on his shoulders, keeping her balance by walking her hands along the ceiling, that was slopping higher as he walked closer the the window. Finally, they reached the window. "Can....can you reach it?" Mitch asked, trying not to drop Amy. "Almost....take a couple more steps.....there! I can reach it!"

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