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Okay. So, everyone here Role Plays, and I want to see how TRULY good you are. I don’t do the best posts, because I’m rushed. This Role Play response will not be rushed. You will have one week to reply to a single post, with background information provided. Here is all the information you will need to do a good, well-written response.

You are a loyal ThunderClan cat, named Longleap. You are a tom, and have been drifting away from you’re mate, Willoweyes. You are currently expecting kits with another cat, and deeply regret it. You do want to break up with her, but she’s very fragile, and must be told this carefully. The cat who is carrying your kits is named Fawnfoot. She is very pretty, and much more appealing than Willoweyes. Fawnfoot is young, while Willoweyes is almost a senior warrior. You’re mate has confronted you, and you must think of a reply.

There are no big rules for this contest. Just make a neat reply to the post below. Please, don’t make it only one to five sentences, make it longer. But don’t make it drag on and on. If you run out of ideas, try writing a detailed flash-back. Here is the post you will be replying to:

“Willoweyes approached Longleap, fear and worry in her eyes. “Why did you betray me? And for Fawnfoot? Why didn’t you love me?” He voice cracked on the word “Love”. “

Okay, so you get the picture. Please respond by answering the question Willoweyes asked Longfoot to the fullest, giving every detail. You may alter the story line, maybe Longfoot already has two grown children born from himself and Willoweyes, or maybe not. It doesn’t matter, as long as you keep the story in depth.

All entries must be posted in this topic by next Friday.

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 12 comments Not to long ago longleap fell in love wih willoweyes and e swore they would always be together. until he met fawnfoot. his whole life changed. he loved fawnfoot but didnt want to hurt willoweyes. this is all of what happened.

"fawnfoot, you look very nice today" longleap smiled. "well thankyou" smiled fawnfoot. willoweyes sat silently watching them wondering why he was with fawnfoot not her. he didnt even notice willoweyes and was locked on fawnfoot the mos beautful cat in the world or atleast thats what he thought.
. . .

fawnfoot was now pregnant with longleap's kittens. willoweyes was aware of this and was very sad. he wanted to advise her himself but he knew he would break her heart. she approached him "why? i thought you loved me" the she turned away and tears clouded her eyes. he hung his ears back "willoweyes i...i cant...i cant be....." he sighed and couldnt finish she soon ran off.

Longleap looked around camp for willoweyes in his head he thought 'i will break up with her' willoweyes looked at him in sorrow. He couldn't he would break her fragile little heart and he knew that. Tears filled her eyes. He turned away and walked to the nursery to see fawnfoot he sighed and smied "hello". "hello, longleap" she smiled her round plump belly fur shone brightly. "it will be soon," a worried look flooded her eyes "whats wrong? is it willoweyes?" she purred sympatheticaly. "yes, but i just dont want to hurt her" he sighed "but i love you now" willoweyes walked in "yiu betrayed me!" she cried. he winced and trned around "it hurts me too it hrts me more!". she shook her head feircy "i loved you then you betray me you dont know the pain im going through all because of YOU" she cried. "leave him alone, he loves me get over it" chimed in fawnfoot. a tear rolled down hs cheek he knew willoweyes was broken as she ran away. fawnfeater licked his cheek "it's ok"

(i didnt take long on t and im tired lol sorry)

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Great! All we have to do is wait for more entries, then we can see who won!

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You have a pretty good chance, actually. This group was started i think this week, and 11 people i think are in it. And not everybody does stuff like this.

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 12 comments yeah. i need your ohnest oppinion. dont worry about making me mad or sad i need your ohnest opinion. is my story good? im woking on a story right now but i dont have alot so far it's about warriors :D if you dont want me too it's fine but do you mind if i write what i have in m story so far and let people make new sharectors and rp onto my story?

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Sure! Also, you're response was AWESOME! the only thing you need to work on is spelling and grammer.

snake! Can't somebody love me v.v, | 12 comments yeah it was dark and i'm not a good typer or speller. and thanks so i can make a new topic for my RP?

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OKAY.....No one else decided to let their creative juices flow.....so......Kat Black Veil Brides wins!!! Whoohooo!

But guys, come on! At least do the fun one! But that might be over too. I have to go check.

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NOPE. If u read the discription, u'll know what it is.

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