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OKAY! Here their will be a contest. Of writing. Get the picture? Only this contest will have rules. FUN rules. Not prissy ones. Ok, so, here are the rules:

1.) Must be based in....Windclan
2.) Must have THREE main characters. Switch from their points of view, have them be together all at once, I don't care. Just have three kittehs be awesome.
3.) Must be set in the future of this RP. It can even have kin of the ones we have. For example, I could put Fishfur's great grand kid in it.
4.) Must have a problem, but no solution. The clans could maybe die out, or a giant demon rat could eat a hamster.
5.) Must have the word "Milk" In the story. Along with "Coat" and "Rubber band". It makes it interesting.
5.) One of the cats has to have a unrealistic warrior name. Like "Cannonball" Or "Rocketdog".
5.) Must have the name "Taco" in it. It could be like, a stray cat or something. Or just a Taco named taco.
6.) The cats must visit a bank. And break in. It doesn't have to be a bank, but just a human store of some kind.
7.) All entries are due March 30th.


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A fox in a snowstorm | 85 comments Mod
KK, me already a writer :3

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It's due on my b-day!

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kk. Also, U wont be judged in this. Well, I will pick a winner, but I wont say how bad people sucked.

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A fox in a snowstorm | 85 comments Mod

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Well, happy b day!

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Warewolfgirl55 | 4 comments This is Silverstream on my friends account. Me and my friend wrote this, so its a example. :::::

Coolbeans was padding into the open moor, looking for fresh prey. As he was walking he came across a pretty she cat named tacopaw. Tacopaw yawned. "Call me Taco." She mewed stiffly." ok so Taco what are you durring around these parts?" coolbeans meowed. Taco bared her teeth. "Nothing you need to know." All of a sudden, a large pregnant she-cat joined them. "I'm Fuit Loops." She mewed. "I'm Coolbeans, and this is Taco." "nice to meet you fruitloops when are you expecting your kits?" Mewed Taco. "Soon." Mewed Fruit Loops. Coolbeans smelled milk on her. "Did you roll in milk again?" He asked. "Why yes, how did you notice?" Fruit Loops mewed, batting her eyes. "I smelled it." He said proudly. He had just had nose surgery, so he wasn't that good at smelling. Fruit Loops did a backflip. "LETS GO ROB A BANK!" She screamed. "OKAY!" Yelled Coolbeans and Taco at the same time. "Let me go grab my coat!" Taco mewed, heading off. She soon was back with a snug coat on it. "Its from the Miley Cyrus collection." She said, looking at her pink studded coat. Coolbean's nodded. "Let's go!" He said, putting on his Ray Band sunglasses. They headed off into town, and where greeted by a......20 FOOT GORILLA! Coolbeans smiled and patted the gorilla on the head. "You're a cute Gorilla!" They walked to the bank after the cute Gorilla, and snuck in through the sewer system. "OH MY GAWSH!" Taco said, looking at all of the Rubber Bands. "We're at bank of Rubber Bands!" Coolbeans said. "Did you know that I'm Pantherpelt's son?" Said Fruit Loops. "Son? I thought you were a girl?" Coolbeans asked. "I think I'm both." She replied. She let out a yowl. "I'm giving birth!!!" Coolbeans backed away. "Gross!" He said. "No, I'm giving BIRTH!" She said. "Ohhh!" Taco said. She had misunderstood also. Soon, a giant Rat Demon was on the ground. "What did you give birth too??!!" Screamed Coolbeans. The Demon Rat found a hamster, and gobbled it up.

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But try to make it more serious. Or funny. As long as I looove it!

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Warewolfgirl55 | 4 comments omg u wrote this 2 and u wont to change it crazy much???????????????????

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Karlie, I'm not crazy. I was telling all the people who want to enter that they don't have to make it as crazy. BTW, I thought that after what happened yesterday that u had no internet or tv?

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Longclaw wrote: "It's due on my b-day!"

Dude, u have the same b-day as my dad!


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Sigh. I'll change it to a week later. Then maybe if u do it, more people would be encouraged.....

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*Important Notice*

The contest is changed. All entries must be posted by Saturday! I would have them do later, but I'll be in Washington D.C for break, so I wouldn't be able to grade them. SO got to work everyone!

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No, no. I just said u can have kin of ur kin in the story if u want too. U make up random characters. Read my quick example.

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