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Query abandoned by poster > ABANDONED. set in ancient greece, and its about a girl who marries above her supposed station

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message 1: by Andrea (new)

Andrea | 1 comments The book is about a girl who marries above her position, because it is suspected that the girls mother was a prostitute and a slave girl for a wealthy man. Her mother escapes and meets the girls dad and marries him. The wealthy man becomes enraged and tries to find her. Years later the girl marries a Roman, but the marriage is challenged when the leader of the family joins the wealthy man in trying to get both her and her mother back. The end of the book proves that the supposed mother is not her natural born mother, and that she died in childbirth. TO prove that she was the noble woman's daughter they call in the midwife who states that the baby who she birthed had a birthmark on her bottom, and she showed them her birthmark and was allowed to remain married to her love. For some reason i think that there was a goose on the back cover of the book.

Kagama-the Literaturevixen | 602 comments This book kept coming up during my search.Soul Flame

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Lobstergirl | 37753 comments Mod
Andrea, are you still looking for this? Was it Soul Flame?

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Katie Urabe | 3 comments I'm pretty sure it's The Courtesan's Daughter.

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