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First off, before you throw yourself into making your skull kid, here's some info on them:

It is year XXXX in a medival-ish sort of land called Termina. There are heroes, adventures, kingdoms, and so on, but also many small villages scattered about the land. Let's focus on the kariko village. It is a small village of child-like people who only mature physically to teenage but mature mentally normally called kariki. But our story goes farther than that. The village, inside of the kariko forest, sits on the very brink of the lost woods. The lost woods. A frightening place of the lost. It is usually designed to make anyone who enters to become irreversibly lost, and the only way to exit the forest is by navigating it in specific directions. Skull Kids are what become of kariko children after getting lost in the Lost Woods for too long. They are, in many ways, like children still, and usually have a fairy companion. Skull Kids usually dress in a cloak and hat not unlike a scarecrow's, and have very pale skin with slightly darker stripes that resemble wood. They play a flute and usually have remnants of their kariko clothing. Children either accidentally wander into them or run away for a better life. They also have very distinct talents (hunting, art, music, building, tracking, etc.) Even though they have the distinct Skull kid traits, they have an eirie resemblance to their former selves. They are immortal and undead so time passed for them quickly. They often vividly remember their past life and when they sneak into kariko village to find their families, they learn that it has been over 100 years since they died. Their faeries are their best friends, often guiding them and trying to keep them out of mischief (however, Skull kids enjoy playing pranks on kariko and any other forest travelers, mostly adults.)

I can make custom charry pictures if you ask me to! I will upload them and give you a link to them. Please just describe the appearance and personality in detail.

layout for skull kid characters:

Clothing Styles:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Eye Color:
Jewelry worn most often:
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family:
Key Family/Relatives:
Relationship with Friends:
Key Friends:
Key Enemies:
Bad Habits/Vices:
Best Qualities:

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Evervesance (Ever for short)
Nickname: Ever, Dark
Age: 17
Residence: Whisp Hallow *looks sideways* aka,a fancy cave XD
Height: 5'8
Clothing Styles: gypsy style, boho skirts, shoulder blouses, scraves etc.
Hair Color: dark brown
Hair Length: waist
Eye Color: green
Jewelry worn most often: armband/braceletts
Tattoos: yeah, wings across her back
Birthmarks: a moon right under her wings
General Appearance: Dark. scary, gloomy, dangerous
Relationship with Family: ......yeah........
Key Family/Relatives: Who said she had any?
Relationship with Friends: She's very close to her friends, if she had any
Key Friends: none yet
Key Enemies: ooooo, pretty much anyone who comes up to suddenly and bothers her
Skills: hunting, archery, fighting, dancing and singing XD
Phobias/Fears: Fullmoons
Bad Habits/Vices: 'Blowing up'
Best Qualities: Dovation, stanima, intellegance, grace
Worst: low tolerance level
Favorites:favorite what?

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Would you mind doing on for me? A picture?

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nope! it might take about 3-5 days, but sure! tell me ur order :)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Sweet, oaky....

A girl against a tree, mist at her feet. She's bare foot and had afew gold rigletts on her right ankel, she's kinda tan, but pale. She's got a black skirt that comes up to her hips, then there is a dark greem shash at her hips. she also has a black blet connected to a sabbord. Her sword is peeking out and it is a black blade and a silver handle. it has a large black crystal at the top. Her top is a grey blouse that stops at her wrists. Tight against her skin. on her wrists she had black cuffs and 3 silver braceletts on each hand. no rings, bare hands. Her face is fairly round and her long brown hair is braided and hanging over her shoulder. The end is tied with a piece of deep brown leather. Her bangs are angled on her face and only one bright green cat eye is showing. HAVE FUN ; )

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Name: Medli
Nickname: Skin 'n bones (she hates it though, madri calls her it to annoy her.)
Age: none (she was around 14 when she wandered off)
Residence: the lost woods, in a hollow tree
Height: about 5ft 6"
Clothing Styles:like most skull kids
Hair Color: unknown
Hair Length: unknown
Eye Color: yellowish
Jewelry worn most often: none
Tattoos: none
Birthmarks: none
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: She wandered off right after she turned 14 when she was on a picnic. Her family tried to stop her, but the curious child got lost and they could not find her.
Key Family/Relatives: she remembers faint and vauge memories from her life as a Kariki but it has been so long that when she tries to go back and find them, everyone in thenvillage (her former home)is freaked out and her family is...gone. It has been a while and she cant grow up, because she is stuck...
Relationship with Friends: her only friend is a fairy named madri who found her after her family stopped looking in the forest for her. Madri then stayed with Medli and they are great friends. Madri hates it though when the skull kid plays pranks but cant seem to keep Medli from pulling them...
Key Friends: Madri
Key Enemies: Adults, nosy people that wander into the woods, monsters that live there
Skills:stealth, good with weapons, high jumping, sly, Not agressive (unless needed)
Phobias/Fears: She is upset by hearing other voices because she never got to say goodbye to her own family.
Bad Habits/Vices: Pranks, not listening to madri
Best Qualities: not completely agressive, tries to make the pranks gentle (but that doesnt always happen)
Worst: sometimes steals off of merchants that wander through the woods.
Favorites: her one and only item left from when she was alive, a photo of her family. She keeps it in her old bag.
Other: has a very eirie laugh that echoes through the woods, has a magic mask that gives her power.
owned by: Avery

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3113905 Name: Skull kid ( doesn't remember his name)
Nickname: none
Age: none (around 14)
Residence: lost woods, in an abandoned shack he found
Height: about 5ft 9"
Clothing Styles: like most skull kids, but carries around a lantern stolen from a monster.
Hair Color: redish (not seen)
Hair Length: normal
Eye Color: glowing yellow
Jewelry worn most often: none
Tattoos: none
Birthmarks: none
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: Was running away from his home seeking "adventure" and went into the woods. He turned into a skull kid and tried to get back to his home, but didnt realize that a lot of time had passed, and the house was abandoned, along with his old things. His family must have left or something. He asked vilagers, and they told him that his family went to search for him and never came back. he was very upsetted by this and hid in a hollow tree trunk for days until two fairies, Tatl and Tael, siblings, found him. The trio later found an abandoned shack to live in, where he put all of his antique belongings from when he was alive.Since he went missing at night, he couldnt see, and tripped and fell and woke up as a skull kid. He harldy remembers anything, including his name, long forgotten. somtimes vauge memories of his family drift in his mind.
Key Family/Relatives:none (diseased/missing?)
Relationship with Friends: close, but the two sibling fairies always try to talk him out of pranks. They comfort him alot when he is down... being dark, lost and mysterious can take a toll on your emotions...
Key Friends: Tatl and Tael
Key Enemies: ghosts, monsters, adults
Skills: Stealth, some magic abilities (can make items float and stuff)
Phobias/Fears: he is secretly afraid of ghosts from when he was a kid and has claustrophobia
Bad Habits/Vices: does things without thinking, steals from forest merchants
Best Qualities: is kind to his fairies, is really a nice, shy kid deep down despite his dark, creepy, and mysterious personality. Tries to make the best of being stuck as a skull kid.
Worst: not the most responsible person you'll ever meet. His shack is a mess, too.
Favorites: his old photos of him and friends, whose names where long forgotten, his old ink pen, which he sometimes uses to draw on his skin or on trees.
owned by: Avery

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Brooke Name: Ashes
Nickname: none
Age: 17
Residence: In the woods, moves his location alot
Height: 6ft 3"
Clothing Styles: Normal, skull child clothing
Hair Colour: black
Hair Length: Curls around the nape of his neck
Eye Colour: Dark Brown, almost Black
Jewlery: a ring on his middle finger on his right hand
Tattoos: One swirling tattoo on his left bicep
Birthmarks: None
General Appearance: Wears a long coat, usually wears the hood up. He wears a mask that's many different colours.
Relationship with family: His family never got along and he stormed off into the woods one night after a fight with them and got lost.
Key Family/Relatives: None that he knows of
Relationship with Friends: Has a single fairy friend
Key friends: Ophelia, his fairy friend
Skills: Art
Bad Habits: Desiring things that he knows he'll never get
Best Qualities: He's caring for the few people he knows. Careful with what he says or does
Worst: His anger
Favorites: His ring or the single memory of his younger brother and sister that he has,
Owned by:

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Izzy (goodreadscomizzy) | 3 comments Name:Necro
Residence:Lost Woods(near a river)
Clothing Styles:Normal Skull kid clothing
Hair Color:Jet black
Hair Length:Down to her shoulders and covers her eyes
Eye Color:Smoky gray
Jewelry worn most often:None
Birthmarks: (it's under her left eye)
General Appearance:Wears a black cloak over a black layered long-sleeved shirt.
Relationship with Family:Terrible, they're the reason why she left
Key Family/Relatives:None
Relationship with Friends:Very close with Zale, who helped her when she had gotten hurt in the forest when she became a Skull kid.
Key Friends:Zale(Faerie)
Key Enemies:Anyone she doesn't like
Skills:Hunting, agility
Bad Habits/Vices:Intimidating others
Best Qualities:Her hunting skills
Worst:Her fear of blood
Favorites:The bow and arrow she had been given from her father

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Chira
Age: Old as time
Residence:Ever's body
Height: same as ever
Clothing Styles: corset and short skirt
Hair Color: white
Hair Length: ankels
Eye Color: silver
Jewelry worn most often:diadem(head circlett)
Tattoos: none
Birthmarks: none
General Appearance: She's a spirt, what do ya think?!
Relationship with Family: none
Key Family/Relatives: Ever
Relationship with Friends:She LIVES INSIDE Ever, conatntly in her head
Key Friends:Ever
Key Enemies: none
Skills: she's a spirit, she controlls life
Phobias/Fears: being dead forever
Bad Habits/Vices: speaking out louan when she can't be seen
Best Qualities: helpful
Favorites: ....

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hapˈhazərd (haphazrd) | 1 comments Mod
Name: Vivida
Nickname: Lightbulb
Age: about seventeen
Residence: Near the Beech Trees
Height: 4 '11
Clothing Styles: She has one outfit, a sleeveless black dress, horizontally striped black and white knee socks, mary janes, and a forest green cape.
Hair Color: dirty blonde
Hair Length: to her ankles
Eye Color: dark green
Jewelry worn most often: a small emerald pin on her cloak
Birthmarks: None
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: What family?
Key Family/Relatives: None
Relationship with Friends: None
Key Friends: No friends
Key Enemies: the world
Skills: She can play the ukelele and sing
Phobias/Fears: silence
Bad Habits/Vices: humming when she's nervous
Best Qualities: her voice and her eyes
Worst: her dark personality and inability to trust
Favorites: Music

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Name: Azreil
Nickname: ((you call him anything else your dead))
Age: was almost 15
Residence: dark cave
Height: 5'9
Clothing Styles: black leather jacet black jeans
Hair Color: sandyblond
Hair Length: short
Eye Color: green
Jewelry worn most often: nothin
Tattoos: wolves running down his arm after a doe
General Appearance: slight build
Relationship with Family: bad
Key Family/Relatives: none
Relationship with Friends:
Key Friends: open
Key Enemies:open
Skills: hunting tracking
Phobias/Fears: bagers
Bad Habits/Vices: if mad will lead children around till they become one then he kills them
Best Qualities: will lead them out if in good mood

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Diabolical Daemonic   (DemonicAngel) | 1 comments Mod
Name: Hiene Wörnhör
Nickname: N/A
Age: 18
Residence: Riverside
Height: 6'2
Clothing Styles: Grunge, Steam-punk, and Goth. Sometimes juggalo.
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Shorn-Short
Eye Color: Red
Jewelry worn most often: Dog Collar and Dog Tags
Tattoos: Serial Number on the back of his neck.
Birthmarks: N/A
General Appearance:
Relationship with Family: Heine is a killer, born for it, bred for it. He was taken from his parents at the age of three to a genetics facility. He later found out that his parents, and older sister, had been murdered upon his removal.
Key Family/Relatives: None, the only family he had left, an elderly grandfather, passed away three years ago.
Relationship with Friends: Heine is a loner, he has no friends.
Key Friends: None, as said before, Heine is a loner.
Key Enemies: Many. Heine tends to...irritate people.
Skills: Heine is a gun slinger, with excellent eye sight and hearing. He can shoot anything...and anyone.
Phobias/Fears: Heine has developed gynophobia, an abnormal fear of women, and will suffer a mental breakdown when in close proximity of a woman.
Bad Habits/Vices: Heine is a cold-blooded killer, when taunted or prompted, he can enter into a berserker rage where he will kill everything and anyone. He is completely unaware of this, and will later "wake up".
Best Qualities: Heine has a high set of morals, and he won't let something he considers wrong to pass him by.

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On'nanoko o norowa (CursedGirl) | 29 comments name:hakino
nick name:none
residents:he just became a skull kid on perpose and is not planning on staying or going and doesn't know what to do now.
Hight:5'4 1/2
clothing style:he wears a tainted purple cloak w/ brown shorts,no shoes,tainted blue bandana with black stripes,and black,blue,purple and brown prayer beads
on his left wrist.
hair length: a little past his ears when it's down but for some reason it naturally spikes up so he wears a bandana like a head band to make it look as though he wanted it that way but it really annoys him.
jewlery:prayerbeads he never takes them off they were a gift from an old man who took him in when his parents left him (they were kariki but they thought he was cursed because he continuely caused trouble with his uncontrolled ablity to make fire out of thin air and call demons.)
birthmarks:on his back he has a birthmark that looks like a demon in swaddling clothes.
general appearance:(later)
relationship with family:he has none now after the old man died he was left all alone with no one to count on or to live for.
key family/relationships:none,the old man died and like i said he didn't have any family before that that cared to keep him.
relationship with friends:he doesn't have any and never till some one befriends him he's all alone.
key friends:none yet......except Sylnyia his fairy.
key enemies:he stays nuetral in all conflicts including his own and has a tendency to either leave or blame himself to keep the peace wich i geuss is one of the reasons he decided to leave the village.
phobia/fears:people including skull kids.
bad habits:uncontrolably calling demons and catching things on fire and just rescently allowing dinner to go free that's why he rescenly became a veggitarian.
best qualities:he is a nice guyu even though he doesn't come across that way.he cares about most people and only wants good things to happen to people and animals.

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On'nanoko o norowa (CursedGirl) | 29 comments can hakino have a crush on medli

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...Sure, but that means war...
...Skull Kid....
I was thinking....
But I won't be Biased, we can have a "contest" of sorts. Whomever Medli likes, Weither it's Skull kid or Hakino, can be her guy :)

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On'nanoko o norowa (CursedGirl) | 29 comments Cool I like the sound of that.

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Thanks. Kuma is sort of like me: She's a tomboy, she's random, and she'll either accept a couple, think a couple is cute, or annoy the crap out of the couple. XD

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Yay another RP-er!

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