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The Immortal Life > What are your feelings on the ethical treatment of the HeLa cells?

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message 1: by Michelle (new)

Michelle I had a hard time really grasping how they could take her cells without her consent and prosper from it. I feel that everyone should give informed consent on how their body it to be used. There were some issues raised in the book once they are removed from your body they are no longer yours. I really disagree with that. For something so personal as a portion of someone's body be it a leg, arm, hair etc you should have some say as to what happens to it.

message 2: by Hilly (new)

Hilly | 14 comments I know, seriously!!! How about the part when they were talking about experiments on the people in the asylum and those crazy brain experiments weren't banned till the 1970s, OMG! I keep referring back to Christoph, but I liked the part when he discussed the Lacks family should be compensated...he said that if someone found oil on your property, it's yours!!! I liked this book b/c it made me thing, geez, we have no clue what goes on with the govt!!! And now you're allowed to patent genes??? I mean, I thought scientists wanted to find cures, share what you got if you really did...$$$$, it's evil!

message 3: by Devlynn (new)

Devlynn Allen | 8 comments Well that is so controversial, because alot of our information is heresay. Knowing how corrupt and greed works, I am sure they were taking advantage of African Americans. THis has gone on for centuries to People that are considered MInorities and also animals.. Which is an outrage!

It did seem that her care was neglected and there was alot of misconduct... THey were not concerned so much about her well being... She should not have suffered so badly. I was conflicted because they can take tissues anytime to any of us...sometimes without us knowing it seems. THe family should have gotten some assistance for their own health, considering what Henrietta CELLS did...I was irrate about that and thought that at some point this family could have been awarded cash......The hospital most certainly could have made her more comfortable and had her in peace...

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