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Slaveforomance | 68 comments Sorry to start this new thread and maybe someone can move it to the appropriate topic.

I was on audible.com and discovered that they have a few more HP books. They mainly have the Blaze ones, which I don't read. I bought the first 4 (Penny Jordan, Cathy Williams, Lucy Monroe, and Miranda Lee) awhile ago but now they have a Michelle Reid's THE GREEK'S FORCED BRIDE and THE MARCHESE'S FORGOTTEN BRIDE. One from Heidi Rice (PLEASURE, PREGNANCY, AND PROPSITION) and Sharon Kendrick's CONSTANTINE'S DEFIANT MISTRESS. Not bad choices but I would rather see Michelle Reid's THE MARKANOS BRIDE.

I am considering buying the Marchese's Forgotten Bride because its less than $8.

I saw Sara Craven's THE SANTANGELI MARRIAGE, one of the worst HP books ever written. It shocked me that of all of Sara Craven's book, they had to choose this awful, awful, awful book to be put on audio. I barely could stand reading it.

I hope they do put more HP books, especially Lynne Graham, Michelle Reid, or Lucy Monroe, on audio because I am a fan of them. I have long commutes and not alot of time reading so I can get my HP fix while waiting in traffic.

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Alexis-Morgan Roark (alexismroark) | 97 comments I have had the worst time finding HP Presents on Audible. I have all the one's the sell, but it's not exactly the best selection. Let us know if you find more. Happy reading.

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