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message 1: by Saira (new)

Saira (herumouni) | 19 comments Mod
Anyone can post lessons if they like. They don't have to be in English. Please, state here what you are going to teach using this form:

Language teaching:
Language used:
Vocab list provided?

If you decide to move your lessons to a blog or website and do not want to continue updating here, please send me a message so I can provide the link next to your info.

message 2: by Saira (new)

Saira (herumouni) | 19 comments Mod
List of Lessons

message 3: by Saira (new)

Saira (herumouni) | 19 comments Mod
Username: 樹利香
Language teaching: Scottish Gaelic
Language used: English
Level(s): Beginner's
Vocab list provided? Yes

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