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Here are the rules of the pack(sort of like warrior code):
No violence within the pack or for fun not honor or protection
Feed the weak, young, or old before yourself
Protect borders of territory
Protect members of the pack with your life
treat all living things with respect (this includes the prey and the notails)
thank The Pack Of Endless Protection for prey
Word of leader is law, but do not be afraid to question it if it isn't what's best for The Pack
no pups under the age of 8 moons may fight
All pups over eight moons must be aprenticed.
You must not eat on a hunt. Bring back food to pack first.
No killing of mothers or children of any species

Okay so I thought this would be key. If you have any suggestions please comment and we can discuss if it should be in or not. If the whole "honor code" things is stupid tell me and I will delete it. Thanks! :D

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thankies. ps this page is mainly only for code suggestions so please dont chat too much on this page unless discussing law

A fox in a snowstorm | 156 comments hmmmm

no making pups fight under 8 months of age?

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Autumn Moore I think we should add no killing of mothers or children of any species.

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