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beggining > Comming Soon- CONTEST!!!!!!:D

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Hanna[h] Cumberbatch (andthetheyburiedmemummble) | 33 comments Mod
Hey guys, so to make our group bigger, invite friends, and tell them about the contest!!
Once we have the very least 15 members (not counting myself), we will begin the contest and the winner will become a moderator, like myself.
I will not give out any information because i do not want you to guess now and have a chance of getting it correct when we have very few members. However, I will say that first person with the correct answer wins.
also, i will give a specific date the contest starts when we have enough members.
WARNING- if you wish to win this contest and become moderator you must follow all rules and at least TRY to get people to join our group.(even after winning you still must follow rules and try to invite).
Thank you for reading this,
Love and Joy,

message 2: by Hanna[h], CARL 4m phenias and pherb (new)

Hanna[h] Cumberbatch (andthetheyburiedmemummble) | 33 comments Mod
Ok, so i just put the topic, so you wanna be a mod? just put all the information there and yeah sooo!

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