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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments 1. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by: john Irving (01/11-02/13)
2. In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad, #1) by Tana French "In The Woods" by: Tana French (02/14-02/23)
3. New Moon (Twilight, #2) by Stephenie Meyer "New Moon" by: Stephanie Meyer (02/24-03/11)
4. Eclipse (Twilight, #3) by Stephenie Meyer "Eclipse" by: Stephanie Meyer (03/11-03/21)
5. Breaking Dawn (Twilight, #4) by Stephenie Meyer "Breaking Dawn" by: Stephanie Meyer (03/21-04/01)
6. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen "Water for Elephants" by: Sara Gruen (04/01-04/19)
7. Empire Falls by Richard Russo "Empire Falls" by: Richard Russo (04/19-07/05)
8. Tears of the Giraffe by Alexander McCall Smith "Tears of a Giraffe" by: Alexander McCall Smith (07/06-11/21)

message 2: by Meg (new)

Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by: John Irving

Yea, it really took me a month and a half to finish this book. Not the most promising start of my reading year, but it is what it is.

This book is 500+ pages and it's a lot of exposition. I still liked it, I've been a huge fan of Irving since I read "The Cider House Rules" for a class and I'm working through all of his novels. This one just didn't grab me in the first half enough to read it more diligently.

So I did like the book. Maybe not my fav of Irving's novels, but I didn't hate it. The characters were well wrtitten, even the narrator, Johnny Wheelwright, who for most of the latter half of the book sounds kinda aimless, but next to Owen Meany, a lot of people would seem aimless.

There were some parts that really stood out to me...I enjoyed a passage Owen Meany had written in his diary, it was a copy of something Thomas Harding wrote and while I can't quote it off the top of my head, it was concerning God, and it was possibly the best explanation of God I've ever Irving made me want to read Thomas Harding. Also, this is so small, but there was a small part when adult John is talking about his class and their boredom of descriptions, how they just want to hear the story...that part was funny cause it sounds like me, I have to make myself pay attention at times to when a writer is writing descriptions...which I noticed Irving wrote a lot after that part.

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "In The Woods" by: Tana French

The premise got me right away so when I got this book from PBP I wanted to read it ASAP. Still, took me a while to get to it, but once I did, even though it took me a while, it was on my mind a lot. It's a psychological thriller so if it doesn't get into your head, then it's not that good.

The only good endings for stories like these are anwsers, and this story delievers only half of them. "In the Woods" deals with two seperate murder cases whose only common thread is Detective Rob Ryan, or the name he went by as a child, Adam Ryan...when he was 12 him and his two best friends, Peter and Jaime, went missing in the woods, Adam was later found clutching onto a tree trunk with blood in his shoes and slashes at his back and absolutely no memory of what happened to his friends or how he even got there.

So while your reading about Detective Adams present case involving the murder of 10-12 year old Katy Devlin, you think he may have beaten his past. So you ingrossed into the present day and are with him through his flashbacks, and by the end, you are as mentally exhausted as Ryan is weary and effed the hell up.

If your into these kinds of stories, this is a good one. If not, this is still a good one to get your feet wet.

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "New Moon" by: Stephanie Meyer

What is there to say that hasn't been said at this point about "New Moon" and the series. I fall into the category of people still choose to read this even though it's not good. At this point it's to see what happens next since I have not seen "Eclipse".

Dialog is not this writers forte and it's female lead is hard to read at times. I can't say I've felt a loss like she did, but what's hard for me to understand is the bond her and Edward have. They spend more time talking about it then just being.

So I will be reading the rest just to see cause I am the cat who was too curious, lol.

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Susanna (jb_slasher) I read the series out of curiosity as well. In Twilight Bella really annoyed me (so much that I really wanted to throw the book out the window) but as I got past that, I just resigned myself to read the rest of the series. There are so many facepalm moments. But I am not going to read the Bree Tanner one. I've had enough of Twilight for a lifetime (or two).

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments @Susanna- Yea I'm not planning to read the Bree Tanner one either, although I have heard "The Host" was pretty good. So if I see that one I may pick it up.

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "Eclipse" by: Stephanie Meyer

Being on Team Jacob makes this not the most fun read, lol. While I didn't believe the transitions from friend to "i'm in love with you", it was interesting place to go to...while maybe a bit of a cop out. Something to appease both Joss Whedon of Meyer, lol. The climactic battle was fun to read but Bella is still annoying.

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Connie Faull | 611 comments Meagan wrote: ""Eclipse" by: Stephanie Meyer

Being on Team Jacob makes this not the most fun read, lol. While I didn't believe the transitions from friend to "i'm in love with you", it was interesting place to g..."

I was team Jacob as well (and I did enjoy Eclipse) & I agree Bella is annoying (and she gets more annoying in the last novel - but it was still a quick read).

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "Breaking Dawn" by: Stephanie Meyer

"The immediate thought I had frequently while reading this is, "this is like one really long on going sentence"'s is really long and it is taking forever". This book could have been half it's length and told the same story, there were many parts that just seemed long winded. But despite that, I actually like this one better then the previous two...the angst was put to rest, although in a weird way. My favorite part was probably Jacob's section of the book. For some reason, the angst he was going through was more relatable to me then Bella's, I felt more for him then any of them, to the point I almost wish Stephanie Meyer would write more with Jacob as the central character.

I liked the exploration of Bella as a vampire, it was something I'd never really read before so it was also interesting ..

Took me forever but I am finally done and now I can live the rest of my life (eye roll, lol)

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments 'Water for Elephants" by: Sara Gruen

Ironically I wanted to read this after I read the "Twilight" series...Robert Patterson is going to be playing the main character, Jacob, in the film adaptation...piece of funny trivia that is not a spoiler...Jacob's college room mate is named Edward, hehe.

I really liked this book, I think it really captured the magic of the old time circus and then peeled that away to see the raw and ugly reality of it. Very nice to read something with substance. I wish the relationship between Jacob and Marlena was expanded and focused more, but considering how it all ends, I'm okay with how it is written.

Definitely recommend.

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments "Empire Falls" by: Richard Russo

I am very embarrassed it took me this long to finish this book. It's not that it was was very good actually, I just had a lot going on with moving then visiting family and just being on my downhill of my reading mountain and combined you have me taking almost 3 months to finish "Empire Falls" I said, I love this book. While for me, it was the last 100 pages that upped the ante and made it hard for me to put down (which I didn't, stayed up till 2 am this morning finishing it) but the rest were still good at stewing the pot and setting up all the blocks that were going to be knocked down.

I literally gasped and said "oh god" a couple of times in the book and that very rarely happens. I definitely recommend.

At this point I don't think I will be making my goal...I have fallen so far behind it's not even funny, but I will be reading as much as I can anyway.

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Meg (moonorchid) | 131 comments Total FAIL!

I lost my way so bad, I can't really pin point why, but the goal is shot for this year. I am just trying to pick back up some better habits of mine and one of them was my I am gonna continue with that and continue listing it here, and then I will start a new goal of 50 after the new year.

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