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dairy (dairymold) In the year 6025, a virus spread throughout the Earth like wildfire. It started out as a disease, hidden in an air pocket in a sub-antarctic glacier that melted, releasing the virus into the atmosphere. The disease killed one million humans in the Earth's population. By 6030, there was only 10 thousand people left in the world. The European Union and the United Nations teamed together to evacuate the human population from the planet.

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dairy (dairymold) The continents uninfected, Asia, North America, Europe, and parts of Northern Africa, Australia, and South America, were evacuated in the Goliath, a giant airship that carried the human race to the corners of the galaxy. It was an entire light year before they finally slipped through a crack between time and space, passing into another dimension. This dimension was a vastland of floating islands. It was surrounded by an atmosphere of breathable air, two suns, and three moons. Perfect for humans to live and prosper.

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dairy (dairymold) They called the land Mauralanzø, in the New Language, Maura means oasis, In an old language, Lanzø, meant land. Land of the Oasis.

Soon, the diseases that people were not yet immune to were catching up with them in Mauralanzø. NASA Scientists concocted an anti-virus, fighting all of the curable diseases on Earth and Mauralanzø.

A code was developed called the Mauralanzian code. It is the Constitution of Mauralazø and states every law of Mauralanzø.

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dairy (dairymold) THE CODE OF MAURALANZØ

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dairy (dairymold) 1. All citizens must be able to sustain themselves.
i. all races must upkeep a job or lifestyle.
ii. all citizens must pay the assigned ammount of taxation for their sector or Quadrant.
a. Western Quadrant pays a tax of 50 fulls
b. Northern Quadrant pays a tax of 30 fulls
c. Eastern Quadrant pays a tax of 100 fulls
d. Only buisnesses owners and employed citizens in the Southern Quadrant pay a tax, tax of 75 fulls

e. Gypsies do not pay taxes unless they intend to stay in one location for more than a year. If they pay taxes (hence, staying over a circa of 1 year) they pay the same as the taxes designated to that of which they came from, or their place of permanent residence.

Gypsies do not pay taxes because they don't have a permanent home, giving them no need to pay any taxes.

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dairy (dairymold) 2. All male hunters over the age of 15 must be paid for their services upon request.

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dairy (dairymold) 3. All citizens must be trained for the job they acquire.
i. exceptions include gypsies.

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dairy (dairymold) LANGUAGES:

-Any languages from Earth are called the "Old Language" most commonly are French, Spanish, English, and Chinese. Some more complicated languages include Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Thai, and Indonesian.

-The "New Language" which is most citizens learn in schools or is their, otherwise, first language. It is a completely alien language that resemble hyroglyphics, as used in ancient Myan cultures. This is a language that is required to learn to become a Northern Quad citizen.

-All other languages are taught in schools, as diversity is key.

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dairy (dairymold) VEGETATION:

-Fukai - type of tree that let off toxic spores approximately every 6 hours, usually no life lives in the trees. Fukai grow in the Toxic Jungle but, if their spores plant themselves on any tree, that tree becomes a Fukai. Fukais are parasite organisms, in which they feed on living things to survive, but the Fukai only live on humans that breathe in the spores and plant life.

-Chiko Trees - a flowering tree that produces Chiko Nuts. They are high in protein and can actually prevent the cyborg's eyes from changing colors until the nuts have passed completely through the digestive tract.

-Colick Leaves - similar to Earth's lettuce, is considered a vegetable. Grows as a root in the ground, the root is refereed to as a green Hemlock plant, the leaves are the only edible part of the root.

-Green Hemlock - a poisonous vegetable that grows as a root, but grows edible leaves called Colick leaves, which are used as food.

-Whettle Grains. they are similar to a prarie grass or wheat, like on Earth. There are harvested in the third season, when the moons are in their equinox over Mauralanzo. They are high and fiber and can be made into bread.

-Bali Lotus - giant lotus flowers that root themselves into the floating islands, they can also grow in water as blooms. Their leaves can be as wide as a football fields and their blooms can be just as large. Their seeds are highly useful, as they are used in multiple medicinal substances.

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dairy (dairymold) Colick leaves get their names because when infants with Colick eat the leaves, it can actually ease their stomach and abdominal pain.

Chiko nuts can regulate a cyborg's internal body tempurature. Medicines for cyborgs use Chiko nuts as a fever reducer, maintaining the colour of their eyes.

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dairy (dairymold) CREATURES:


a large, bettle-like creature found in the Southern Quadrant on Darwin Isle. Ohmus are not edible, like the Naregulls, they are mainly used as building materials. The Ohmu shed their exoskeloten once a year, so there is no need to kill them for their hard shells. The casing of their eyes are clear and can be used as windows, while their leg casing is rock-hard, harder than any material on Earth, and are tall and round, making it useful for gunships and gliders' materials.



Known on the Earth as dragons, these mutated lizards actually resemble a deer more than a dragon. They have a deer-like facial structure, ears, horns, a mane, whiskers, large eyes, fur, scales, claws, and a long tail. In the Western Quadrant, Naregulls have wings, in the East, they don't. Naregulls, each year, become over-populated, even though they do not breathe fire or cause any harm to people, they are a critical food scource in Mauralanzo. The season people are allowed to hunt Naregulls is in the Autumn, when the elderly are growing weak, and the babies have no use for their mothers anymore. Hunters can only hunt the adult Naregulls, so that the elders' young can mate and have another generation of Naregulls.



One of the cutest animals in Mauralanzø ,he Foxsqirrel is, obviously, a cross between the yellow squirrel and the pigme fox. Because Pigme Foxes and Yellow Squirrels can mate, their children are all Foxsquirrels. Their overall body shape is most similar to the Pigme Fox, while it's pattern and fieceness are mostly its Yellow Squirrel characteristics.


Much like a dog, the pigme fox has large ears, they are usually white or sandy-gold. They have abnormally large heads and small feet. Their tails have no bones in them, so that if they loose them in the wild, they can regrow them, much like their ears.


These creatures have large ears, a squirrel-like tail, and yellow fur lined with brown stripes. The yellow squirrel eats insects and small rodents. They are fierce and are very territorial. When a Yellow Squirrel is exposed to the Fukai poison, it goes into a rabid-like trans, depicting rage. Yellow Squirrels mate with Pigme Foxes to produce the crossbred offspring of a foxsquirrel.

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dairy (dairymold) Cyborgs that we talk about here are nothing like the cyborgs in movies. The only way you can tell Cyborgs from humans is their eyes. If you ever meet a human, you'll notice that the color of their eyes are gradient, their entire eye is not the exact same shade or color. Usually, there are darker color streaks and blotches near the outer rim of the Iris. If you look at a Hybrid's eyes, you will see that their right eye is their natural color, while their left is a deep violet. Cyborgs, on the other hand, have changing eyes. See, our body temrature fluctuates more than normal people. Our eye color can actually change. The hotter our internal temprature is, the lighter our eyes become. Healthy cyborgs' eyes are green or blue, usually darker than human's, and usually much more vibrant. When a cyborg is unwell, their eyes turn a white-yellow and they glaze over, commonly, they loose sight after 5 days of illness, but only temporarilly.

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dairy (dairymold) RACES:

Ah, very important. You must never forget your place in this world. Your race is what your freedoms rely on to keep you a proper citizen.

Human beings are 100% human, they have no false limbs or flesh that was geneticall manipulated. The Humans are pure. The Humans' land is the Northern Quadrant, capital, Merus. Merus is where all laws are made, passed, and soon, enforced.

Hybrids are sought to be freaks of nature by humans the majority of the time. The change in their DNA and biological membrane causes their left eye to defect, making it a deep purple. That is the only way to tell a Hybrid from a Human or Cyborg. Their DNA is still existant and they have a normal human life span of about 90 to 112 years.

Cyborgs have had everything in their body replaced with false limbs, false flesh, false blood, eyes, brain, bones, teeth, toenails, hair... everything. A cyborg's eyes change color depending on their body temprature. When a cyborg is healthy, their eyes will be a normal color, like any human's; Blue, brown, hazel, green, grey, or black. (depending on their actual eye color and ethnicity). If a cyborg is unhealthy, their eyes will turn yellow or white, and they will also glaze over, such as a corpse's. They have no DNA, and their entire body is manmade tissue.

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dairy (dairymold) CURRENCY:

the money used in Mauralanzo is made of a metal called Zealite. It is as strong as steal and as light as tin. There are bits (worth a penny) halves (worth 50 cents) and fulls/wholes (a whole dollar.) Fifths (five $) and Tenths ($10) are also used.

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