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Caroline f/k/a Michelle (spoilers)

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Claire What do you think happened to Caroline and the preacher? The author sort of left this hanging!

Margaret nothing. I think he stayed where he was.

Edith I, too, think that he probably stayed in the village. Most people are not given to making snap decisions on the spur of the moment resulting in a 180 degree move. At least those who are not as desperate and troubled as Caroline was. She makes a good case for doing background checks before jumping into new relationships, doesn't she?

Esoldra I think so much of the relationship was in her own mind. I don't think that he would have given up his position for her, as the love was one sided, obsessive to an extent in how she could either dramatically love or hate - she had been abandoned in a way and in forging new beginnings had become somewhat addicted to that process. She had tired of her second life.

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Angie Robinson So who killed Laura??

Gordon Paisley Wasn't it one of her school-mates. I forget already.

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Natalia I still believe that preacher jumped into Caroline's car, because that is the way things should be. That is the way you meet someone dear to you.

Marianne Gordon wrote: "Wasn't it one of her school-mates. I forget already."

It was the gardener next door to the school teacher's house. The one the school teacher's wife thought was creepy.

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