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I did it.

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message 1: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments I ordered a kindle today. it should be here by March 7 which will be really good as I have a few pdfs to read and a few books

message 2: by Judy (new)

Judy Amazon has alot of free ebooks for Kindle as well. I have the PC version.

message 3: by Paula-O (new)

Paula-O (kyflo130) | 2257 comments Good for you AusJenny is this one of your birthday gifts? sure hope you enjoy it, I have heard of many that enjoy them but I am holding off on getting one, love to hold the book when I read. Is today your birthday there since you are on different time then us, dont want to miss your special day, I have a beautiful cake all ready for the big occasion and I know the girls wont want to miss your day...

message 4: by Lyn (new)

Lyn (lyncote) | 1644 comments Mod
Great, Jenny. I'm still trying to decide which ereader to buy!

message 5: by Heidi (new)

Heidi | 985 comments Congratulations Jenny! I am going to ask for one for my birthday or Christmas, lol, both are almost a year away though. Hey, I can get some good feedback from you on it until then however! :) Enjoy it!

message 6: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments Paula I came home with money from Hawaii I had put some on my credit card and used that to buy the Kindle. Part the reason is I get quite a few pdfs to review and I can put them on the kindle to read also some of the review books can only be by kindle, netgalley or ebook but I will still read real books.
Lyn there wasn't much choice here as the nook do not have copyright for Australian books or international where as the Kindle does and the sony ereader in Aust is almost double the cost or more than what I paid for the kindle. even the postage wasn't bad and I had a gift voucher to cover that so all up it was around $150ish where as its $300 just for the sony one.

message 7: by JanetTronstad (new)

JanetTronstad Author Tronstad | 2759 comments Mod
Ausjenny -- if I had the trouble getting cheap books that you folks do in Australia, I would definitely be using a Kindle. Glad you could get one. I know Love Inspired has some free e-books to get you started.

message 8: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments Janet I have the free ones. I have a few already as there is a blogger who puts up the free books each friday and have quite a few now. It may also help with giveaways as to send either a voucher for an ebook or an ebook would be save postage to aust.

Its my birthday gift to myseld.

message 9: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Bylin (victoriabylin) | 198 comments Very cool, AusJenny! Kindles make it easy to download, and there's a ton of free stuff to try. It's my favorite e-gadget :)

message 10: by Margaret (new)

Margaret Daley (margaretdaley) | 202 comments Jenny, that's great. I've been toying with getting one but haven't yet.

message 11: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4955 comments thanks. I figure its a way to get books from america without the postage although I will still get real books too.

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