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I know that this is the author's corner, but since I published this book, not wrote it, I hope you'll forgive the slight technical difference.

This is a poetry book about two Christians who are struggling with two completely separate issues. The first half is by a young man named John Noe, who is a recovering alcoholic and drug abuser. How he comes to terms with that, his faith, and his family dysfunction highlight what his aunt, Belinda McDanel, goes through in the second half. A former pastor, Belinda found it hard not to become obsessed with running her church. However, she became a workaholic and, in 2005, suffered a terrible, terrible burnout. She also grew up as a child of two missionaries that traveled to war-torn places like El Salvador and Guatamala. This makes her ask important questions to God as time progresses.

This is their stories, their battle scars, told through poetry. I hope you'll find it interesting.

Amazon page:

Sample poems:

Reviews and overviews can be found here:

Thank you, and I sincerely hope you enjoy.

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Sorry, I know this hasn't gotten many views, and I'm beginning to wonder if I put this in the right spot.

Anyway, the new price is 6.99. I had had it at 13.99 but realized 1-that didn't include shipping (which tallied the whole thing up t0 19.99! Yikes) and 2-it was still to expensive regardless.

Hope you like the new price, sorry about the grossly unreasonable old price. Forgive me. =(

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Trish (trishag) | 385 comments Mod
Your book sounds awesome & very unique Elisa! I'm adding it to my TBR & wishing you much success & blessings with publishing!

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Ah, thanks. Unfortunately, while the book's still for sale, I closed down the publishing business. Just wasn't for me and was a lot of work for a college kid to tackle while doing school full time and trying to write a novel as well.

I'll pass along the compliments to the poets; they love it when people take an interest in this book.

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Trish (trishag) | 385 comments Mod
Elisa- I wish you much success with school and your own writing endeavors then;)


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Thanks so much! =)

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Roman New (romannew) | 7 comments A newly published book; "Values Of A Spiritual Mind" by Roman New... or

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