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message 1: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. As I look out my window at yet more snow, I tell myself that spring WILL come. Easter WILL come. Let us begin to think Lenten thoughts and Lenten reading. Post here whatever you are thinking of doing for Lent, i.e. special reading whether Bible or devotional, or any other special activity for Lent.

message 2: by FAD (new)

FAD I am such a heathen. I haven't thought about it at all.

message 3: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Lol Fro! Well, I can't get enough of this Anglican stuff!!!!!Silly old me :) I got you thinking!

message 4: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I am focusing on being more disciplined this Lent. I've cut out the sweets from my diet as well as taken a facebook fast; also focusing on daily morning prayer using the B.O.C.P., reading Corinthians 1& 2 as a Bible focus and trying to focus on intercession for various missionaries throughout my day. Boy did I need Lent after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How about others? Anyone else have some special Lenten routine?

message 5: by Kevin (last edited Mar 10, 2011 06:35AM) (new)

Kevin Greenlee (ethawyn) | 15 comments I'm fasting, obviously, and also trying to introduce some prayer routines, including the BCP daily rites. I'm also reading through St. Augustine's Confessions.

Oh, and I wrote a blog about Lent and the meaning of sin.

message 6: by Charity (new)

Charity Lent equals no meat for dinner (much to my husband's dismay)--though I suspect a bigger sacrifice would be for me to not talk during Lent!

message 7: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. Hi Charity. I have thought of doing beans and rice as a Friday meal and adding a prayer for a missionary family to that. My family loves meat too. Don't think they are ready to give it all up for mom's crazy lenten ideas of sacrifice.

I didn't think my facebook fast would be so hard, but it IS! Also I feel it is hard to keep up my morning prayer routine and readings. I am so utterly dis-tractable!!!!!!!! Still, I am not giving up. I am determined to quiet my soul each morning.

message 8: by Charity (new)

Charity FB has become boring, so not too bad for me. The meat's getting to be a chore: when we ate out the other day, my husband had a nice burger and I had a salad (drueling).

message 9: by Karen L. (new)

Karen L. I think what is hard about giving up facebook, is not being in touch as often with out of town friends and family. But you are so right, it can get boring.

I'll say a prayer for God's grace in not eating meat. Say a prayer for my not eating sweets. It is so hard to watch a movie as my son sits next to me eating a big bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, as I sit eating an apple :(

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