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message 1: by Jerry, Alpha Mod (new)

Jerry | 816 comments Mod
(territories not belonging to any pack)

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Jerry | 816 comments Mod
(yay! thanks! gtg i think...)

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Jerry | 816 comments Mod
(95% sure, yes!)

message 4: by Jerry, Alpha Mod (new)

Jerry | 816 comments Mod
Wraith waved her tail. "Let's go back to my territory, where it is safe...for now."

message 5: by Jerry, Alpha Mod (new)

Jerry | 816 comments Mod

message 6: by Smog1997 (new)

Smog1997 (confuzzlement) | 17 comments (since im not in any pack, yeah donatello i know cause i haven't rped for like a month. but i get territory).
Thaddeus sniffs around. He realizes he's in a territory that's unfamiliar to him. Thaddeus, upset at the other pack members for making fun of his feeble attempt at an attack of a rabbit, doesn't care. He goes deeper into the unknown territory,until he's sure nothing is amiss. He then makes camp for the night.

message 7: by Jerry, Alpha Mod (new)

Jerry | 816 comments Mod
((actually, you are in wraith's pack, but i can change that if you'd like))

message 8: by ƒσαℓєη (new)

ƒσαℓєη | 211 comments Valor walked along the territory boundary, sniffing the air for a carcass.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

Skull looked around for something to do.

message 10: by Call~Me~Rose (new)

Call~Me~Rose (oswaldslostinwasteland) Rikau walked through the woods, weakend by hunger and grief.

message 11: by ƒσαℓєη (new)

ƒσαℓєη | 211 comments Eclipse padded through the woods, she was ignored by her pack,and sought to find a new one or make a new one.

message 12: by Jerry, Alpha Mod (new)

Jerry | 816 comments Mod
((copy and paste her charrie description to this folder, plz, and delete the one in wraith's folder))

message 13: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Dameon padded through the woods, pricking his ear and growling as Eclipse came into view. He held his tail high and his head higher, baring his teeth in a defensive snarl.

message 14: by Smog1997 (last edited Apr 12, 2011 05:18PM) (new)

Smog1997 (confuzzlement) | 17 comments Thaddeus, finally awaking from his sleep, hears the sounds of unfamiliar wolves fighting. Not wanting to intercede, Thaddeus is in the midst of sneaking away, but suddenly stops when he hears a sound that makes all the fur on his neck stand up.

message 15: by Mary (new)

Mary latina heard a growl she lifted her head up from her food. and walked towards it

message 16: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) ((Smog what noise? And Ashfire post!!))

message 17: by Mary (new)

Mary latina stopped dead in her tracks

message 18: by Mary (last edited May 21, 2011 05:47PM) (new)

Mary latina truned around to see a dog that was giagatinc as she ran

message 19: by Dameon (new)

Dameon (emberrassed) Dameon heard Latina and saw her run past him. He looked at what she was running from and came face to face with a gigantic dog. He yelped in surprise and growled loudly, turning tail and following Latina.

message 20: by ƒσαℓєη (new)

ƒσαℓєη | 211 comments Eclipse heard the growling, and saw Dameon and Latina run from a gigantic dog. She snarled and ran after them.

message 21: by Mary (new)

Mary latina whirls around baring her teeth. wondering why she was being followed

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