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Well, i know you can put music on Nook Color and i'm pretty sure you can on Nook but i'm not sure.....can someone explain this to me?

message 2: by Tina (new)

Tina (tinaedw) | 105 comments Here are some instructions that I found. To add music to your nook, connect the nook to your computer using the supplied USB cable. On Windows, Click Start then Computer (Windows XP users click My Computer on the desktop). On the Mac click on Finder and look under "Devices". This will display a list of drives - two of them are for your nook. One will be your nook main memory and the other (if installed) will be your extra memory card. You'll see the folders "my music" and "my audiobooks" in the internal memory. You can place audio files in subfolders of "my music" and "my audiobooks" if you want to organize the files hierarchically. You can place MP3 files anywhere on your memory card. Simply drag and drop your music files to these directories.

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