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Soo....... How far do u go in romance?

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ummm idc but not toooo far

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so wat topic do u wanna do?

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So you skip when it gets too far?

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yea if thats not a problem i just joined on goodreads

what topic do u normally do?

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I do a lot of different topics.

Nope. It's fine

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ok um what about highschool?

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Name: Brad
Age: 17
Grade: 12
Personality: Nice, smart, hates stuck up snobby girls, can be over protective
Looks: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
Bio: Parents died in car accident, left to take care of his little brother
Other: likes to read, and skateboard

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((hello? r u still there?))

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name: Aria
grade: 10
personality: smart, quiet, loving, caring, dlueless, a real blonde
appearance: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-phot...

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((cool, ok start))

Brad was walking down the hallway, he was in deep thought

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Aria slammed her locker shut after pulling her books out

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((do we make them bump into each other?))

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((i don't care))

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((um ok))

Brad went ot his locker, he was going to be late. As he was running to class he clashed into someone and almost fell.

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Aria crashed into someone as she turned around, falling down her books and paper scattering everywhere

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"i'm so sorry," Brad said. He looked at the person he crashed into, "wow," he thought, "she's cute"

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Aria frowned looking up at who she crashed into for a moment, before gathering her stuff together

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Brad bent down to help her gather her stuff and gather his stuff as well

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Aria got up from the floor, handing him sone of his stuff back she gathered from the floor

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" um thx," he chuckled, " sorry about that i was just.... um im brad by the way."

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"aria." she said giving him a quick smile

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He smiled back, " so what do u have next?" he didn't know why he kept trying to talk to her, he barley knew her.

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"math." she shrugged fixing the books in her arms

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" oh i have bioligy," he said," umm maybe i can walk you to class?"

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"no. You'd probably get late for your own class"

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" oh it's fine, Mrs. Morris won't even care," he said

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"bad reputation much?" she asked raising an eyebrow

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" kinda, so is that a yes? Or what?" he teased

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"I don't care. It's your reputation you're ruining" he smirked

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" i'll take that as a yes," he said.

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She smiled and started walking towards math.

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Dan stopped at her class, " so, um i'll see you later?"

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She smiled "sure"

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(( skip to the end of school?))

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