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Hanna[h] Cumberbatch (andthetheyburiedmemummble) | 33 comments Mod
ok so vlad is basically the first of his kind(half human/half vampire). sure it seems all cool even though it's not, at school he's an emo freak(no one knows he's a vampire exept his best friend;henrey), the girl that he likes(spoiler-soon to be girlfriend) doesn't give him the time of day,his parents died,and he drinks from blood bags-eww and wears sunblock to protect himself from the sun, oh and let's not forget;
He's being hunted down by a vampire goverment(Elysia).
apparantly they don't like him very much(spoiler- they thing he is the pravus, a half human/half vampire who will control the human race and could never die.)
yeah, things seem pretty good for him.
leave comments if i left anything out and also if you have questions IN THIS SUBJECT ask away! also i'm not even in book four so warn me on spoilers.

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Lexi Da Music Luvr ♪♫♪♫♪ (thegreekgeek) | 16 comments Mod
VT (Vladimir Tod) Is one of my absolute favorite book series!!!!

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