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Atlas Shrugged Movie Part I

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Qt | 4 comments Thanks for the link!

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I didn't really like the movie...

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Qt | 4 comments I haven't seen it yet. Did it follow the book closely?

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Lusine | 4 comments Mod
The reviews were pretty bad and everyone who I know have seen it, say it was a disaster. I did not see it so as not to spoil the image of the book in my mind. That's what happened when I watched the 1949 Fountainhead movie with it's bad acting and poor depiction of the characters. Every time I think of Roark's speech I remember the bad "reading" (wasn't even acting) of Gary Cooper with the southern accent. I did not want to subject Galt's speech to the same derision. It seems the budget was not enough for scenes other than bar and restaurant meetings with drinks and the cast wasn't anything outstanding either. But, again, I have not seen it, only read reviews of it, perhaps someone who has seen it will have something positive to say, if there is anything positive to be said...

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No it didn't.

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Qt | 4 comments Too bad it wasn't better :-/

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John Waterman (writerjohn) | 2 comments I watched the film a month or two ago, at a little bitty theater. The movie stuck to Rand's story line, and the acting was fine, but I would say it was an average flick, overall. Of course it had a limited budget, because no big Hollywood studio would ever touch a subject like this.

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Later, John.

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Amanda (ademmer1991) Here's my (fairly indepth) review of this movie.

First of all, Atlas Shrugged is by far my favorite Ayn Rand book. I have put off watching the movie until last week, and I regret that decision deeply. I don't recommend this movie for any crowd. For Ayn Rand fans, it will ruin the views of the characters you have in your mind already. For those curious about Ayn Rand's philosophies but not curious enough to read the book, the movie will show you pretty much nothing about her views since most of that is portrayed in lengthy speeches (cut out of the movie) and her narrative in the book. For avid movie fans, as much as they tried to give this movie a bit of dramatic excitement.. it really isn't that entertaining if you don't have an interest in philosophy, society, or economics.

My biggest problem with the movie was the way they portrayed characters. I always thought of Dagny as no bullshit business women, and although her personality portrays this in the movie still I feel they feminized her appearance more than they should have. I pictured Dagny as being curiously beautiful, but the actress who plays her has more of a conventional beauty.
My image of Hank was a man much older looking than the actor in the movie. Not necessarily chronologically older, just older looking from the years Hank was devoted to nothing but work and labour. Hank in the movie lacked the rough appearance complete with wrinkles, callouses, and a bit of stubble you would expect from a man who cared about nothing but work.
That all being said, I think Lillian Rearden was portrayed beautifully, just as the book made her out to be. Hank's mother and brother were also similar to the images I had in mind of them.
There were two characters that I feel were sorely left out of the movie. One being the man that sells cigars outside of the Taggart building since, although not a main character, he added much character and mystery to the novel. The second, and more important, being the labourer Eddie talks to in the cafeteria (which we find out later to be no other than John Galt himself). This whole aspect being left out of the movie gave me a feeling that it was missing a certain depth that this character brought, and an element of curiosity that character always gave me in the book.

Plot wise, in many places the movie followed the book almost word for word. One aspect of this I was upset over was Wyatt's disappearance. They tried to dramatize it in the movie by having Dagny find out only after the fire in the oil fields. I believe the way he left in the book was more appropriate as it added more to Dagny's frustration over trying to discover the "destroyer".

Anyways... those are just some opinions I had. I'd love to hear other people's agreements/disagreements with them! :)

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John Waterman (writerjohn) | 2 comments Amanda:

Thanks for your very perceptive analysis of the movie. Alas, as with any movie made from a book, there's only so much time in the movie to get all the scenes in, so the screenplay writer has to decide what parts of the book to leave out, and how to make some scenes more appropriate for the movie presentation. These decisions always irritate us traditional fans of the book. A good example to compare with is Lord of the Rings, where they left out any mention of Tom Bombadil, but the movie makers decided he didn't advance the story enough to make it worthwhile to include him. So anyone who makes a movie from a book is going to take a lot of flack from fans of the book.
Also, for the many haters of Ayn Rand, no movie will be acceptable to them, unless it just contains constant ridicule. No film will create Rand fans out of Rand detractors, so don't worry about how to convert them to the true faith.
As a Rand fan myself, I think they did a creditable job with the film, and I look forward to the follow-on episodes.

Later, John.

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David (dcoulon) | 1 comments www.atlasshrugged-thedoc.com/

A documentary on the prophecy of Atlas Shrugged with Ayn Rand's viewpoints and thoughts a friend showed me...Really wanting to see this, hopefully it comes to a theater near you!

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Shelter Somerset (sheltersomerset) | 2 comments A good film adaption for Atlas Shrugged should probably focus on just one aspect of the novel: perhaps the dystopian question: "What would happen if all the industrialists and scientists went on strike rather than the workers"? You could fit that into a 120 minute film much easier.

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