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The Immortal Life > What do you think about the medical care Henrietta received.?

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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I feel that her type of treatment still goes on today to a certain extent. People that are poor and uneducated get minimal health care because the facilities and the doctors are not payed as well. If you are a well educated person that has good health insurance you will receive better care. In my opinion Henrietta was an experiment. I don't think that they would have tried giving the type of burning radiation treatments to a well educated white woman. They also would have listened to her complaints more and not blown her off.

message 2: by Hilly (new)

Hilly | 14 comments Such a touchy's crazy how far science has come...I suppose it was good that she had a place to get any type of care considering segregation at that still baffles me to think my mother was born in 1951 while she was being diagnosed with cervical cancer...who knows, if they already had cells like hers before her diagnosis maybe her care wouldn't have been that bad

message 3: by Erin E (new)

Erin E (elizamc) I was appauled, but not surprised. She is the most marginalised of the marginalised - Not only is she a woman but she is also coloured, this leaves her with very few medical avenues to pursue. Not to mention the fact that how she was treated is rather passe and seems vulger to me.

I have the luxury of Canadian health care and therefore cannot comment on what it means to receive care based on what a person can afford. It does not leave me less shocked to know that she was treated so clinically and with such a cold bedside manner.

message 4: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Yes Erin I feel the same way, I think that all people should be entitled to the same health care, and it should not be based on race or how much money you have. I also believe that doctors should treat all people equally and not show any type of bias. Which we know is not how things work. Ultimetley they are out to make as much money as they can and also a name for themselves. I always thought they were in it for the people, so few are.

message 5: by Erin E (new)

Erin E (elizamc) Oh don't get me started on Dr's and money ect. Why do you you think mid-wives were pursicuted as witches in the early 1900's? It had to do with the fact that they were not charging money for a job they'd done for years. MEN wanted to be paid for the same service... gah! that is another book to read entirely... I suggest The Birth House as a future read. It would add more to this topic.

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