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message 1: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) Hey Fam,

Tarija has become one of my favorite new actresses. This woman can really act! When I first caught her on movies like Baby Boy, I wrongly dismissed her talents. I assumed she was gonna go down the road of making one-dimensional hood flicks and that was all she could do. But I quickly changed my opinion. She is a fabulous actress and she has great range! I recently saw the Lifetime movie she's starring in about the woman whose son is stolen by the father. Can't believe I forgot the name! (Tons of IR in this film by the way!). She just blew me away. I was so impressed. Some folks think of Tarija as Tyler Perry's poster girl but she is much more. She can act and she is breaking out into more mainstream films.

I think this woman is worthy of a Best Actress Oscar but doubt it will ever happen. I think a lot of people sleep on this woman but she is really amazing. I've not been disappointed with any part she's played. I look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Best Wishes!

message 2: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) I guess no one else agrees since no one's commented. LOL!

The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears (thefountainpendiva) | 1211 comments I'm boycotting the Oscars this year. And I agree that Taraji does deserve serious accolades. Then again a lot of black actors do. I'm still fuming that For Colored Girls got snubbed.

postcrdprincess | 372 comments Stacy-Deanne the Lfetime movie you are referring to was called "Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story." I saw that movie as well and that thought she did a great job.

I have noticed that over the years the types of movies that she does has gotten better and better.

message 5: by Bekah, Mod (new)

Bekah (bekah317) | 113 comments Mod
I agree with you Stacey-Deanne - she is quite good. I don't think I've seen enough of her stuff to say its Oscar worthy, but in general most black actors are dismissed and not recognized for their work.

Were there any people of color who won this year?

message 6: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) I never really watched the Oscars but they lost me that year they gave it to Halle Berry. I have nothing against her personally, but come on. If they were gonna give the Best Actress Oscar to a black woman I'd say it should have been Angela Bassett! You talk about someone being snubbed. No one could touch her performance as Tina Turner! I was just shocked she didn't get props on that.

But what else is new. And folks wanna ask why blacks and Latinos have to have their own awards shows, because if not, they wouldn't get ANY awards. If it weren't BET Awards, NAACP Awards, Essence Awards, blacks wouldn't get the recognition due. Sometimes we're forced to segregate because mainstream is not gonna be fair.

The Oscars are discriminatory against Americans in general anyway. Most times they pick the best actor or actress it's some British person. That or either the movie is British or foreign. Just like that Indian movie from last year, what was it, Slumdug Millionaire or something. Then a few years ago it was Bang em Like Beckam or whatever. It's like they think Americans and our movies in general suck.

I would love for more minorities to get their due, but if someone else deserves the award, I have no problem with that. Just make sure it's fair and the Oscars aren't fair.

Let's not forget Meryl Streep. I like her and she IS a great actress but she had no business being nominated for everything she's done in her career! LOL! She's made bad movies too. Every time Meryl does a movie she's nominated or gets an Oscar almost. It's all about favorites. The Oscar committee have their favorite picks.

Best Wishes!

message 7: by Davina (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments I like Taraji and I think she's a good actress. That she doesn't get half the praise and exposure she deserves is very true. Unfortunately, that's just the way of the business.

I agree that Halle Berry's performance in Monster's Ball was undeserving of an Oscar. It was a good performance, but it wasn't a great performance. Many will disagree, but from where I'm sitting Halle was in the right place at the right time. It was time for a black woman to hold the coveted golden statue for Best Actress and who better to receive it than a black actress with pleasing Aryan features. Angela Bassett is far too black and rough around the edges ... next to Halle's delicate flower persona.

Coincidentally, I feel the same way about For Coloured Girls, that it was okay, but not good. I think there were some stellar performances, but unfortunately the bar for Oscar recognition was not reached in my opinion. I solely blame this on Perry's adaptation and direction, both of which were not good. The ladies all gave impressive performances, but their talent could have been better nurtured under the guidance of a skilled director and better adaptation of the play.

The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears (thefountainpendiva) | 1211 comments Okay, let me state for the record that I LOVED Monster's Ball and I am so tired of everyone focusing in on a small part of Halle Berry's performance. This is a role she fought for, and I cannot envision her being so passionate about a role that would in any way diminish her as an actor. Is it really her fault that she won an Oscar because some folks wrongfully believe she got it for taking her clothes off? She wasn't playing some glamour queen here, and she had to dig down deep to find a way to be an emotionally fragile woman dealing with death and race and all those other attendant issues. Monster's Ball wasn't about "hillbilly sex" but about two damaged people from vastly different backgrounds trying to find some measure of sanity and peace. And yet, all everyone can rant about is that a black woman had sex with a white man on screen. That's rather hypocritical considering we're on a thread called FANS OF INTERRACIAL ROMANCE.

I love Angela Bassett too and think she's one of those actors Hollyweird just doesn't know what to do with. I loved Strange Days (a classic if there ever was one).

I'm sincerely hoping Davina's comments about "pleasing aryan features" were made in jest. If not, then face-palm.

message 9: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6570 comments Mod
I haven't really seen Monster's Ball, but maybe a minute of it, where Halle and Billy's character was talking in a room.

I think that Halle is a facial actress. She knows how to own her characters and bring them to life. She'd done a good job in Losing Isaiah, Gothika and Perfect Stranger.

I love when an actor or actress are facial. Not all actors and actresses are facial. A lot of them can't bring their character to life.

Halle Berry, Elijah Wood and Timothy Olyphant are facial actors. Even Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday.

A lot of people may not like Halle or her work, but don't think that she won an oscar, because she slept with a white man on screen or even went topless. Many actresses (No matter what the race) that goes nude don't even win an award.

Please get over the fact that Halle won an award.

message 10: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6570 comments Mod

I have deleted your message 12, because you have ignored to follow the quoting rule.

As for you ignoring my post, good. You need to remove me from your friend's list, if you haven't already and put me on ignore. I will put you on ignore, because I don't have time for your childish games.

message 11: by Davina (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments Yes, Frau Davina, the nazi who actually hates black people. Long live the Aryan race. A medal should be awarded for exposing my deep, dark deeds. Think whatever you like, Melissa. I'm not at liberty to care. However, instead of making yourself look silly do consider the context of what I wrote and stop trying to perceive racist intents where none were indicated. You have a lot to offer to any discussion, why do you insist upon being contrary and provocative? What's the purpose of this nonsense?

For the benefit of other readers, I'd like to clarify that I was being SARCASTIC in my post regarding Halle Berry and Angela Bassett just as I'm being sarcastic above. Apparently sarcasm is a concept foreign to some people.

Every black person in showbiz can tell you, the entertainment industry (spearheaded mostly by conservative, white old men) favours black actresses who are lighter of skin and who possess 'finer' features (that is more in liking to their own kind) hence the comment about Angela Bassett being rough around the edges and Halle being the delicate flower. It was meant as a satirical observation of a warped industry, not something to be taken literally.

Please do not cause this thread to be closed for foolishness. We're here to discuss Taraji and her contemporaries so let us do so and leave all the silly bickering to the children in the playground ok? Thanks.

message 12: by Davina (last edited Mar 04, 2011 11:47AM) (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments As for Monster's Ball, I liked it too. I thought Halle did okay in it. I also thought Nicole Kidman did okay in Rabbit Hole, but did she deserve an Oscar nomination? Nope. That's my point. Every year you have movies and performances that are good, should they all be nominated for an Oscar?

The purpose of the Oscars is to reward outstanding achievements in each of the categories. I'm not of the opinion Halle's performance in Monster's Ball was outstanding. It didn't blow me away like Monique did in Precious. It didn't make me stand up and take notice. For me, I know immediately when an actor is deserving of an Oscar and that's when they capture my imagination the moment they step into frame.

I couldn't care less about Berry exposing herself on screen. Such is the nature of the job, and while I personally, in her shoes, would not do it myself, kudos to her for doing what she feels is right for the role.

If I had to give Halle an Oscar it would be for her work in Frankie & Alice where she portrayed 3 very distinct characters quite convincingly. My second choice would be Things We Lost In the Fire.

message 13: by The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears (last edited Mar 04, 2011 04:02PM) (new)

The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears (thefountainpendiva) | 1211 comments @Davina: I thought that was your intent, but unfortunately it kind of missed the mark, though in context I see where you were going with your comments.

I'm just miffed that people are STILL bitching about Monster's Ball, even after all this time. People act as if the entire film was one big porno. I think that scene lasted about 20-30 seconds, if that. Did they even see Sean 'Puffy' Combs' stellar performance (and I'm no big fan of the man but I give credit where it's due)? No, it's all about the sex. How dare this black woman (half-black but let's not split hairs) do the wild thing with a white man--and it's consensual??? I bet if it was rape, these people would find it more acceptable. All I have to say is, if that's the attitude, then why the hell are you reading interracial romance in the first place? This conversation would make sense if it were on another thread, but again, this is an INTERRACIAL ROMANCE thread.

message 14: by Davina (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments Well, what is the purpose of reading someone's post out of context in the first place if not to find slight where none exists? Some people on here may not like me, as I in turn may not like them, but if you saw it in context then the mark was not missed, it was squarely touched. I've been coming on this thread for years because I'm a fan of IR and a fan of equality and justice for all people. I've spoken out on many occasions how racist the entertainment industry is when it comes to minorities on a whole so I don't know why all of sudden I should have turned tables. Perhaps if I had written //end sarcastic rant here// my position would have been clearer, but nevertheless the fact remains and yet you were ready to see me bitch slapped (I'm assuming that's what you meant by face-palm).

In Melissa's case she just seems to think she's the only one who cares about black people and everyone else is (secretly) racist.

Now as for your comment about Monster's Ball I don't know if your comments are meant to be general or if they're directed at a specific person, but I've said it once and I'll say it again I don't care about a sex scene. People have sex. Get over it. I don't see what's so scandalous about depicting that on screen regardless of one's race. In fact I'm happy they showed the sex scene in such exquisite detail though I wish it could've been with someone more desirable like say ... Hugh Jackmann (Yummy!). Usually when black or IR couples have sex on screen they're made to kiss and the audience is left to imagine the rest. Rarely do you see the act in full detail as you'll see with white-on-white sex scene. I judged Berry's overall performance, and also compared her efforts with the other actresses who were nominated in the category. I can't remember who they were now, but I thought someone else was more deserving. It's as simple as that. It doesn't matter to me that she showed her naughty bits on screen, doesn't matter to me that she did so with a slightly repulsive white dude. What I consider is talent. I think Berry is getting better as she gets older as some of her most recent work has shown, but for me much of her earlier works (with a few exceptions) didn't leave a lasting impression.

message 15: by Arch , Mod (last edited Mar 05, 2011 11:48AM) (new)

Arch  | 6570 comments Mod
The Academy Awards not only shuns black people, they shun all races.

This thread is about Tarija P. Henson. Let it get back to her or please don't say anything at all.

It never fails that tension is brought to a thread. I strongly feel that strong headed people should create their own group and bring their drama there. It's not hard to create a group. Goodreads allow everyone the option of creating their own group.

I'm going to be honest. I'm down with deleting people from this group, but I will not go over the group leader's head. If it was my group, trouble makers would have done been history.

message 16: by Davina (last edited Mar 05, 2011 01:19PM) (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments I agree, definitely a popularity contest, but one which favours white actors the most, and not necessarily because most films are made by white people.

I have no idea why people get so up in arms when I say the Academy awards, Hollywood, the bloody entertainment industry on a whole favours whites. And that those people of colour who do get an opportunity to shine is far and few between, especially if you're a black woman with darker skin.

In many cases it's not about talent in Hollywood otherwise more women would be studio heads, have easier access to the director's chair, and when they do gain access would not have to fight 10 times as hard to get their films financed as their male counterparts.

So I find it really funny when people try to suggest that I'm delusional, patronising or whatever else by stating the FACTS. Speak to any struggling black actor (there's an abundance of them here in NYC) and they'll tell you. The industry is largely closed to new talent, but if you're new AND black your journey is 2x as strait.

The plight of black people in the business is no different than that of (white) women in Hollywood. Had Nicole Kidman been a black woman in Rabbit Hole, she would not have been nominated for Best Actress. I'd be willing to put money on that. Sophie Elise in For Coloured Girls did just as well or better than Kidman in her role ... where was her nomination???

As K.R. from post # 14 says many black actresses have created a better body of work than Berry, but do they ever get recognised?? Why is Berry preferred over them??

Yes the industry is tough for everyone, men and women from all races, but the fact remains, minority actors have to jump twice as high and performance twice as hard to gain recognition and respect.

There is a definite glass ceiling which prevent minorities in a major way from being outstanding (either by denying them quality roles or denying them the recognition when they do get good roles to work with). So people can name all the Yaya DeCostas they want ... 10 years from now (factoring out non-industry related circumstances) we're likely to be asking Yaya who? far more than is likely for say Blake Lively, the newest white, blonde starlet on the block.

I completely reject the argument that blacks should be satisfied with the pickings that they're afforded in the industry. If some people want to live their lives that way, forever humbled by scrappings, then fine to each their own, but don't get mad at others for wanting what they deserve, indeed what they're entitled to!

message 17: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6570 comments Mod
Blacks don't get recognize in a lot of places period. Black people know that Hollywood and other places don't want to give blacks what they are due.

No race is better than blacks. No matter what people want people to believe. Black is beautiful and will forever be beautiful.

If I had the chance to give any black actor, etc. an advice, it would be, don't work for an award. An award doesn't mean anything.

message 18: by Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen) , Sees Love in All Colors (last edited Mar 05, 2011 03:48PM) (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress (Winter Frost Queen)  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
To all members, please keep your comments respectful to other members. It's not appropriate to be making veiled insulting comments to other members. Let's assume that everyone on here is intelligent and does not need to be patronized, so don't do it. And there is a difference between humor and patronizing or insulting someone under a thin veil of humor. I have deleted Message 8 because it doesn't adhere to the guidelines. The member who posted this has been warned privately.

I also deleted message 18 because it included someone else's post, which is contrary to guidelines.

You are also being asked not to deliberately antagonize other members. It's perfectly fine to disagree, but there's no point in assuming that because we differ in opinions that someone else is flawed in their reasoning or perceptions. Your comments should in no way reflect this.

I did not delete Davina's post because she has the right to defend herself, but I'm asking everyone here to consider why it was necessary for her to have to defend herself against a personal attack, instead of asking her what she meant in her previous post.

If you do not want to adhere to the rules to this group, you will be warned and removed if your conduct continues to be against the guidelines of this group.

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