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Katniss (Purplemargay) My plan is to read 80 books this year, and seeing that in the months between Sept. and Dec., I read somewhere in the forties, I'm thinking I'll be fine. Will update reads in a little while.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Book 1-14 (in no particular order)
The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Fellowship of the Ring
The compleat works of Wllm Shkspr (abridged)
Daniel X, Watch the Skies
A dog's Purpose
Chasing lincoln's killer
Archememny (the looking glass wars book 3?)
The lost hero
The gift (witch and Wizard 2)
Throne of Jade (Temeraire 2)
The Elfstones of Shanarra (Shanarra book 2 if you don't count book 0)

Ratings will normaly be posted but quite honestly i'm too lazy right now.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Oh and yes, they will be almost all YA books.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 15) The Naming
Rating: 4
Review: A good book, but not extraordinary. A Fantasy about a girl - Maerad - who is a slave in a mountain fortress. When she is found by a mysterious man named Cadvan who rescues her from her slavery, she begins a fantastic adventure filled with danger, excitement, and Magic.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 16) Shadow of the Sun
Rating: 2 or 3
Review:I can't decide weather to:
a) give this a two or a three and
b) read the next book
I was wowed by the begining, not impressed with the middle, and was then once again wowed and hopeful at the end. It seems that it will be possible for the series to be saved from Twilight-dom, and so I am both hopeful and wary of the next book.
I would have given it a hands down, all the way five, except for the overly acentuated romance going on. I'm okay with a little romance - Maximum Ride, etc. - but this was just too much. The entire plot was based off of it for a while. The ending though, has provided a possible way for it not to go into a downward spiral into the land of vampires, though as not to spoil it I will not say what it is, So it is possible that someday I may be inspired to read the next ones, but it seems unlikely.
Now, to the parts I did like. The idea was quite good, what with the whole new take on angels.The action parts were very actiony, and the humorous parts were quite funny. None the less, the part that was not as good has taken it's toll, especially on the rating.
Over all a good book, but don't go out of your way to read this before something else.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 17) I am Number Four
Rating: 5
Reveiw: Wow. Amazing. A bit of a confusing premise, at first, but once you get it, its out of the ballpark good. Makes me want to go see the movie.

(Oh, by the way, the movie barely followed the book, so... yeah.))

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 18) The Maze Runner
Review: I can't describe my feelings about this book accurately past this: I loved it. Past that, I can't find the words.
In some way, the first words that came into my head after reading this was 'Hunger Games'. The plot, the characters, setting, they had nothing in common, but in some strange way they seem to be similar. Maybe it's because they're the same genre, but it seems like more than that. But, it seems to me anyone who liked the hunger Games with like this too.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 19) All Things Wise and Wonderful
Rating: 5
Review: Just as amazing and touching as the previous books, James Herriot tells us of all the strange, happy, sad, and in between things that happened during his time as a veterinarian, connecting his experiences there to his time in the military.

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Ann A (readerann) | 775 comments I devoured all James Herriot's books when they first came out - loved them!

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Katniss (Purplemargay) They're the best. I love them too :)

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 20) The Scorch Trials
Rating: 5

21)House of the Scorpion

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Brook (BruCrew) | 64 comments Katniss wrote: "15) The Naming
Rating: 4
Review: A good book, but not extraordinary. A Fantasy about a girl - Maerad - who is a slave in a mountain fortress. When she is found by a mysterious man named Cadv..."

Have you read the others in this series? They're not bad. The story develops well. You might want to check them out.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Not yet, working on it. Believe me, if you saw my to-read list...

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 22) The Amulet of Samarkand (Bartimaeus 1)
Rating: 5
Review: A great book told from a djinni's point of view. In this new take on Fantasy, the Magicians are for the most part the bad guys, the djinn the good. complete with hilarious footnotes, this is the first in a great series. I know, because I don't often re-read things.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 23) The Riddle
Reveiw: SPOILERS!!
I knew he wasn't dead. I knew it. I KNEW IT!!! I was so right.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 24) Boomerang
Review: This was a very well written, funny, adventurous book. I would give it five stars. Except for the sex scenes. Not cool. Would have been perfectly fine without them.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 25)Black Powder War (Temeraire 3)

Rating: 5
Reveiw: A great book, enough said. and I'm feeling Lazy.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 26) Shark Life
Rating: 5
Review: A book about sharks, their behavior, and how they are misunderstood. Also about other animals of the sea, and a few short stories of the author's experiances with sharks and these other creatures. Written by the author of Jaws.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) He he, missed a couple, so no reveiws to go with, sorry.

27)Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
28)The Crow by Allison Crogson
29)The Emperor of Nihon-Ja by John Flannagan. Fun fact, the sound 'Nihon' is how people from Japan say 'Japan' so as you might guess this takes place in Japan. Cool, huh.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) Oh, and 30) The House of the Scorpion.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 31) the Wishsong of Shanarra
Rating: 5
Review: It was good. What's more to say?

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 32) User Unfriendly

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 33) The Red Scarf Girl
Review: ... click here for review, oh wait there isn't one. Phyke!

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 34) A Well Timed Enchantment.
Review: It'll sound rediculous, but a girl falls down a well into mideaval france. Elves tell her that a watch she dropped had messed up the space-time continum, and so they turn her cat into a boy... yeah...

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 35) The Last Stormlord
Rating : 1 star
Review: the end was soooooo gory that's why it got a one

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 36) The Red Pyramid
Rating: 5
Review: An amazing book about the Egyptian Gods in the same way that the Lightning Theif was about the Greek Gods. I <3 Horus, just saying...

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 37) Throne of Fire
Rating: 5
Review: It was really good. enough said.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 38) The Wizard's Dillema
Rating ) 4
Review: A girl wizard tries to save her mother from cancer, and finds that it might just be harder than saving th planet.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 39) The girl in Blue
Rating: 5
Review: About a girl who is to be married to her obnoxious neighbor, so she turns to running away to fight in the civil war as a man.

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 40) the giver
Rating :5

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 41) Tom Sawyer

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 42) Ship Breaker
Rating: 5 stars

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 43) the gathering
44) divergent

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 45) the book thief
46) demonglass
47) nobodys princess

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 48) Kotlik the Baby Seal (picture book! Tee hee!)

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 49) Gone

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 50!) Howl's Moving Castle
Review: Much better than the movie, as it turns out the movie doesn't follow the book too well!

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 51) Empire of Ivory

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 52)Victory of Eagles

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 53) Eragon
54) magyk
55) so yesterday

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 56) double helix
57) the alchemist

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Katniss (Purplemargay) 58) the leviathan

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