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Run Away (teen only)

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message 1: by C M (new)

C M Amber ran, her bag hitting her leg, she was seventeen and beautiful with her black hair and ice blue eyes, but her parents sucked

message 2: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "hey psst in here"Amber wavede her arm hoping the girl would see her her long brown hair was pulled back and her bright green eyes were all u could see in the crack of the door

message 3: by C M (new)

C M (two ambers?)

Amber looked up, terrified. She screamed.

message 4: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "shut up"she said runnning and grabing her arm and pulling her inside just then she heard sirens she covered ehr mouth"dont make a sound"she said in a whisper

message 5: by C M (new)

C M Amber looked at her, this stranger, holding her mouth shut.

Kyle ran, his hair flying as the cops chased him. "SHIT!" He ran.

message 6: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "falow me" amber said walking down stairs

"whos the new girl"Alex said to his sister

"i dont know but she does talk alot thats for sure"

message 7: by C M (new)

C M "KYLE!" Amber screamed, her older brother ran. "GO AMBER! RUN!"

message 8: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "wait you guys have to stay here...its a hide out for runaways my cousin made it now me and my brother run it...please its safer then staying in the streets all nightlong" she said grabing her arm

message 9: by C M (new)

C M "KYLE!" She screamed, her throat burning.

Kyla, 19, strong, dirty blonde, green eyed and muscled, ran, he dove for them and hugged amber tightly.

message 10: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "ow and fine leave get cout and taken all i did was save u from the cops you spoiled brats"

"i think you should leave now both of you get out and when you can respect us and what we do then you can come back"Alex 18 black hair strong and baby blue eyes was so angry he almost hit Kyle but didnt

message 11: by C M (new)

C M Kyle hugged his sister tight to his chest, breathing hard, tilting his head against the wood, stroking her hair. "Im okay Amber, im fine..." He panted, closing his eyes as Amber hiccuped

message 12: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "are you alrigth...het him some water?"amber said to her brother

"here you go" he said handing him the water

message 13: by C M (new)

C M Kyle thanked him and drank, shivering slightly from the rain that soaked his body.

Amber shivered too, looking at Alex.

message 14: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "you guys need to come in and get worm" amber said reaching out to amber

Alex stared at amber looking in her eyes"ummm....yeha come in side we have blankets and beds...." he said looking away she was to young but vary pretty

message 15: by C M (new)

C M (sorry, i back)
Amber nodded, but didnt let go of Kyle. Kyle walked with her, his armsa around her.

(changed her name, two ambers is too confusing. Sage. 15. black hair blue eyes. Kyle is still the same.

message 16: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((i was ganna change her name lol to alyssa but u already did lol))
"you like her...oh well i like her brother hes cute..."amber said looking at her brother

"so what and hes to old for you"he said hugging her

message 17: by C M (new)

C M (15 and 18...hmm....that could be interesting ;))
Sage looked back at Alex.
Kyle kissed the top of her head, more like a father then a brother.

message 18: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((yeah lol))
Alex looked at her and smiled but kept hugging his sister

message 19: by C M (new)

C M (ur slow:))
She blushed and hid her face in her brothers wet shirt, he walked down the steps and sat on a tattered couch.

message 20: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "sorry its not perfect or anything but its home(knock knock)...crap bub get the door...come on hide"she said lifting the rug and pulling on a string that led down stairs to the hide out "hurry up"

message 21: by C M (new)

C M Kyle sat next to the arm and Sage curled up next to him.

message 22: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "go down there we have to hide"

"hello..."alex said opening the door and saw a woman and a man with to pictures

"have you seen them?"it was pictures of kyle and sage

"no sorry i havent but if i do i will tell you just give me your number and i will promise" they gave them there number and walked to the next house

message 23: by C M (new)

C M Sage was a cute girl, her brother knew that. He also knew that if anybody came close to her- well, he wouldnt let them get that close. Especially since there were only guys 17+ here.

message 24: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "who was it?"amber said to her brother

"i thank it waas your parents kyle i dont know they had a picture of you and your...sister"he looked at her for a wile then back at his sister who was smileing she was the only one who knew he liked her and he was the only one who knew she liked kyle he was protective but he knew kyle was to and he would protect her so he didnt care

message 25: by C M (new)

C M Sage looked up at Alex, scared. Kyle pet her hair. "I wont let them get you again Sage, I promise." Kyle locked his eyes on Alex, warning in them.

message 26: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "i told them i haven't seen you"he was staring at kyle trying to tell him its alright and he wount brake her heart but he didnt want to say it out loud

"well..."she said sitting on the couch beside kyle

message 27: by C M (new)

C M Kyles eyes said diffrent. You cant have her, so back off before i break your neck. he glanced at Amber.

Sage looked at the boys.

message 28: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "akwerd"she said standing up and walking in her room" you can come in sage"

message 29: by C M (new)

C M Sage didnt leave kyle.

message 30: by C M (last edited Feb 25, 2011 08:34AM) (new)

C M [image error] kyle

[image error] sage

message 31: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((sorry my computer wont show the pics))

Amber - http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...

Alex - http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:AN...

message 32: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "why dont you wanna come in my room?" she said walking back out

message 33: by C M (new)

C M "Sage has...trust issues."

(oooh sad. kyle is HOT)

message 34: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "oh i get it"she said looking at kyle she really wanted to kiss him so bad
((i know lol))

message 35: by C M (new)

C M (u can see it now?)

Sage whimpered softly. Kyle smiled at her

message 36: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((cool))

she looked at her brother who was looking at sage

message 37: by C M (new)

C M (what?)

Sage glanced at Alex

message 38: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((you said u can se it now and i said cool))

Alex quickly looked away

message 39: by C M (new)

C M (i asked if you could lolz)
(u r slow!!!)

She blushed. "Kyle, go look around."
"You sure?" He frowned
She nodded

message 40: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) ((oh i am really lol))
ALex stared at kyle as he walked by

"ill show you around Kyle"she said walking with him

"well...so whyd you do it?"alex said to her

message 41: by C M (new)

C M "Do what?" Sage streached out on the couch then curled up on thew couch

Kyle smiled softly

message 42: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "run away"he said

[WOW HE IS SO HOT]she thought walkign beside him "thats my brothers room theres no bed becaouce he gave it to me but whatever oh and over theres the kitchen you can eat everything in there but the chocolate thats mine"she said with a laugh

message 43: by C M (new)

C M (ik!!!)


Kyla laughed lightly

message 44: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "oh same for me an dmy sister i fout back and saved her from me father my mother...well shes insain litterly she lives in a white room"

"what"she said looking at him she really wanted to kiss him even more now

message 45: by C M (new)

C M Sage strached out again, looking at alex.

He took her wrists lightly

message 46: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "well...what about your family they seemed nice tho"

she stepped closer to him so close there chests touched

message 47: by C M (new)

C M "Only Kyle." She muttered.

He pinned her wrists to the wall, moving his body closer to hers.

message 48: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "oh..what was that?"

she leaned in kissing him

message 49: by C M (new)

C M Kyle kised her back.

Sage looked at Alex.

message 50: by ~Meggyboo~ (new)

~Meggyboo~ (Meggyboo) "wait..."she said moving her head away from his"what if they here us?"

Alex stood up and looked around

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