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What do you want to do?

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Hmmmm uhh idk lol

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Highschool/ collage????

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Uhhh do u wanna do uhhh uhmmm sheesh this is hard to decide

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Lol! Sorry....

High school?

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Uhhh sure

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Okkkkkkkkk.....let's mae 2 charries then, boy and girl

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Name: Alex

age: 19

gender: boy

personality: in general he is nice and goofy. He is considered the class clown and loves to laugh. He can be serius, and caring. He is protective of loved ones. He never gives up and tries his hardest. He is popular with his friends and a lot of girls like him. He ignores them though, just wanting to have a good time.

appearance: he has light brown hair that is always standing up in the back. He has pale skin and is about 5'7. His eyes a sea green that can look mad, happy or sad. His face is what girs call "hot". He loves to smile and his eyes always seem to be laughing. He is normly wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.

history: his dad died in a car crash when he was 7. He rembers a little but not a lot. He has a younger sister, Olvia, who is 10. She loves Alex and huggs him a lot. Their mom is hardly ever home because she is working so hard.

Family: mom who is 49, named Karen. Sister who is 10, named Olvia. They have a small cat who is black with a white tail, named Sammy.

Job: Alex works at a car repair place. The man there is called Big John, and he is basically a dad to Alex..

Crush: tba

Other: tba

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Name: Ally

Age: 17

Gender: girl

Personality: Ally is super shy and has a small voice. She hates being shy and wants to be braver. She is very smart and does well in sachool. Her favorite passtime would to sit at a coffee shop and read. She is kind to everyone and sweet. After she gets tto know you, she does become more open. She doesn't like to talk about herself ad tries to change the topic. She is gentil and never makes people uncomforatble. She is popular with friends.

Appearance: Ally has long blond hair that is normally in a messy braid, down her back. She has bright blue eyes and milky white skin. Her height is about 5'4. She has a heart shaped head and what people call the "innoent"look on her face. She is very pretty and skinny. Her curves are in the right place making her look sexy. She is normally wearing jeans, sweatshirt or a tang top.

History: both her parents died in a fire when she was 3. She has little memory left of them. She now lives with her grandparents. Her parents gave her a small gold necklace, with a heart on it. She nevr takes it off, for it reminds her of her parents. She doesn't have any siblings but wished she did.

Job: she works at Starbucks

Crush: tba

Other: tba

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Name: Andrew

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: 12th

Personaity: He's pretty nice to most people even like nerds and outcast. He is really fun outgoing. A big Partyer. Also he's really flirty. Andrew plays football and wrestles but only because his dad wants him to

Appearance: http://blacksoulsassistant.deviantart...

History: When he was born his mom left him and his dad. His dad is very controlling and mean and has beat Andrew a few times. He has a little sister who's 14 and he loves her and isvery over protective of her

Job: He works at a resaraunt called Bill's diner and he's a waiter

crush: tba

Other: He plans on going to Yale to study law

Name: Bridget

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: She's kind of a bad girl not like a whore but like gets into trouble alot. She's actually really nice and cool but acts all tough and mean around people. She's smart too but hardly does work


History: Her parents are very abusive and beat her that's why she trys to act tough. She has a little brother Jammie but won't let her parents touch/ hurt him. She'll let her parents only beat her and not him

Job: she works at a skateboarding store

Crush: tba

Other: She likes to sing and act but won't do it in front of anyone

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Cool! Want to start

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Yea sure

Andrew walked into the school with a group of friends. They were all laughing and joking around. He saw Bridget and walked over to her"Hey glad to be at school again"he asked
(9oh btw forgot to mention him and Bridget are really close He's the only one that knows about her parents beating her and she's the only one that know about his parents beating him))

Bridget scowled"As if its just another boring day in this hell hole"she said

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Alex raced to school, a bagel in his hand. He had forgotten to eat breakfast for he had to help Olvia get ready.

Ally walked to school, her hood over her head

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"do you need a ride home after school"andrew asked her

"Nah I'm good I'm going home with Baze and his friends" she said and opened her locker putting books in it

Andrew frowned"i don't like that guy"he said"He's bad new"

"whatever'she sighed and walked away

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Alex finiahed his bagel and put his books in his locker

Ally walked in and went to her locker

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Bridget was looking down lost in thought and accidently ran into some dude at his locker. she fell to the ground and landed on her butt"oww"

Andre walked up to Ally'hey did we have any homework in world History"he asked her

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Alex looked down "sorry"he said offering her, his hand

Ally looked up and shook her head "no, I don't think so"she said softly

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Bridget scowled ignoring it and stood up herself

"Oh okay thanks i didn't think we had any either but I wasn't sure"he said and smiled

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Alex raised his eyebrow "some one is unhappy"he said grinning

Ally sniled

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Bridget rolled her eyes and pulled down her sleeve trying to hide the bruises in her arms"Sorry"she muttered

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Andrew did to"I'll see you later"he said and walked over to his friends

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Alex shrugged "it. Doesmattr does it?"he asked

Ally sighed and nodded "bye"she whispered

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Bridget shrugged'Guess not"

Andrew walked to class

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Alex grinned

Ally sighed "why do I have to be so shy!?"she thought as she walked to class

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Bridget did too"sorry again for running into you"

andrew sat down in the middle back

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Alex shrugged "its alright"he said

Ally sat down in her spot, next toAndrew

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"Uhmmm well i better get to class see ya"she said adn walked towards her classroom

Andrew lloked over at her and smiled

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Alex nodded and left

Ally looked over and smiled back

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Bridget walked to class and sat down

"ugh i hate biology don't you"he whispered to her as the teacher walked in

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Alex sat down in his class

Ally nodded "same!"she whispered

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bridget sat down kn the back and put her hood up putting her ipod headphones in

'it's soooo boring"he whispered

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Alex looked around

Ally nodded "and the eacher sounds like he dying"she whispered

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Bridget didn't pay attention to anything the teacher was saying

andrew laughed quietly"he does"

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Alex yawned and laid his head on the desk

Ally grinned as the teacher shushed thwm

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bridget listened to her ipod. She accidently kocked her notebook off her desk

Andrew tried not to smiled

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Alex looked over at her and grinned

Ally giggled softly

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Bridget smiled back and picked up her book

Andrew did too and the teacher glared at them

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Alex chuckled softly

Ally bit her lip

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The bell rang and class ended Brdget stood up and grabbed her bag walking towards the door

Andrew stood up as the bell rang

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Alex grabbed his stuff and walked out

Ally let out a sigh of relief amd got her stuff

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bridget went to her locker

Andrew walked over to her"Thank god thats over"

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Alex went to his locker

Ally nodded and broke out laughing

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Andrew laughed

Bridget got her books out then shut it

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Alex walked over to her

Ally laughed too

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Bridget looked at him"Hey"

Andrew smiled

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Alex smiled "hi"he said

Ally smiled "what do you have next?"

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"God i hate school"she said

"French"he said and sighed

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Alex nodded "same"he said

Ally smiled "same, but different classes "

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"Its SOOO boring"she said

"Aww well I guess I'll see you after class.... maybe we can eat lunch together"he asked and smiled

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"And I can't do any pranks!"

Ally nodded "sure"she said grabbing her books

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