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message 1: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Barrett I am a mother of three who has decided not to vaccinate my children. I made this decision after my now 8 year old had already gotten most of his vaccines. When I put my 5 year old in kindergarten this year and gave the office the vaccination waiver I discovered that not one other person in the school (a private school with about 175 students) has kids that are not vaccinated. It made me wonder...I know that I am not alone in this decision but how common is it? I would be interested to hear your guys' stories about deciding whether or not to vaccinate and if you have encountered any discrimination. (I haven't, except for my mom!)

message 2: by Shea (new)

Shea | 346 comments Kelli,
If you are thoughts as a mom, pharmacist and certified vaccinator can be found under the other thread entitled "vaccines" in this folder. It was started by Sera. Although I firmly believe all children should be vaccinated they are your children so it is your choice.

message 3: by Kelli (new)

Kelli Barrett Thanks for the comment Sera. I have noticed more and more people who choose to spread the shots out, I think it's a good idea. I am actually on the fence about the whole thing and have had a hard time making a definite decision. I went to the other "vaccines" thread, thanks for bringing that to my attention Shae. I didn't see anyone who had not had their kids vaccinated though and I would still love to hear feedback about this!

message 4: by Shyla (new)

Shyla Power (shylap) | 1 comments As a mom, and a nurse, i agree with Shea. The thought never even occurred to me to not vaccinate my kids. If more people made the decision not to vaccinate, we would see a recurrence of diseases such as measles, etc. Like Shea said, they are your kids so it is ultimately your decision. But in my professional opinion, the benefits exponentially outweigh any risk. :)

As for spreading the shots out, its a PITA.. around here, anyway. You have to go to the doc to get the leftover shot(s) because the community health nurses just dont have the time to make the extra appointments. There are some schools taht won't accept kids who aren't vaccinated as well.

Take care.

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather (sturmhaus) | 5 comments I would just be very grateful for those 175 families in your school who have vaccinated. The fact that they've done so means your child won't be exposed to a lot of stuff that could make her very sick. That's a good thing! Every parent gets to decide what's best for their family, but the fact that most of us do vaccinate helps keep everyone healthy -- non-vaccinating families included. My kids are both vaccinated on the AAP schedule, as are all my friends' and relatives' children so far.

I know there's been a lot of talk about vaccine worries, but I think most of us still do it. I worry more about measles outbreaks now, though. They're more common because there are more people not being vaccinated.

message 6: by Deborah (new)

Deborah | 5 comments In my community it is very common to spread shots out. I think more and more people are concerned about the timing of the shots and giving so many when babies are so tiny. Not to mention all of the toxins in them. I know more people who don't follow the cdc schedule than those that do.

message 7: by Sarah (last edited May 30, 2011 10:39AM) (new)

Sarah (sarahpinneo) On this topic,my heart is torn. Most everything I've seen from reputable medical sources suggests that vaccines do not cause autism. Yet I have tremendous empathy for those parents who feel in their bones that their children's health was changed for the worse by vaccines. I spaced out the shots for my second child, but by now both my children have received them.

message 8: by Santina (new)

Santina (littlesaintina) | 292 comments Mod
I find it ironic that so many parents are worried about vaccines that have been proven to keep us safe. Yet there is so little be said and done about the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified ingredients, man made chemicals (such as aspartame), among other things in all the food we eat. There is a community near me that refused to vaccinate their children, they had an outbreak of the mumps and had to quarantine an entire neighbourhood. I read a story from a parent who chose not to vaccinate and her son spent months in intensive care due to meningitis...she nearly lost him. The doctor that started this entire vaccines cause autism scare was arrested. I realize everyone needs to do what's best for their family, but the only reason these un-vaccinated children remain safe is because the herd is safe. Should the ever wish to leave the safety of this net, they are going to be fully exposed.

message 9: by Shea (new)

Shea | 346 comments I agree with you completely Santina. As a pharmacist don't even get me started on the overuse of antibiotics. I am appalled at how frequently they are given directly to humans when not really necessary not to mention our exposure to them through food.

message 10: by Sera (new)

Sera Santina wrote: "I find it ironic that so many parents are worried about vaccines that have been proven to keep us safe. Yet there is so little be said and done about the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, genetica..."

Well said!

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