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Everley Sharp, the Clankinist (theawesomeestreaderpersonevah) | 210 comments Mod

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Garrett Nelson (garret_05) | 86 comments ((I almost feel this should be the background of how our Lorien characters got off of their planet when it was under siege. Thoughts??))

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Emily (emilygsturt) ((hey, i think that sounds good!))

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Garrett Nelson (garret_05) | 86 comments Zane still remembers Lorien and all the events that took place on that dreadful day. Even if he could somehow push them out of his mind, his legacy would not allow him to forget. Whenever he falls asleep his power to see the future expands to past events as well. All the way back to the day the Mogadorians started their attack on Lorien. The day they all left for earth. The day when their planet was defeated. They day when his parents were murdered.
Joesph had insisted on taking a tour of one of the orbital space stations that surround Lorien in order to have an educational experience, and see the planet from space. Zane, being 9 years old at the time was thrilled with outer space, and could not say no. The flight up to the station was not all that bad. He could still remember the view of the planet from the transport ships window. Lorien was a small planet, Zane felt he could almost see all the way around it if he could just focus hard enough. When they docked with the space station, there was a brief moment of zero gravity so boarding the station would go easier. Zane wanted to float like that forever! The feeling was amazing, to be weightless, almost like a bird. When one of the attendants activated the gravity, Zane fell like a rock to the ground. Joesph chuckled at the confused look on Zane's face when he pulled himself up.
After walking down a long corridor with some other Loric children and their Cepan, they finally reached the bridge/viewing area. The captain of the station greeted them, and started to talk about the history of the station and its purpose. Zane could not pay attention for long, he was far to distracted with the massive window facing the planet. Trying to be as sneaky as possible for a nine year old, Zane moved closer to the window. He got close enough to look out of it, and found the sight to be breath taking.Joesph had noticed Zane moved away from the crowed, and walked over to him. He knelt down and placed his head on Zanes shoulder, taking in the sight of their planet.
"What do you think?" Joesph asked.
Zane could not even say what he was thinking.Just opened his mouth to speak, but words would not form so he just closed it again. Joesph smiled at this. The planet looked like it was a giant jewel, composed of millions of smaller jewels. The emerald green of the forests, the sapphire blue of the oceans and lakes. The cities all had an off gray blue color to them, but still it all meshed perfectly together. It was the best sight Zane had ever seen, and would ever see. It was also the last time he would see his planet this beautiful in person.

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