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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) i see the cornucopia in the center but decide against going for it. as i am running towards the nearest opening i turn back to survey the damage and laugh. no1 dead yet. 'ill come back l8r' i think and run along the tunnel with th e knife and a plasticbag with beefjerkey and a bottle of water in it that i found near me

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((beef jerky?))
I see Tyranny ran away. I head to the cornucopia and grap the first thing i see, a bow and arrow. next to it is a pack and a knife. i grap those too and run. Then i chase after Tyranny.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((oh yeah XD... dried beef...))
i run till i cant run any longer "i think i lost em" i say to myself very out of breath. i lean up against the nearest tree and heave a sigh. just then i hear heavy footsteps. i scamper up the tree as high as i dared not wnting to get caught w so little to fight with. i didnt lie my odds

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I see Tyranny in the tree. "Okay District ((what district sre you?)) i see you up there.... with some beef jerky!" I shout loading my bow just incase.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((4...))'shoot' i think. "ummm im sorry but u dont see anything."'shes after my jerky' i think quite hatefully

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"District 4!" i shout again. "this isnt a joke! i hate the games and idk about you, but i think they are gay!" i tell her, pulling my hand thur my pink hair.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) 'darn it... she didnt fall for it' i shake my head long strait hair moving too "yeah theyr gay... do u relly think any1 of us wants to b here??? i dont even think the carreers want to b here" i yell back down poking my head through the branch i was hiding behind

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I trow my bow down and sit on the ground. I look up at her to see what she will do next.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) 'shes mocking me' i think. no1 i ever knew was ever stupid enough to put their guard down even a little when i was armed. but that was back home. "how do i know u wont attack me as soon as i jump down?" i taunt. i wnt to see if shes open for an attack or not "i dont even know ur district" well i did. but i just cant remember 'but thats for mee to know and her never to find out' i think as i inconspicuously grab the hilt of my knife at my belt

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((im a guy!)) i push my bow away/ "go ahead and kill me" i tell her "thats what they want any way..."

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((im sorry i forgot)) ' is he trying to pulla sob story on me' i think but still letgo of my knife. straping my food to my undone belt i jump down about a good 30 yadrs and grab the last branch just in time to roll and not kill myself. i stand in front of him wondering what my next move should be "thats what who wants?" i ask cautiously

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the rest on the capitol citzens. everyone but ME!

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) "oh... so true..." after eyeing him carefully he wasnt the hottest. kinda ordinary actually. "and now ur gona tell me y u were after my jerky" i say with an evil grin

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i shrug. "havent seen any in a while i guess" i reply

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Claire I creep along, they haven't noticed me yet. I grip the knife at my belt, not daring to make a sound.

((hope u guys don't mind if i jump in))

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Claire Jada turned soundlessly at a noise, but it was just a bird. She frowned, trying to figure out how to best attack. Or should I just leave?

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I see a bird fly over, pick up my bow and shoot it down.

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Claire Jada gritted her teeth, she flew out of the bushes and pick up the fallen bird. "This yours?" she asked in a voice made of steel.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) "oh relly???" i question after whiping my head around. i didnt fear the boy in front of mee too much. not tomention his weapon was away. i was moreafraid of what lay behind us in wait ((how do uu do the italics???))

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(( You do '<' 'i' '> then your writing then '<' '/' 'i' '>'))

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Claire ((but don't put the ' thingies))
"K, since its not yours, I think I'll take it." Jada challenged.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((kool tkz))

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Claire Jada pulled out her knife and teasingly traced it along the edge of the tree, shavings, bright red like dripping blood, curled and fell to Jada's feet.

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I snicker and slip away.

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Claire Jada flung her knife to where it landed an inch away from the boy's retreating head, pinned to a tree.

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i didnt turn and walked quickly away from Jade. 'thats a shady charater there' i thought.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) "well maybe it was mine little girl" i said with a growl knife suddenly in hand crouched ready to pounce. 'i dont like this one' i thought ((heelp italics wontwork))

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((omg take out the quation marks!))

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Claire ((Haha Jada's trying to seem powerful but she's like really scared))

Jada ignored him, not in the mood to kill him. Even if I could. Jada thought. She'd never actually killed anyone before. Jada left the bird on the ground and climbed up a tree to where they couldn't see her, but she was still in full view.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((oh... tkz and im a chick...))
Tyranny turned her back onthe new commer in the tree. She could tell the girl was still watching. Tyranny started eyeing up the bird he looks relly tasty rite now

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I turn around and shot up 2 c what would happen.

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Claire Jada threw her head back, narrowly missing the arrow (arrow, right?). She held her breath Did he notice me?

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) well while theyr buisy il just grab dinner and run. Tyranny stopped to solidify her plan then ran for the bird stopping right in frontof it

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(ya, arrow) "i noticed you" i told jade "dont worry, i wasnt trying to kill you, i honestly wasn't" i said and turned away fron jade.

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Claire Jada, on a pure adrenaline rush, jumped down onto Tyranny's back. She pulled out a second knife and put if against Tyranny's head.

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see jade tackle tyranny scared me have to death, i quickly turned back and grapped my own knife, protecting tyranny.

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((my head??? or my neck)) "u there. boy. HELP MEE!!!" i screamed for help not caring if any1 came or who i had help from.

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Claire ((its jadA not jadE))

Jada flew off of Tyranny. She grabbed yet another knife and held the two, then suddenly dropped them on the ground. "Are we gonna keep this up, or just share it so nobody gets killed? I'm not fond of killing, but I'm hungry, so I just might, K?"

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) i pondered this for a moment then slowly dropped my knife too

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Claire Jada pulled out the rest of her weapons and put them down. "We all need each other's skills, right? Wouldn't it make more sense if we teamed up?"

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) "as much as i want to say no i know its best if we do. how bout u ya cap???" i say turning to ((ana wats ur nam again???))

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Claire ((i don't know what 'cap' is sorry, is like captain?))

message 45: by Gemini (new)

Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) ((its an abrieviationfor capitol bc ana's dude iz frm the capitol))

message 46: by Claire (new)

Claire ((oh))
Jada turned to him and raised her eyebrows.

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I ran up drop my bow and give them a hug. Then a bacl away and flatten my shirt
((ny name is pat o think...))

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) "awkward" i say melodically

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I look at them a smile "sooooooooooooooo" i begin "what are your skills?"

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Gemini (Sasukesgirl527) well first of all im awesome and can read minds "well im good at swimming, hunting, throwing, climbing as u saw, ummmmm." i spin around trying to think " Oh and im relly good with knots and rope!"

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