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Hey, I just started something where if you guys ever need any RP character, story character, etc. pictures. Writing a story but can't draw the character or need a cover? Just need a good rp charry? Ask me. I will have it uploaded on deviantart soon.
step 1: ask me and give a full description of the personality and appearance.
step 2: click the link i give once it's up :)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) IDO IDO IDO IDO IDO IDO IDO!

message 3: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) the pic I mean

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kay give me an order :D

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Perro Order:

I want my OC Miki drawn and I am pretty good at it but I like to see her in diff stlyes! And plus I am too lazy to drawn the body Here are a link to get an idea (i steal yo jowb!):

Miki si the ones with the curly heart-thingy on her head. You can figure it out most times but If you need more detail tell meh. She's light African Amero tho with light freckles. You see Nudge? Maximum Ride. (aka my Profile Pic) Miki has a body like that girl. (Lol I go bye Miki so it feels weird talking about myself.) Don't ask why my hair is white with streaks but it is! She my charry here for more depth!

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